Nagoya Day 13

Well, its that time again boys.  de Gama is up for another run … christening the new computer after the shameful display that happened last week.  Waking up this morning was a bit rough… but to even add onto that is knowing that about ten people are going to be wrecking your small village in only a few hours.  All I can say to myself is perk up buddy, perk  up.  Dammit, de Gama get the coffee going – grab a smoke … we got sumo to report.

Takamisakari vs. Tamaasuka:  Well,  I usually like to compliment the guy however his bout today was terrible.  I think the guy has been done for a while. Where was the strength, where was the skill?  Robo cop seemed to jiggle his way into the tachiai then jiggle his way out of the ring.  To give the guy credit (not really at all) he had control of the match but somehow stepped out under the opponent’s retaliation. Whatever. Tamaasuka (who?) wins.

Homasho vs. Takayasu: After skipping a couple unimportant bouts we get to the tobacco store Indian.  I’d like to say this bout was very exciting but I’m not really impressed.  Takayasu basically takes Homes up to the ring and then plants a shit as Homasho charges him all the way across and out of the ring.  Heres to Homasho showing that he may be a little underranked,

Kimurayama vs. Miyabiyama:   After a heavy night its always nice to wake up and see a great pair jiggling back and forth.   That’s why I was happy to see the Miyabiyama fight.And even though he did lose… its all about the bounce.  Not the slap –Miyabi. Thanks Kimura, I needed it. Like the announcer said Miyabiyama came down hard but not hard enough.

Tochiozan vs. Shotenro:  Classic example of modern sumo… get your kachikoshi and coast til its over.  Shotenro completely man-handles the less than superb sideburns.  Maybe that’s why he gave us a little message later on. To redeem himself.

Sagatsukasa vs. Gagamaru:  Did anyone else notice that the nhk announcer called the guy Gentlemen Gaga?  Getting a bit familiar with the guy aren’t we… anyway, Lady Gaga does not really look too well this basho but hey whatever … the lady can sing (perhaps not all that great).   In all fairness though it was a decent bout until the end.  Saga had the Lady’s number the entire time but because Gaga is just massive he had to work for it.  Saga just kept low and held Gaga high.  Finally, the Lady finally crumbles.

Kyokutenho vs.  Tamawashi:  Well again after skipping a couple bouts that I’m not bothered about, I decided to come in at this point.  De Gama, you say, Kyokutenho is  1 -12…. Why the hell do you want to start now?  Morimoto Nami, my good friends, Morimoto Nami… even if shes only giving us the news.  I appreciate it… I truly do.  So now onto the bout… Kyokutenho gripless gets pushed out of the ring.

Kaisei vs. Yoshikaze:  Now its time for a glorious victory from the fearless hero hailing from one of the more heated spots in Japan: Saiki, Oita.  I can honestly say I’ve been there and I’m happy to say its his hometown.  Anyways, the warrior displays his untapped potential as he head-thrusts Kaisei.  This puts him in a weird position, but that doesn’t stop the champion whose piss poor score doesn’t properly represent his untapped power. Kaisei takes him to the edge and almost outs him.  But, Yoshi reverses him and throws Kaisei out.  What a pro… what a pro.  I do use that word lightly mind you.

Takekaze vs. Tochinoshin:  Recently in Akita the winds have been blowing quite strongly.  Some of the more learned people say its because of the after effects of the Typhoon.  I say it’s the Wind Gods hailing from Mt. Moriyoshi sweeping the enemies down before the Brothers Kaze.  I do say this maybe the first time I’ve reported that both of them have won.  Maybe I didn’t need to see Miyabiyama jiggling this morning, if you catch my drift.  I know you did Creswell.  But, the happiness comes with a bitter end as the wind beneath Take’s feet swings him to the side and allows Noshin to fall on his face.

Goeido vs. Toyonoshima:  Both the boys come at each other.  And what about the Tachiai? Toyonoshima gives himself some room, steps back, and slaps down.  Goeido recovering off the ground slowly sees the ozeki promotion slip out of his fingers. Try again next year buddy.

Wakakoyu vs. Kakuryu:  Nice job by Kakuryu.  He deflects the attack, gets inside, and quickly thrusts his way out of the ring.

Kotoshogiku vs. Okinoumi: Oki meant be considered a good looking man but the sun is smiling at the Geek.  Until now.   The Geek not really looking all that comfortable.  Maybe that’s not really a good word for it.  More like cautious.  All he tried to do was look for a certain grip and Oki just won’t give in.  After a while of hugging, Oki takes him down.

Baruto vs. Harumafuji: Good match up.  Two Ozeki, ozeki-esque scores.  Gonna be a good bout.  And I’m disappointed.  Haruma sneaks to the side and puts off Baruto.  Baruto being a bit too high relies on his strength to carry him through but fails.  Haruma gets it and keeps his perfect score.

Hakuho vs. Kotooshu:  Classic Haks.  They meet at tachiai and Oshu pushes Hakuho back to the edge of the ring.  Then, Hakuho turns it around and throws Oshu down below the ring.

Over all a good day of sumo.  Anyways, I’d love to give a proper closing but I’m afraid I must make preparations for later this evening.

De Gama

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