In Cars…

A few members of the kyokai have been having some problems with driving regulations as of late.  First, Koryu went to the Kokugikan for a meeting, he was visibly and vocally upset.  He said that he hadn’t seen rijicho-Hanregoma, and that he was afraid he’d punch him if he did.  The Mongolian ex-sekitori was upset because despite his self-proclaimed innocence he was persuaded by the kyokai to submit his retirement papers under threat of not receiving his retirement money.  However Sokokurai and Hoshikaze both refused to file for retirement and will allegedly still receive their full retirement monies.  Koryu got into a car and drove himself away after admitting he does not hold a drivers license.

The other idiot of the week is Onoe-oyakata who was caught driving under the influence.  His car was parked inbetween two lanes of traffic.  The stable master was inside and blew a 0.13BAC on a breathalyzer.  Onoe admitted that he had been out “drinking in Shinbashi with the boys.”  He claimed it had been 3 hours since he had a drink, so he thought he was OK to drive.  The kyokai will convene in the next few days to decide his punishment.

Well, things are not looking good for Baruto’s stable.  3 rikishi lost to yaocho, and now the only oyakata in the heya might get arrested for DUI.  Maybe baruto will be moving to a new home…

Seems like Gary Numan had it right in 1979…

Here in my car
I know I’ve started to think
About leaving tonight
Although nothing seems right
In cars

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