Nagoya Day 4

Hisashiburi all, it has been a while but I hope not to disappoint you with today’s bouts.

With my time in Japan coming to a close, I have limited time to get things done so I have complied 10 bouts and 1 quasi bout.

Fujizama vs. Shotenro This bout reminded me a lot about how I go about in sumo, I find that the taller you are, the easier it is to just grab the person that is pushing you by the back of the head use his force to push him down with a simple but effective hatakikomi. I hope to see more great work from Shotenro even though he is 2-2 so far in this basho.

Daidou vs. Kimurayama I really enjoyed this bout, with Kimura having Daidou by the face for the beginning of the bout, I thought it was going to be an easy win for him but after a nice slip from Daidou, he was able to push out Kimura with ease. I have to commend Daidou with the great tachi-ai and quick thinking on his feet at the end with the yorikiri.

Takamisakari vs. Tochinowaka Not a great start for our blind fellow and just could not get that grip that he needed. Unfortunately it did not take much for Tochinowaka to easily edge Takamisakari out with a yorikiri. With Taka’s 1-4 record I wonder how many more bashos he has left before he is sent out to pasture.

Tochiozan vs. Gagamaru The tachi-ai on this bout was quite a sight but that was pretty much the most of it. After a few heavy thrust from Tochiozan, Gagamaru was easily sent flying out of the ring with a nice oshidashi.

Kaisei vs. Aran I always expect much from Aran, and today I felt he gave me much of what I was expecting. He started his taichi-ai with a nice slap in the face to the unsuspecting Kaisei and that seemed to confuse the Brazilian enough to have Aran get behind him and beat him with a okuridashi and to add insult to injury, I think I say the ol’russian try a kancho on the poor guy.

Wakakoyu vs. Takekaze Big shock today with Takekaze the master of henka. Being 2-1, one would assume he would play it safe and stay out of harm’s way, but today we was confident enough to go straight up to his opponent Wakakoyu and not only win one for Akita, but also winning after losing his balance. This brings him to 3-1 let’s make it 8-1 Take!

Tochinoshin vs. Kisenosato Big surprises in this bout, I really thought Tochi was going to lose on a few occasions and with the stale mate I thought it was going to be a matter of time until Kisenosato would push him out but the battle of endurance was won by Tochinoshin and winning with a yorikiri.

Kakuryu vs. Harumafuji Great tachi-ai from both contenders but it seemed as if Kaku was starting off stronger than his opponent and it almost looked like he had it in the bag. That is, until Haruma was able to get a grip on his Mawashi and pushed him out with a yorikiri.

Baruto vs. Tosayutaka Just want to say I hope Tosayutaka can make it to the next basho (he will be out on kyujo due to a severe knee injury), the others need guys like him to make their records look more impressive.

Yoshikaze vs. Kotooshu With Yoshikaze recently coming up to this big kids table, one must wonder if he will be able to keep up with them. With his only win coming from Kaio, I doubt that he will be eating with them for much longer. Kotooshu was nice enough to feed Yoshi a nice helping of dirt salad served by a nice hatakikomi.

Hakuho vs. Kyokutenho The only reason I am writing this report is because it included Hakuho but to be honest I have seen better bouts between drunk people in a camp site. This bout ended faster than it started with Hakuho pushing Kyokutensho out of the easier than a salary man pushing into a rush hour train.

With 5 people with a 4-0 record so far, I am to wonder if Hakuho will get the record that has eluded all other sumo wrestlers, 8 straight basho wins.

Come back tomorrow for the 5th day of the basho coming to you from good ol’ De gama.

Brown out.

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