Committee’s Decision Looms, Rikishi Want to Get Out of Dodge


Apparently the Independant Yaocho Committee has come to some conclusions.  People close to the committee have said not only that those who admitted to yaocho will recieve lesser punishments, but that there are now 20 yaocho rikishi/oyakata for whom there is no doubt that they engaged in douchebagery.  According to 2nd hand sources half are in deep shit, while the other half will probably get off with one of the lesser punishments, such as demotion, 1 year suspension, or “advised retirement” in the most serious of the less serious 50%.  Two stablemasters, Kokonoe (former Yokozuna Chiyonofuji) and Kitanoumi, are also being singled out for disciplinary action for allowing these activities in their heya.  They will probably face some type of demotion, pay cut, burt reynolds, etc.  The committee will meet again on the 25th, and hopefully release their decisions to the kyokai. 

In other news, due to the situation at the reactors in Fukushima there are lots of rumblings and grumblings.  Due to a nasty situation being made nastier by the 24 hour news cycle, many foreign-born rikishi either want to go home, or are being pressured by friends and family to come home.  Amongst them are Hoshikaze (Mongolia), Kokkai (Georgia), Kotooshu (Bulgaria), and Baruto (Estonia).  There is, however, a problem.  The JSA has told all rikishi and oyakata to stay put.  They even went as far as to single out Baruto and Kotooshu and inform them that if they were to leave, they would not be able to come back.  For now though all the rikishi are remaining in the country, including Kokkai who was looking like he was dangerously close to saying “fuck it” and calling it a career.

Stables near the areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami, and even some as far as Tokyo are feeling the disaster-recovery squeeze.  Food and energy rationing are having an effect on the way heyas carry out their daily activities.  Some heyas were complaining that they cannot do proper daily keiko due to the shortage of food, some are only showering once a day to conserve water, and perennial hard-ass Naruto-oyakata made his deshi do keiko in the dark during planned blackouts claiming, “it will help their balance.”  Some heyas have petitioned the kyokai to allow them to move to their Osaka quarters in order to be able to do proper keiko, but most have been shot down citing need to stay close because of the investigation.

On the bright side, the rikishi are doing what they can to help with relief.  Some like Baruto and Hakuho have made generous personal donations (Hakuho promising to donate his kensho winnings at the next tournament to relief).  Ex Takatoriki set aside 2 tons of meat (in addition to other supplies), and intends to visit the area with 5 or 6 friends to distribute the supplies.

The kyokai has also organized fund raisers for the relief effort which will happen in Tokyo on the 24th and 25th of March, here is the schedule:

24th:                                                                                                 Shibuya station south entrance 13:00- 15:00-Baruto, Harumafuji, Toyonoshima, Houmashou, Aminishiki, Okinoumi
Kinshicho station northern entrance- 15:00-18:00– Kaio, Kotooushuu, Kotoshougiku, Goueidou, Tochiouzan
Kinshicho station southern entrance – 15:00-18:00 – Hakuhou, Kisenosato, Kakuryuu, Tokusegawa, Kitataiki

Ueno Matsuzakaya store northern entrance between 15:00 and 18:00- Hakuhou, Kaio, Wakanosato, Takamisakari, Miyabiyama

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