May Technical Examination Basho: Day 3

After an honest day at work, I drive home and naturally my mind dwells upon the the reporting I’m about to write up – particularly as it’s been A WHILE! Tired, at first I give off a long sigh… I sit meself down, get comfortable. Then good Old Taylor decides to pay a visit, and so I have a good chat with him. Conversation done, it’s then time for the sumo. However, a change appears inside as I watch the Juryo. I get excited again, the blood pumps, fists clench and eyes try not to blink as I am awed at some of the bouts. I realise that I have been missing the Sumo more than i thought, and glad that it’s back on the telly.

Makuuchi comes along and we are definitely in for some surprises. Granted my knowledge of the wrestlers aint as good as some of our esteemed fellows – particularly since this shake up and many new faces, but I shall give it to you as best I got… and give you some reporting!

Miyabiyama Vs. Takarafuji!
A really confusing oshidashi win in this bout. A great start to the makuuchi don’t get me wrong. A lot of powerful hits and grunts, and one of the longest bouts I’ve seen in a loooong time. And yet, at the same time, not a lot seemed to happen except what looked akin to two bulls just charging head on at each other… Win for miyabiyama

Brazilian Kaisei picked up his 3rd straight win by pushing Tochinonada out.  Congrats, buddy!

Gagamaru vs. Kimurayama: Clearly gaga is trying to use his extra pounds to try and force his opponents, but it appears to me that he hasn’t quite got used to throwing it about. Like his brain is trying to move his limbs quicker than what the weight allows. After a lunge off balance, Kimurayama takes advantage to grab the miwashi and force him out okuridashi.

Poor old Takamisakari! (vs. Toyohibiki.) In my opinion, I thought he was the better of fighters and fought on the offensive for the whole bought. Difficult to explain without replays, but, even I was a bit shocked when after throwing toyo down, thinking he’s won, realises in disdain that his foot is out. I reckon he should have had that bout though!

Kyokutenho vs Asasekiryu: Though Kyokutenho tried all the moves in the book to get out of it, the early grip on the miwashi had this bout over before it really begun. Asasekiryu just waited for kyoku to tire a bit before shifting his yorikiri in motion

Shotenro vs. Yoshikaze: Yoshi certainly had the wind in his sail today! That bout was over quicker than a blink. Reminded me of the “prod” option you get on worms world party… Not that I play that… too often…

Tochinoshin Vs. Wakanosato: Tochi is perhaps the only wrestler I have seen thusfar really looking on form. He was looking sharp, on the ball and had the game formed in his mind – clearly he had his wheatabix this morning! A well deserved win putting him at 3-0

Aran Vs. Tamawashi: Blimey! Match of the day, clearly. At  one point I even believe I saw Aran kick/knee Tama in his defiance. A very sloppy bought, though full of aggression that you might exxpect to see on celebrity death match! Unfortunate for Aran though, in lifting his leg for the kick, Tamawashi capitalises on his off-balance and pushes him out by yorikiri.  Due to some technical difficulties I got shafted on the second half, so Creswell will take over from here. 

Thanks buddy, I saw that knee that Aran threw in there.  Wish he would have won that one.  The next bout was a bit shifty if you ask me.

Aminishiki v. Takekaze.  This was mostly a pushing battle, and the advantage seemed to bounce around.  Take went for the pivot and slap down at the tawara, but the bout went to Ami.  This looked to close to call for me.  I would have liked to see a monoii on that one.  But alas, Ami- sneaks away with win # 2.

I don’t know what Kisenosato was doing today, but it certainly didn’t have squat to do with sumo.  Kakuryu man-handled him out of the ring like Ralphie did to the bully in a Christmas Story for an all-too-fast yorikiri.  If Kise wants that Ozeki promotion he needs to win every single bout for the rest of the tournament, or maybe lose to an ozeki or Hakuho and snap up the yusho. (However, that would mean that Hakuho would have to lose 2 or 3 as well, which I don’t see happening…not at this juncture.)

The next bout between the Geek and Casanova was a mirror image of the previous bout, but in this one, the sekiwake was the winner.  Geeku steam rollered Mr. Handsome as if he had a ham steak taped to his chest.  Good 3-0 start for still-ozeki hopeful Kotoshogiku.  Not so good 0-3 for Okinoumi.

This next bout really pissed me off.  Tochiozan was all over Kaio.  Gramps was getting moved all over the ring trying in vain to get that kotenage he loves so much.  However right at the edge Kaio did a little pivot and it looked to me that both rikishi stepped out at the same time.  No monoii was called.  now, I have this bout recorded and will be reviewing said recording when I get home form work.  I will post a picture of the moment in question so all can see that, if yaocho isn’t allowed, the shinpan will throw Kaio a bone if they can.

Kitataiki looked decent today, but not decent enough to have beaten Kotooshu, however that’s the way it happened.  A slip to the side after the tachi-ai and a slap on the back sent the head-case-ozeki tumbling into the 2nd row.  No yusho or Oshu this time out.  Both guys at 1-2.

Harumafuji didn’t have much trouble with Toyonoshima today.  Wrapped things up and keeps his dreams alive at 2-1 with a yorikiri.  Noshima needs to start building some momentum with his 3-0 start.

Next bout just shows that Baruto still needs to work on his focus.  He had a decent grip on Goeido (Left hand out side if i remember correctly), but Goeido’s was better.  However, this should not have stopped Bart from using his bigger frame and footwork to squelch the false hope.  Didn’t happen.  Loss of focus and uwatenage from Goeido.  At 2-1 both are still “technically” in it.  Bart later commented that his heart is not really in this basho saying “This is a fake basho. Do you think I have any motivation?”  Strong words from a should-be-strong man.

This next one was over before it started.  Homasho was up and out in a fraction of a second.  If Hakuho continues like this, I just don’t see who can stop him.  None of the ozeki are looking good enough and Kise has lost focus.  The only people with a outside-chance are maybe Kakuryu, or Geeku. 

leaderboard: 3-0: Hakuho, Kotoshogiku, Tochinoshin, Asasekiryu, Toyohibiki, Kaisei       

Strap on a diaper and a poncho, cuz Chalmers will be slinging the shit for day 4.

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