Judgement Passed on Yokozuna and Sanyaku

The Yaocho Special Investigation Committee let it slip yesterday to the press that Hakuho and all of sanyaku are “clean” as far as this scandal goes.  Personally I’m not sure how to feel about this.  Simultanious relief and disappointment really.

Another member of the committee (or possibly the same one) was quoted as saying “We’d like to have some results by the 18th.  However, as of right now only 4 members have been found guilty, so it doesn’t make sense to make any decisions yet.”  It seems like there is still a kernel of gold at the center of this sloppy bout of scandalous diarrhea; there is still the slight possibility that sumo will resume in May.  But time will tell on that one.

In news a little less promising.  Kirinowaka was called back for a third interview, and Masatsukasa was called back for a 4th.  Things are looking pretty grim for both of those guys.

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