Nagoya Basho: Day 3

Chalmers here with your Day 3 action.  Lots of history in the making, so keep your computers glued to S&S daily reports, your one-stop shop for all that is Gentlemen’s Sumo.

Takamisakari vs. Fujiazuma– Robocop looking pumped up to move ahead in the count, gets pumped out in a belly-bump reminiscent of the Geek (Kotoshogiku), himself.  Fujiazuma making his Makuuchi debut here in Nagoya, and bumps past his first three, rather seasoned opponents.

Sagatsukasa vs. Kimurayama – Racing Stripe (Saga) keeps his chin tucked for a nice tachiai, and stays inside and low, out of gripping reach of Kimura.  Stripe uses his small stature and old age to his advantage to push-out Kimura for  his first win of the tourney, Oshidashi.

Daido vs. Tochinonada– An eyes closed tachiai from rookie Daido gives Nada the upper hand as he maneuvers his off-balance opponent to the bales for an easy slap-down, Hatakikomi.  Nada with his first W this tournament.

Takayasu vs. Shotenro – Either my internet is slow, or Takayasu is the hairiest J in sumo…  Super Cheap, enjoying his 21st birthday… in February, and his  Makuuchi debut, shows some oomph with a great tachiai and some solid patty  cake.  Cheap makes it finds the bargain and lets Shoten stumble himself to the Bales and out with a complimentary slap on the way out, hatakikomi.  Super Cheap up 2-1.

Toyohibiki vs. Takarafuji – Toyo takes a step back for the tachiai and charges extra hard to knock Takarafuji back.  Takara fights back only to get slapped down, Hatakikomi.  Toyo up 3-0.

Tochinowaka vs. Asasekiryu – Asa hits hard at the tachiai, but not hard enough to move the giant Tochinowaka.  Tochi does a good job of staying in front of  Asa with a tsupari defence, eventually getting Asa close to the bales.  Experience gave way to size as Tochi gave the extra push for the win, oshidashi to 3-0 for Tochinowaka.

Kitataiki vs. Miyabiyama – After a head-conking tachiai, Kita gets a good left-hand-in on the Flub and walks him out for an easy win, yorikiri.

Homasho vs. Gagamaru – Cigar Shop doing well the last two days, hoping to keep the momentum as he faces our fair Lady.  Lady Gaga looking like he had the upper hand unfortunately only gets a high grip.  Cigar Shop gets two hands on, left-in, and waddles his Lady out of the ring, yorikiri.  Cigar Shop, 3-0.

Tokitenku vs. Aran – The two looked even at the tachiai with both getting their migiyotsu and dancing around the ring.  Aran gets a little too conforatable (or  tired), and Team Mongol gets a little tricky, wrapping his leg inside and around Aran’s leg, for a perfectly executed uchiwgake.  Team Mongol 3-0.

Tamawashi vs. Tochiozan– King Tama continues to struggle, barely getting off the line before getting hit by The King.  Tama gives up the inside position and Elvis gets two arms under his armpits for the easy push.  Tama eventually loses his footing and falls to a sukuinage throw down.

Kaisei vs. Takekaze– Aside from a noticeable height differenece, the two looked like brothers with nearly matching mawashi.  The Brazillian charged head on into Home Team like an angry bull.  Home Team, experience on his side, turns bull fighter and perfectly side steps the tachiai, then side steps again as Kaisei recovers.  An easy slap down for the slippery salmon ofAkita, hikiotoshi.  Home Team up 2-1.

Okinoumi vs. Wakanosato– Strong tachiai from Waka, takin on the Hearth-Throb Kid.  Waka showing surprising speed getting his right hand out and his left arm under and high.  Not a strong position, but Waka
able to keep Oki back peddling to a yorikiri victory, the first for Waka.

Wakakoyu vs. Aminishiki– Koyu, fighting well above his pay grade, never takes a step forward as The Sneak puts his head and two hands into the chest of his inexperienced opponent.  Koyu is pushed to the sand, yoritaoshi, and The Sneak gets a much needed win.

Goeido vs. Kisenosato– Goeido, a bit too anxious, dashes uncontrolled into the patiently waiting arms of Kisenosato, only to be deflected off and out.   Easy oshitaoshi win for Kise.

Kotoshogiku vs. Tochinoshin – All eyes on The Geek as he makes his long journey toward Ozeki.  Nice, low tachiai from the Geek and, though he doesn’t get the hug, he still had the chug with a combination of bumbs to the bails and a nice, hard one-hand belt throw, uwatenage.  Noshin still with no hope so far this tournament at Komusubi.

Toyonoshima vs. Harumafuji– Harumafuji showing that those lightning tachiais of yore, able to get two hands on the back of Toyo’s mawashi and runs him out of the ring, literally.  A running yorikiri 3rd win for Team Mongol.

Baruto vs. Kyokutenho – Easy win for ‘ol Bart today over his elder Tenho.  Bart able to get two hands in and under the arms of Tenho, and the rest was a walk in the park… or out of the ring, yorikiri puts Bart up 3.

Tosautaka vs. Kotooshu– Another of many fighting way above their pay grade, Tosa gets a friendly reminder of how short his stay at Maegashira 1 will be.  Oshu toys with him from the tachiai, until he gets a hold of the back of his mawashi, and WWF’s him right onto the bales.  I am a bit unsure we’ll see Tosa tomorrow as he limped out of the arena.  Yoriatoshi body slam puts Oshu up 3.

Kaio vs. Kakuryu– Old Man Kaio, on the verge of making history for all time career wins, faces the one guy that can’t be bought.  The Kak gives as fair a match as he could without hurting the old man, but slaps Old Man to the ground, oshitaoshi.

Hakuho vs. Yoshikaze– Yoshikaze, trying to enjoy the highest rank he may ever hold, takes his lickings from the Yokozuna of Yokozunas (perhaps?).  Yosh gives his best at the tachiai, only to bounce off and get slapped to the ground on the recoil.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered whiplash on that hit.  The Hak
hatakikomis his way to his 8th, and on to history.

Brown comin atcha with Day 4.  Don’t miss it!

“See You”, from Hawaii
~ Chalmers

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