May Technical Examination Basho: Day 5

De Gama turns up at Bertrum’s apartment, upon which amid discussions (over whiskey) about the day 5 & 6 reporting….

Bertrum: I thought you were gunna record the live feed?
de Gama: I was but, I was coming during the feed!

Bertrum:  I can see that  … but, what about recording the live feed? ;o)

Kimurayama vs Daido:  We were a bit unsure as of whether to comment, because a pseudo Makuuchi vs a juryo is a bit iffy. However, as soon as Kimurayama bent for the tachiai, it seems that Dildo shafted him straight down to where the sun don’t shine!! Slapping the cheeks on the way down…

Takamisakari vs Miyabiyama: We all love the guy, he’s half blind and pretty much may as well be from Akita. We all know that he ganbarre’d through this one, but a slip of his “upper hand” and a surprise look as he is facing the crowd lets you know exactly how this bout ended.

Gagamaru vs. Tochinonada. De gama takes a swill, then looks to the screen: “look at those sweet cheeks, good thing he’s not up against dil-daido” – somebody’s gained some pounds since the kyujo! Dang! Gags, the laydee! Her music ain’t that great, but in her ring, she’s knows how to bounce. No contest, showin her poker face at the tachiai.

Kaisei vs. Tokitenku: The bear, hugged him and won his honey! Toki was trying to set up the Mongolian horde trying to hook his leg off-balance. But Kaisei did what most Japanese don’t do, stand his ground. He seemed to just hug him, and fall forward… landing on the guy!

Bertrum I feel sorry for the ladies he successfully woos!

Tochinowaka vs. Wakakoyu. A bunch of E-Honda slaps – Yaocho.

Toyohibiki vs. Asasekiryu:Toyo, 5-0 from this bout, playing, doing good. Looks like he’s taking a page out of Hakuho’s book.

Tosoyutaka vs. Yoshikaze: Tahciai, de Gama laughs. “We all know why the Brothers Kaze’s face is a bit flatter after he landed flat on it! Yoshikaze, very gun-ho. But very much over did it on this one! “

Aran vs Tochinoshin; two foreigners, a lot of love in the showers that couldn’t wait until after the bout.. The only thing that was missing was the futon! Win for Tochi.

Okinoumi vs. Aminishiki: An interesting bout, a lot of too and fro. Ami seemed to choose the wrong end of the stick. De Gama ”he tried to pull something off” Bertrum giggles… “unfortunately his mind wasn’t on the bout”!

Kakuryu vs. Toyonoshima: Kakuryu had a great early grab of the mawashi. Toyo pushes him a way, aiming for the shoulders.  Kaku takes an astonished look and gives the “who’s ya daddy” , as Toyo just jiggles himself to safety… and another loss!

Kotoshogiku vs. takekaze: thrust thrust and out. .. The quakes are still being felt in Akita! Boring, but well done to Koto.

Bertrum: “skip skip & hit the beat beat, just get to the next bout”.

de Gama: “ thing is, I could skip but the bout would just be over..”

de Gama skips

Bertrum “… or just about to begin”

Kisenosato vs. Harumafuji: Bertrum “ I dunt like Harumafuji” de Gama “ he’s grown on me – he doesn’t henka and he’s fast” Harumafuji does just that and grabs a sotogake. Bertrum “ no comment”.

Baruto vs. Mutton Chops: Baruto, a little high (that isn’t surprising) but overpowered mutton chops.
Hamasho vs. kaio: Clear Yaocho. Look at Hamasho, didn’t give the second tap on the taichai for the false start, and kaio dint even flinch as he had someone the size of an Ox charge at him. Granted it was a false start, but surely you would react? Kaio grabs the mawashi, and old man river (with seemingly no resistance) , walks very, very slowly towards the rope. Fuck Kaio.

Kotooshu vs. Goeido: Pathetic. What sport are they playing? Goeido retreats, pushed with momentum from the side. Kotooshu jiggled lil bit. Done.

Hakuho vs. kitataiki: No contest, classic Hakuho. How do you know that Hakuho committed yaocho? He didn’t get that 68 straight wins needed last year, at 63 straight wins, a slap to his face makes him off balance? C’mon!

Seems like the Arran cask strength is getting it’s monies worth… We’ll continue this for day five after 8 or so hours sleep, and a pot of coffee in the morrow…

de Gama, Bertrum

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