Homasho: Rikishi on the Bubble?

I’ve been watching Homasho carefully this basho, and I am beginning to wonder if this is a rikishi with a future. Here at Sumo and Stogies, we make picks for Rikishi on the Bubble. Usually these are rank and filers who we expect to see make it to Juryo and Makuuchi. Today, I am going to choose Homasho as my Rikishi on the Bubble: I think he’s got a better chance than any of the other Japanese hopefuls for being the next Ozeki. There are other Japanese hopefuls who I consider to be better than Homasho (the Hype and the Geek, to name two), but I feel that those fellows have peaked a bit, whereas Homasho is still developing. Here are some of the things I am thinking about:

• He has growing confidence in his tachiais.

• Over the last year, he has shown himself to be a consistently strong rikishi when he is ranked below M4 (or so).

• He isn’t a one trick pony – he wins with a variety of winning techniques. Besides his three main techniques of yorikiri, oshidashi, and yoritaoshi, his variety of other winning techniques is impressively high (with a bunch 6%s in there). This is much more similar to the winning technique portfolio of the Hype (who is strong by technique, but perhaps limited by his build) than it is to that of Kotooshu (who is strong by build, but definitely limited by his technique).

• He strikes me as being capable of improvement, whereas I some of the other Japanese hopefuls seem limited by their build.

• Homasho has a more powerful build than a lot of the other Japanese hopefuls.

• He entered Sumo out of college instead of out of junior high school. I don’t quite now if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But to my thinking, he is likely to have a more flexible mind. I think that going into the extreme hierarchy of the Sumo world directly out of junior high school would prevent the development of some capacity for self-determination (just a hunch… but…). Also, I think that this fact offsets his age (he is older than a lot of the other Japanese hopefuls).

Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts on this in the comments.

3 responses to “Homasho: Rikishi on the Bubble?

  1. It’s hard to say Homasho has a better chance than the Geek at promotion to Ozeki, when Geek is just five wins away from said promotion.

  2. i definitely agree that Homasho has been more solid these past few basho. Not sure if he’s going to be gunning for ozeki, but I could see him in joijin if he keeps this up and can manage a slightly more offensive tachiai, although his defensive style seems to be working pretty well for him at the moment, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  3. Hajinochikara

    Well, saying the Geek is only five wins away is kind of like saying that I could be in Japan in 24 hours from now. It could happen, but its unlikely. The Geek already has one loss to Toyonoshima. He will probably end up with a second loss to Hakuho. That means he has to win every other bout he fights. He has yet to face all the guys he has been struggling with recently, and no one is going to go easy on him in light of the recent yaocho debacle. I doubt he will make his 33 this basho. I think we will have to wait and see if he can keep it up in the next basho (of course if he does, he’ll have a terrible record unless he finds creative ways of keeping it from sticking out of his mawashi, even then… I imagine it would be hard to keep it up… well of course it wood…)

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