S&S Whisky-cooler Talk

Rumors about how things are going to go down in the next few days are being tossed about like rag dolls of an off-balance Hakuba right now.  I’ve heard a lot of stuff, none of it substantiated.  Many are saying that due to squash possible public outcry there will be no clemency, even for those who admitted to yaocho, and that oyakata of yaocho rikishi will recieve some sort of punishment.

Some are quoting numbers between 15 and 20 as the number of rikishi/oyakata considered guilty.  They also say no sanyaku are involved.  Some oyakata and rikishi continue to deny allegations and threaten that they will sue the kyokai if they are expelled.  Due to the current post-quake/tsunami situation many foreign-born rikishi are feeling immense pressure to return home to console family, but will be expelled if they do.  Now, this all looks very grim.  However, there is a glimmer of hope for the natsu basho, and there is even talk of it being free of charge. 

As I said before these are all rumors and are prone to being bullshit. We won’t know what the hell is really going on until April 1st, and (knowing the kyokai like we all know the kyokai) even then we still won’t know what REALLY happened.  However, there are 3 things in this world that are for certain…inevitable, if you will: Death, Taxes, and the Sextannual Sumo & Stogies day 14 basho. 

Unfortunately it’s hard to have a Sumo & Stogies event without sumo.  But thanks to De Gama, who was not able to join us due to a trip south (presumably due to imigration issues), we were able to watch some highlight bouts from Aki 2002 senshuraku, whilst enjoying some quality smokes and whisky.  Since we were able to enjoy some sumo during this basho-less basho, I figured you guys would want some entertainment too.  So, let’s see how well you know your Sumo (& Stogies).  That’s right, it’s quiz time.  Over the next few Days I’ll be providing you with some sumo trivia.  Each day will get progressively harder.  The quiz will be posted in a link right after this post, just follow the link, take the quiz and hit submit.  We’ll announce the winning rankings at the beginning of next week.  Take as many of the quizes as you can to try and get the highest ranking you can!  Click the link at the top left of this page!

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