Nagoya Basho: Day 7

Bertrum bringing you day 7 of the Basho!

As I roll off my futon, still feeing a bit hazy from the night before. I realise something. First thing in the morning is not the best time to write a report. That said, I gunna put on a thick cup o tea, and see off there is enough honey left in the jar for me toast. It may not be the best reporting thusfar, but I’m still gunna give it to ya hard! And here’s the report.

Takamisakari vs. Yoshiazuma
Opening up here, Taka didn’t look in a bad position. Had his shoulder under Yoshi, and a grip on the Mawashi. But his problem was, he lacked any strength. Seemed like he put all is focus on getting the grip, and somehow forgot to push. A simple win for Yohiazuma, and taka on 6 straight losses.

Sagatsukasa vs. Fujiazuma
Fuji using what he does best here, he gives it the pneumatic drill action with the hands here. Took him a lil while to get going, but the flurry’s were too much for Saga who went out Oshidashi. Fuji looking good on 6-1

Toyohibiki vs. Tochiowaka
Goood inside right hand grip by tochio, giving him the advantage. Toyohibiki however, manages with his outside grip, and a foot pressed hard on the rope, to push with momentum and secure an uwatenage.

Takayasu vs. Kimurayama
Not such an interesting bout, Takayasu had a clear avantage and stands now on a respectable 6-1.

Tochinonada vs. Takayafuji
First win for Takayafuji here. Also not that interesting bout.  Tochinonada seemed a bit off form though.

Kitataiki vs. Shotenro
A reapeat of the last bout. Shotenro dint put up much of  a fight, as Kitataiki Yorikiri’s him right out. Both men now 3-4

Daido vs. Asasekiryu

This is what I like to see, both men charging at the tachiai. Asa pushes Daido off, who attempts a slap down but fails. This gives Asa an advantage with momentum to win by  Shitatenage.

Homasho vs. Miyabiyama
A good bout here. But the slaps by Miyabiyama just weren’t matching up to the shoulder barges of Homasho. The problem with those E-Honda style slaps is, you really need to have some minerals behind them balls if you wanna pull it off, otherwise I feel you just lose focus in the bout giving your opponent an upper hand.

Tokitenku vs. Tochiozan
Quick bout by the the “burns” over tokitenku, he had both arms under his arms, and just pushes toki out. 5-2

Gagamaru vs.  Wakanosato
A false start from waka. But the bout was really both trying to throw each other – with gaga on the attack. At the edge tho, waka had it using gagas momentum against him. Sukuinage

Kaisei vs. Tamawashi
Kaisei clearly the stronger wrestler here. Tamawashi kept pushing against the wall, but Kaisei on the third or fourth attempt, reads the plays, and steps aside. Tsukiotoshi

Aran vs. Takekaze
Size mattered here! Aran gets Kaze into an awkward postion from which he never recovered.

Kyokutenho vs. Okinoumi
Not a bout worth commenting on, but Okinoumi wins and is looking good on 5-2.

Kakuryu vs. Kisenosato
First time these two fought each other at Sekiwake. Tho Kakuryu is beaing head hunted for Ozeki in the future perhaps, I think he still needs a bit more time. He was no match for Kisenosato this bout, who stands 4-3 to Kakuryu 5-2.

Kotoshogiku vs. Yoshikaze
So far best bout of the day, clearly. Both guys wanted this win, but Kotoshogiku was under the arms and in a position to capitalise on the thrusts. 6 wins in a row for that guy. And brothers kaze not doing so well today.

Goedio vs. Harumafuji
Brilliant Uwatenage by Harumafuji! Was over in a blink, and by the time I opened my eyes, all I see is Haruma tea bagging goeido on the ground! Haruma on a straight 7-0 win!

Baruto vs. Tochinoshin
Baruto follows suit with Haruma here. Uwatenage for him as well. Slightly pushed Tochinoshin too early here, but does have a bit more strength to finish it off. 6-1 for him.

Toyonoshima vs. Kotooshu

Kotooshu looking ok here, but. Though he one the bout, he dint really seem to bothered about it. Don’t get me wrong, he was strong here. But. I expected something better. Toyonoshima was off balance, and spun around a few times before going out. Koto – 5-2

Kaio vs. Aminishiki
Kaio, desperate with a few pennies left in his coin pouch.

Hakuho vs. Wakakoyu

Wow! Hakuho was a bit surplused. Hats off to wakakoyu here, he manages to throw hakuho off his game. That said, hakuho manages to recover and slaps down wakakoyu. Nice bout.

So in conclusion of Day 7. Well, not really impressed with the day to be honest. I like to see wrestlers wanting to try and grab the bout by the balls an say “this ones mine” but here today, a lot of wrestlers seemed to give up a bit too easily, and not use there strength.  That except for the yoshikaze and wakakoyu bouts. Whether the others are saving their strength for tomorrow… we shall see.


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