Nagoya Basho: Day 8

A good day to you fellows! I was going to write this report a little earlier in the day,  however, allow me to explain why I didn’t if you will. Just as I go to settle meself down. I get a call from me brother, de Gama of Spain! “Hey man, what are you doing today?” “Apart from this report I gotta write, nothing much” – I reply. “Wait there”, he says. “Put ya Jinbei on and then, you can grill me some steak”. A few hours later, I’m feeling this is a bit of a raw deal – not only do i have to cook, but my report is delayed. However, yet again de Gama proves that it is better to wait for the olives to be ripe before plucking. I answer the door to be greeted by none other than Ezra Brooks, Kentucky Straight “Now you can a write de report” de Gama explains. And so here it is (the interesting bouts only mind ye)…

Fujiyazuma vs. Bushiyama
Well from the tachiai, Fuji got a nice low dig in with his shoulder and an inside grip on the miwashi. He struggled to find the right moment to really excercise his strength however, but did manag to capitalise handsomely. Looking good on 7-1

Takayasu vs. Daido
Daido really wanted this bout. He tried, so hats off to him, but he just wasn’t a match against Taka and really Taka was out of his league. He kept pushing against Goliath, but with a strong swoop, Daido did a doo doo.

Kitataiki vs. Toyohibiki
A pretty funny bout. Another one of those where the two wrestlers are poorly matched against each other. From the tachiai, kitataiki engages, only to slide on his feet (backwards) out of the ring. Reminded me of me old rugby days back in me shire! Yatton vs. Weston…

Takamisakari vs. Asaseiryu
Well, Taka is sucking. 1-6 currently (to be 1-7). However, i will admit that despite the record, he deserved this bout. Early on he countered what asa gave him, to the point that the two were almost equal. Asa had a better grip on the mawashi, but Taka dint let this hold him up. He tried several times to throw him down, and a asa became off-balanced, it should have been taka’s. Yet, asa slyly sweeps with his leg, and down goes taka…. shame.

tokitenku vs. Homasho
A silly, quick bout with not much effort. But worth noting that the homo is on 7-1

Tamawashi vs. Gagamaru
Wow! From the get go Gaga was off balance in her high heels. And Tama certainly wanted to check the sexual status of Lady Gaga, checking to see if those boobies are real. Gaga recovers from the off balance, and you could see that he was trying for the mawashi to lift him out, but unfortunately he was a lil too low, and Tama manages to force him down between the legs.

Tochizan vs. Wakanosato
Well this bout looked like it was going to be interesting, A struggle at the start, and then a disappointing step over the rope for wakanosato.

Tochinoshin vs kakuryu
The problem here, is tochinoshin went too high. However, at the rope he manages to turn it around and put the pressure back. But, he came a bit too late, so did tochinoshin.

Brothers kaze not doing so goood.

Kaio vs. Kotoshogiku
Kaio got fucked, how he should. Fair shout for kotoshogiku

Okinoumi vs. Harumafuji
Not such an interesting bout. Haruma goes in quick and almost manages to to topple oki out the ring, but oki sidesteps and avoids. However, haruma pulls off another successful uwatenage.

Goeido vs. Kotooshu
The bout really shoulda have been goeido’s. He certainly seemed on form! A shame to him, as he thrusts himself at kotoshu and pushes him back, his hand went down first, before kotoshu fell head over heels..

Hakuho vs. Aminishiki
A disappointing bout. Aminishiki’s leg is clearly not up to supporting the weight, but at least he tried! Hakuho 8-0

And that’s it from Bertrum and de Gama on his one. de Gama may I ask, any final words on the day? ” today wasn’t that impressed, only abouttwo bouts were worth watching” Personally, I think de Gama is just upset that both kazes lost.

Over to you Valentine.

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