Nagoya Basho: Day 6

Day 6 juryo action was not overly exciting.  Good news, Aoiyama fought through his broken nose to lose to Bushuyama in disappointing fashion.  Takanoyama opened up against Akiseyama with a henka and turned  into a okuritaoshi.  Fair enough, he doesn’t use them that often, and it took away Mr. Diagonal’s advantage.  The only bout of note that I could see was the case of Myogiryu v Sotairyu.  Spirited effort by both parties, but once it went to the belt it was Myogiryu’s bout to lose, which he did not.

On to the big show.  The crowd for this Friday, at least at the beginning of makuuchi was not that great.  The kyokai has really screwed themselves yet again.  By cutting the commentary from the feed, and cutting the niconico feed alltogether they have sucessfully cut off a portion of their young viewers.  A small portion though it may be, if I were them I would make it my goal not to discourage or slight a single young viewer, but that’s what you get when you have what is basically a corporation run by a bunch of meatheads with nothing more than a 9th grade education.  But enough of my love letters to the kyokai.

Tamaasuka v Tochinonada Juryo frontman Asuka had this one from the tachiai.  Low postion and a good grip left Nada in the dust. 5-1, 2-4.

Kimurayama v Shotenro Kimura, with his usual backward moving pushing, which I still don’t quite understand, led Tenro to the bales and thrust down whilst moving sideways. 3-3 for both “men”.

Daido v Fujiazuma with false start x4 from Daiso, the crowd was starting to get rowdy, telling them to hurry it up.  When they finally collided Fujiazuma went for the nodowa, and Daiso forgot what he was supposed to be doing.  They both puttered around looking confused.  Daiso fell over, and the age old “we have nothing else to call this” kimarite, tsukiotoshi, was given. 2-4, 5-1.

Takamisakari v Toyohibiki Twitchy did not seem ready for this one, he just wasn’t lined up, but the gyoji didn’t call a mata.  Beeker was all over it and handed another loss to Senor Itchy Scratchy.  1-5, 4-2.

Takayasu v Sagatsukasa Bargain Basement slathered on the tsuppari, but was having some problems with Saga’s height, and started back pedaling, things were looking bad for the heisei hopeful.  It was lucky for him that Saga lost his balance and a gentle clap on the left shoulder sealed the deal, once again, no other choice but tukiotoshi.  They both knew that 50% off didn’t win, and the smirk on Saga’s face told the tale. 5-1, 3-3.

Kitataiki v Tochinowaka Taiki came in nice and low on the tachiai and got a right hand inside, left hand out, Waka only with the right hand inside.  Taiki pivoted left trying for the shitatenage, but allowing waka to grab the mawashi outside on the left.  That was all she wrote folks. 5-1, 2-4.

Takarafuji v Miyabiyama Takarafuji came in with a juryo tachiai, and Miyabiyama took full advantage.  The new comer just became a punching bag for the former ozeki.  push-push-pull Hikiotoshi win.  Takarafuji yet to get his first makuuchi win.  0-6, 3-3.

Asasekiryu v Gagamaru It looked from the beginning like the Lady had it sewn up, but Sexy held back the milky white tide, and sealed the deal with an uwatedashinage.  Both rikishi at 2-4.

Tochiozan v Aran I gotta say, while announcing the rikishi names the gyoji really padded his part.  Sideburns started off with the upper hand moving right into dry hump mode, and bringing the Russian to the bales.  Alan fought back and managed right hand inside left hand outside grip (Ozan with the same.)  The Rusky slowly regained ground until nearly back at the shikirisen.  Ozan dropped his hips and forced forward while going for a sotogake, neither of which was totally successful.  Alan pivoted around now leaving Ozan the closest to the bales.  Both rikishi dropped their hips and fought for tsuridashi, the Russian having the edge in position.  Pretty nice bout. 4-2, 3-3.

Kaisei v Homasho I like the positive turn that Homasho’s sumo nhas taken in the past few basho.  That being said, he was not on his game today.  He was moving back right from the tachiai and couldn’t gain any ground.  A thrust to the face from the Brazilian shattered Homey’s balance.  Only his first loss though.  Tsukitaoshi. 2-4, 5-1.

Tokitenku v Wakanosato Advantage went right away to Wakanosato with a left hand inside right hand outside  and better position.  He did the ol’ hug and chug to the bales, and as Tenku set up to withstand the humping-barrage, the veteran changed things up with a swift uwatenage.  Good stuff from the home of youth. 4-2, 3-3.

Tamawashi v Takekaze it took a few tries, but Takekaze’s ol’ push-push-slap down technique worked on Eagle Balls. 1-5, 5-1.  Just for the record this is Takekaze’s best start since Hatsu 2008 ranked at M7.

Wakakoyu v Okinoumi Although Okinoumi is looking much better, he is not very good at working past decent tsuppari, which is what Koyu brought today.  Casanova will need to work on that if he’s gonna break into sanyaku.  Solid win for Wakakoyu.  2-4, 4-2.

Kotoshogiku v Aminishiki my thoughts before the bout were that Geek would be expecting a henka, so he wasn’t gonna give 100% to the tachi and over commit.  So Sneaky has 2 choices, go for the henka that Geek is expecting or go balls to the wall against a less than full throttle Geek on a bum knee.  Sneaky chose the direct approach and scored morozashi.  But, showing diversity for the second time this basho, Geek squeaked out a nice looking kotenage, therefore out-sneaking the Sneak. So today the Geek is the Sneak and the Sneak is just Weak.  5-1, 1-5.

Yoshikaze v Kakuryu Yoshi didn’t bring quite enough movement today.  It was all to easy for Icthyozumo to get the yorikiri, Geeku style. 1-5, 5-1.

Baurto v Toyonoshima Toyonoshima has toppled the gentle giant before, but the giant was not gentle today.  Opened with a harite, manhandled the little man, and closed things off with a dame oshi.  I like seeing a more aggressive Baruto. 5-1, 2-4.

Tochinoshin v Kotooshu like I said, I want to see Kotooshu get demoted, we haven’t seen ozeki sumo out of him in quite some time.  However there was some good chikara in today’s match and the faux-zeki finished things off with a decent enough uwatenage.  2-4, 4-2.

Kaio v Kisenosato Kise got adecent half of the tachiai, and with some gumption he was able to get things moving.  Kaio broke the Kid’s left hand inside grip, breaking his own grip at the same time.  It turned into a thrusting battle.  Kaio just couldn’t keep up and was on the defensive, moving backwards and running out of real estate.  The Kid saw it and closed in for the yorikiri kill on the exhausted old-zeki. 2-4, 3-3.

Kyokutenho v hAruMAfuji Definitely seeing a different hAruMAfuji this basho.  No contest.  This cheap horse came out of the gates with a nodowa into an easy oshidashi to the chest leaving Ama as the only Ozeki still in the yusho race. 1-5, 6-0.

Hakuho v Goeido jitters got the better of Goeido with a false start.  That being said, the Hype put up a hell of a fight against the Yokozuna.  Goeido got a left hand outside form the tachiai, but managed to go makikae without losing ground to get maemitsu, Hakuho quickly securing the left hand inside right hand outside, not his preferred grip… Goeido’s left hand grip broke but was regained. Neither party had really gained any ground at this point.  Hakuho spun around for the right hand uwatenage, which didn’t work and only served to break his right hand off the mawashi, Goeido blocking the Yokozuna’s left hand from getting maemitsu with his newly freed right hand.  Hak tried for maemitsu again but seamlessly slid from there back into his deep left hand grip, after flirting with makikae.  Still pretty much in the center of the dohyo at this point.  Goeido spun to his left trying for the uwatenage, his form looked good, but Hakuho’s balance was better.  This allowed Hak to get his preferred right hand inside left hand out, and that was it.  Best bout of the day, but no surprises. 6-0, 1-5.

Bertrum tomorrow for Day 7, you lucky sons-of-bitches.

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