Natsu Basho 2011, Check yo’ Skills!

OK, this is a developing story so please check back and see whats new.  So far we know that the kyokai has decided to go ahead with the Natsu Basho.  It will be free to the public, except for the 1st floor seats.

This will be a skill-check Basho; more on what that means as it develops (probably no emperors cup, no kensho.)  From May 8th – May 22nd.  As for the Banzuke…  It will be based on the previously released Haru “for-pay banzuke”, but retired rikishi will be left out of the days bouts.  This will mean less time overall for Juryo and Makuuchi.  This will also mean shorter broadcasts, if there are broadcasts.  NHK has yet to comment.  Here is the Natsu Banzuke as it stands now.

The kyokai has also decided on Kaiko for Tanigawa-oyakata (former Kaiho).  Kaiko being dismissal from sumo.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.  In the extra time you have whilst waiting for sumo updates, take sumo of our quizzes and Check yo’ own skills.  But keep in mind, every quiz you don’t take counts as a fat zero on your average.  So take all 7 and try to get that kachikoshi.  Those who do, will be mentioned on our S&S SUMO GAMES WALL OF FAME.

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