Nagoya Basho: Day 10

Chalmers here with all your high lights from Day 10 of the Nagoya Basho!

From the last three in Juryo…

EJ7 Sadonofuji (3-6) vs. WJ2 Bushuyama (5-4) – ‘Ol George W. looking like he forgot any and all technique, finds himself in a playground shoving match.  Bush loses, oshidashi.  Sado 4-6.

EJ1 Masunoyama (6-3) vs. EJ5 Hochiyama (6-3) – These two still doing decent this basho.  Massivenoyama uses his mass well, winning the tachiai and never looking back, his surprisingly quick little lets shuffle his mountain brethren back to and over the bails.  Yorikiri puts Massive at 7-3.

WJ5 Takanoyama (7-2) vs. WJ1 Tamaasuka (5-4) – One of the most entertaining rikishi to watch, Takanoyama, always puts on a good show.
The Czech is outmatched at the tachiai, as usual, but quickely falls into his niche of using his speed to get around his opponents and goes for the arm bar.  Tamaasuka stays focused on the belt and gets his right hand in deep and the left high under Taka’s arm.  The rest is the inevitable: walk to the bails and SPLAT, yoriatoshi man crush.  Takanoyama falls from the leaderboard, 7-3.  I must say, whenever Takanoyama loses, he goes down in the hardest way possible.
Never give up, never surrender!

On to Makunouchi…

All eyes on The Geek as he makes his run to the top.  Looking to get another Ozeki under his belt (minds out of the gutter!), he’s looking for revenge after his streak is spoiled by Harumafuji.  Speaking of Team Mongolia, things are looking a lot like May 2008 (minus Asa, of course) with the Mongolians rising up to the epic finish on Senshuraku.  Seems like yesterday we were all chanting his name in the Kokugikan…  Haruma with what should be a light schedule today, let’s hope he can keep it together through the Ozekis.

EJ2 Yoshiazuma (6-3) vs. W14 Tochinonada (4-5) – Yoshi, wearing the same colors and expression as our very own, Takamisakari, brings the thunder from down under and makes short work of Nada.  Nada brings nada to the table for the easy walkout, yorikiri in Yoshi’s favor.

E12 Daido (3-6) vs. E14 Takamisakari (1-8) – After hitting rock bottom yesterday, Takamisakari ANGRY!!!  Takamisa looks focused at line, wins the tachiai, gets a left hand out right hand high, and trashes Daido into the class.  I think Daido was airborne for a split second.  Baby Huey finally showing his strength, and probably the biggest cheers of the day.

E11 Takayasu (7-2) vs. E15 Fujiazuma (7-2) – One of my favorites this tourney(and the fans like him), Super Cheap, Takayasu, looking to show he belongs in the upper ranks with a Kachikoshi.  Unfortunately, Fuji had similar
plans.  Fuji looking like the more seasoned pattycaker, shoves Cheapo all over the ring and finally out, oshidashi, Fuji makes his kachikoshi.

E10 Kitataiki (3-6) vs. W15 Kimurayama (4-5) – Kimurayama with a lousy tachiai, turning his body off line and giving a deep left hand grip to Kitataiki.  Easy walk out from there, yorikiri to Kitataiki.

E13 Sagatsukasa (4-5) vs. W10 Takarafuji (3-6) – Money Bags, Takarafuji, performs like a bimbo this tournament.  Racing stripes, Saga, outsized but not outmatched, gets low and works Takara to the bails, stands him out, pushes him out.  Yorikiri, Saga at 5-5.

E9 Homasho (7-2) vs. W11 Tochinowaka (5-4) – Homasho, getting a Nagoya welcome worthy of the Chief, looks for his Kachikoshi today.  Cigar Shop
(Homasho) puts his head into the tachiai to get Tochi back to the bails, but can’t finish.  Tochi pushes back but is side stepped by the Chief and loses his footing.  Easy kachikoshi for the Cigar Shop Indian, tsukiotoshi.

E8 Tochiozan (7-2) VS. e12 Toyohibiki (6-3) – Elvis (Tochi) looks no further for his kachikoshi today.  Straight in at the tachiai, hands in tight and gets the morozashi two hands in.  From there its an easy walk-shove out, okuridashi, and the kachikoshi.

E7 Tokitenku (5-4) vs. W13 Shotenro (4-5) – Shoten, with a lightning tachiai, puts Toki outside the bails before the match begins, oshidashi.

E6 Tamawashi (2-7) vs. W9 Asasekiryu (4-5) – King Tama looking to lose it, gives a high morozashi to Asa.  Tama refuses to give up without a fight and takes them both out of the ring.  Asa makes the mistake of not bracing his fall
with his face, and touches down with his arm first.  Tama by decision lives to see another day, kotenage.

E8 Miyabiyama (5-4) vs. W5 Wakanosato (5-4) – Flubby brings his yappari-tsuppari and Waka easily deflects.  Flubby gets pushed out from behind, still swinging, okuridashi.

E4 Okinoumi (5-4) vs. W6 Aran (5-4) – The Heartbreak Kid (Oki), lets his fan down today.  Alan gets a morozashi two hands in and the rest is easy: turn the hips, drop one shoulder, sukuinage throwdown.

W7 Gagamaru (1-7) vs. W4 Takekaze (5-4) – Two hoping to break their losing streak, our fair Lady takes on the Home Team, Takekaze.  Gaga is just too much Lady to handle.  Home Team pushed back and out for the bullet-dodging win.  Oshidashi, Lady Gaga hangs in there.

E5 Kaisei (5-4) vs. W3 Aminishiki (1-8) – The Sneak (Ami) continues to show he doesn’t belong at the big boys table.  The Gorillian Brazilian gets a hand way to the back of Ami’s mawashi and holds firm, turning the Sneak to his side and pushing him out, yorikiri.  Kaisei within two of his second makuuchi kachikoshi.

EK Goeido (1-8) vs. E2 Kyokutenho (1-8) –   Who’s going further down the banzuke? A: Kyokutenho.  Kyokutenho, with a high grip, gets Goeido to the bails.  Goeido capitalizes on his lower position and lifts Kyoku up and off the dohyo (ouch!).  Great utchari throwout gives Goeido his second win!

W1 Yoshikaze (2-7) vs. WK Tochinoshin (5-4) – Noshin better not lose to a scrub like Yoshi, not if he wants to stay in sanyaku.  Yoshi tries to henka, only pisses Noshin off, and resorts to a non-existant plan B.  Noshin jukes Yoshi out and sends him running out of the ring, complimentary dameoshi slap in the ass
included.  Tsukiotoshi, Noshin at 6-4.

W2 Toyonoshima (4-5) vs. WS Kakuryu (6-3) – After the initial slapping the hell out of each other, they engage in a stare down with the one good eye they each have left.  The Kak gets Toyo to the bails but misfires and is deflected out, okuridashi win for Toyo.

EO Baruto (8-1) vs. ES Kotoshogiku (7-2) –  The Geek (Kotoshogiku) looking for another chance to beat an Ozeki and earn his promotion.  Bart comes in WAY too high and gives up a morozashi.  Belly to belly, no one beats the Geek.  Geek dry humps Bart to the bails and, surprising everyone, changes gears by turning his hip and tossing Bart across the ring.  Perfect shitatenage and the Geek gets his Kachi, putting him withing just a few of Ozeki consideration.  Geek, faito faitooooo!

EO Kaio (3-6) vs. WO Kotooshu (7-2) – Old-zeki vs. Faux-zeki, Kaio continues his downward spiral since hitting the top of his career on day 5 when he made history.  Kaio puts on a terrible performance, running away after the tachiai hoping to tire out his opponent with laps.  Oshu pursues and shoves Kaio out for his kachikoshi, oshidashi.

EM3 Wakakoyu (3-7) vs. WO Harumafuji (9-0) – Haruma with a chance at his second championship (maybe) if he just holds on to his momentum.  The two lock up at the tachiai, Haruma unable to move the larger Wakakoyu.  Haruma shows some technique reminiscent of two Mongol sempai, Hakuho and Asa, with a quick drop of his hip and a hard pull down on the mawashi.  Uwatehineri win for Harumafuji puts him at 10, still sharing the lead with Hakuho.

EY Hakuho (9-0) vs. WS Kisenosato (5-4) – Kise, hoping for a future ozeki promotion, can’t be looking for breaks from the Hak.  Hakuho, knowing Kise’s speed, jumps him at the tachiai.  Kise barely gets his hands off the ground
before the Hak slaps him back and wraps him up with his favorite right hand
in.  Hak never loses with his migi-yotsu, and won’t today.  Wasting no time, the
Hak turns to the inside hand and lifts with the outside, finishing Kise off with an uwatenage that he makes look easy.  Hakuho still undefeated.  I look forward to when he meets Haruma on senshuraku.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Sumo & Stogies for all your sumo reports from Nagoya!

Connolly with Day 11!

Chalmers, signing off.

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