May Technical Examination Basho: Day 10

Today’s guest on the like feed was recently retired Inagawa-oyakata (former Futeno).  Only 31 years old , he’s had matchups with many of the older Makuuchi guys, but for some reason, didn’t have that much to contribute.  Whatever, the active rikishi didn’t have much to contribute today either.  I gotta tell ya folks, this was probably the least entertaining day this basho, only one or two bouts really got my blood going.  I’ll still give you the rundown, because that’s the kind of guy I am.

Takamisakari v Kokkai – Man, the Kok looked really hungry for this win.  He looked like he was going to literaly murder poor old Mr. Magoo.  At the tachiai the Kok had the upper hand and was driving Taka back, but at the tawara they both seemed to slip and they both ended up on the ground.  Gunbai went to Kokkai, but Takanohana-shinpan-cho called a do-over, because it was too close.  On go-round number two Kokkai had the right hand inside and Taka’s right arm up in the air, but Magoo thought he saw a quarter on the other side of the dohyo and turned to get it, dragging the poor Georgian down. 4-6, 3-7

Kimurayama v Toyohibiki – This one was not worth remembering.  Kimura won by a crappy oshidashi, 6-4 each.

Miyabiyama v Tochinowaka – I would give it up to Tochi for hanging in and coming back from the edge three times against Miyabiyama’s tsuppari… if this was before 2007.  Truthfully, there didn’t seem to be all that much steam in the tank and I think Tochi just had a bad day (he can add it to the 6 he’s already had.)  5-5, 3-7.

Tosayutaka v Gagamaru – Although I don’t particularly like the henka, I did like Tosa’s work here today.  He did just what he needed to, by shifting constantly.  Gaga has been looking really unstable at 200 kilos, and todays match is proof (you can add that to the other 5 he’s already had).  7-3, 4-6.

Tochinonada v Asasekiryu – Asa was all over this one with a left hand inside right from the get-go.  From there it was like watching someone trying to win an argument with an Alzheimer’s patient.   Both at 5-5.

Kyokutenho v Wakakoyu – Kyoku got a shallow belt grip out of the gates, but Koyu moved back and to the left…. back and to the left…. back and to the left, and slapped down the veteran.  4-6, 5-5.

Yoshikaze v Tokitenku – “FINALLY” i thought, “a day 10 bout that will decided a kachikoshi! And it’s Yoshikaze, so if nothing else this will be something fun to look at.”  It took 4 tries to line up correctly at the shikirisen, then the false starts began.  First, Toki ran into Yoshi and let a nasty harite fly, Yoshi was out of the ring before the gyoji called a mata.  Again, false start.  Finally they got going.  Toki slapped the over enthusiastic oguruma down by the bales. 4-6, 7-3

Kaisei v Tochinoshin – “FINALLY!” I thought. “A day 10 bout where both guys already have KK, this ought to be a good power-sumo bout!”  Henka (or variation thereof) from Noshin.  The Georgian got a left hand grip out of the deal.  They went chest to chest, sizing each other up.  Once Kaisei went for the forward motion Noshin took the oppurtinity to go for a marginally impressive lift-out win (although it was called a yorikiri.) 9-1 for both guys.

Shotenro v Wakanosato – The veteran snagged a quick left hand inside right away.  Tenro went for a sukuinage that fizzled, then tried for a shitatenage, within inches of landing the throw, Tenro’s grip broke and from there Waka was able to get behind him and thrust him home. 2-8, 5-5.

Kitataiki v Okinoumi – “Finally” I thought “two relatively younger guys trying to make it to sanyaku, AND this could decided makekoshi!”  Taiki had the better (read: lower) position and pushed oki back towards Nakamura shinpan-cho, it looked like Taiki won by a few inches with a nage, but Nakamura called a do-over.  “Great!” I thought “This time it will be even better!”  BUT, Casanova came out on top with a disappointingly fast oshidashi.  2-8, 6-4.

Tamawashi v Aminishiki – “Finally!” I thou….aw fuck it.  Push, pull, slapdown for the Sneak.  5-5, 4-6.

Kakuryu v Homasho – After a nice sounding head butt, the Kak went into Zsa Zsa mode and assaulted the poor native american until balance was lost, then the Kak sealed the deal with a slap down. 7-3, 2-8.

Goeido v Toyonoshima – Toyo’s movement has not been all that great this go ’round and today was a perfect example (in addition to the other 8 he’s had).  The little guy just couldn’t gain any ground and went makikae, makikae, makikae all the way over the tawara. 6-4, 1-9

Kotoshogiku v Tochiozan – What happened to the Ozan we saw on days one and two.  Today Ambrose Burnside got steamrollered by the Geek, who picked up his kachikoshi.  Picking up 3 or 4 more and a special prize will set him up for possible promotion after Nagoya.  8-2, 2-8.

Kotooshu v Aran – Oshu has looked absolute shit this basho, but so has Aran, so this could be anyone’s game.  Oshu tried a pushing game here, which only garnered him a mouth-full of clay.  Pulled down by the Russian.  3-7, 4-6.

Baruto v Harumafuji – Good bout from Harumafuji who took his Ama pills this morning.  Ama kept on Bart’s left side, neutralizing his left arm, and out of the reach of his right, Ama sealed the deal by using a neat little susoharai (rear foot sweep) to topple Boo Radley to the dohyo.  8-2, 6-4.

Takekaze v Kaio – Take did just what anyone needs to do to beat Kaio.  No, no, no.  He didn’t slip an envelope of unmarked 10,000 yen notes slipped under a bathroom stall….well…. maybe he did…. but it APPEARED that Take just got low enough and pushed Kaio up in a manner that compromised his back.  Done and done for little Akita. 5-5, 6-4.

Hakuho v Kisenosato – “Finally!” I though, “this will be a…….shit, Kise has looked trash this basho, this gonna be brutal.”  And it was.  Hakuho opened up with a barrage of high velocity slaps and pushes (one of which I swear was a  mage grab, but no one else seemed to notice).  Pretty swift oshi dashi with not much resistance.  And thus ends Kise’s current Ozeki run.  Better luck next time, champ.  10-0, 4-6.

I was really disappointed today, only ONE measly kachikoshi on day 10, with three makekoshis.  Let’s hope Chalmers has better luck on day 11, over to you little buddy.


Leaderboard: 10-0: Hakuho , 9-1: Tochinoshin,Kaisei , 8-2: Baruto, Geek

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