Nagoya Senshuraku (Day 15)

A special thanks to Columbo for stepping in and reporting on such short notice. Good job sir.

Fujiazuma(9-5) vs. Masunoyama(11-3)
Masunoyama came up from juryo today to take on Fujiazuma, but he was also fighting for the juryo yusho. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t topple the M15. And that forced a playoff, which he also lost. Not the best of days for him!

Daido(5-9) vs. Tamaasuka(8-6)
Daido picked up his 6th win today as Tamaasuka who was in much better position allows himself to be pushed out as he was retreating.

Takayasu(8-6) vs. Takamisakari(3-11)
Takamisakari showed us again today that his is truly over the hill. He was owned by the much younger Takayasu. Takamisakari is now deciding whether he will retire or if he will compete in juryo in September.

Tochiozan(9-5) vs. Kitataiki(7-7)
Kitakaiki was the first wrestler fighting for his KK today. And after fixing the bandage on his leg he was ready to go. After a great tachi-ai Tochiozan gets a double inside grip and acted quickly and easily disposes Kitataiki. So a nice round 10 wins for Tochi.

Kimurayama(7-7) vs. Gagamaru(4-10)
Next up Kimurayama was fighting for his KK. Kimurayama quickly shifted to the side at the tachi-ai, but Gaga wasn’t fazed as he stayed composed and squared back up to Kimu and easily forced him out with powerful oshidashi.

Tokitenku(7-7) vs. Tochinonada(6-8)
And now Tokitenku was after his KK. Between these two guys Tokitenku has the winning record. Tochi fought well today though, and he avoided 3 attempted leg trips by Tokitenku. A nice long bout with Toki exhibiting many of his skills, and eventually taking Tochi finally winning by yorikiri.

Tamawashi(4-10) vs. Shotenro (7-7)
Exciting stuff here today as Shotenro is the 4th wrestler in a row fightin for his kachikochi. A fast tachi-ai from both fighters here, but Tamawashi’s thrusts were slightly stronger and without any hand on either belt Shotenro is landed on top of some giggling old ladies. Makekoshi for you buddy.

Sagatsukasa(8-6) vs. Wakanosato(8-6)
The M13 Saga took on M5 Waka. I could have been a great win for Saga, but after getting a much better tachi-ai he couldn’t even budge Waka back an inch. Waka pushed forward and tried out Kotoshogiku’s hug-n-chug to gain his 9th win, without breaking a sweat.

Tochinowaka(8-6) vs. Takekaze(7-7)
Our very own Henkaphile was in need of one last win today to get more wins than losses. Takekaze was ranked much higher, so shouldn’t have had any issues today. Takekaze hit straight on today, and immediately slipped to his left, got into the side of Tochi, stood him upright and drove him over the edge. Good stuff from Takekaze, we love ya really 😉

Wakakoyu(4-10) vs. Takarafuji(4-10)
Wakakoyu pushed up on Takarafuji’s face to stand him slightly upright. He then proceeded to slap him about 20 times in the face before pulling Taka to the dirt.

Miyabiyama(8-6) vs. Toyonoshima(8-6)
Another beltless fight today as Toyonoshima pushed on the neck of Miyabi and easily forced him over the edge. Miyanbi wasn’t in this fight at all today.

Kyokutenho(2-12) vs. Asasekiryu(5-9)
These guys locked up after the tachi-ai, and as Kyokutenho tried to shift his left arm from the outside of Asa to the inside position Asa pressed forwards and easily disposed of Kyokutenho. A miserable 2-13 finish for him.

Toyohibiki(8-6) vs. Yoshikaze(6-8)
Yoshikaze was trying to minimise his drop on the banzuke today and he executed his plan nicely today too. When Toyo tried to lock him up his left leg slipped too far back and Yoshi pushed him down for an easy win.

Kaisei(6-8) vs. Tochinoshin(5-9)
Brazilian flags flew as Kaisei entered the dohyo today. The two locked into yotsu-zumo today and both fighters exerted huge amounts of energy in this fight. Tochi first lifted the big Kaisei off the ground and started walking for the bales but couldn’t quite make it. Kaisei then returned the favour but after the dust settled Tochi had the strength left to drive Kaisei over the edge.

Goeido(4-10) vs. Aminishiki(2-12)
Obviously both these guys were struggling this basho, and one more than the other! After they locked up, and Ami had a descent grip he charged up about to try a throw, but Goeido was also in a throwing position and launched his own. And the wrapped injured leg had no strength to defend against the throw. Ami fell to 2-13 and will fall nice and far (though not as far as this writer would like) on the next banzuke.

Aran(10-4) vs. Kakuryu(9-5)
Kakryu got a very deep left hand grip on the back of Arans belt. So Aran had to go over the top for a grip, and as he didn’t have enough height to do anything with it he just waited as Kakryu launched his attack. Aran defended for a while on the bales, but then crashed down.

Kotoshogiku(10-4) vs. Homasho(11-3)
Before the fights began today Kotoshogiku was awarded with the outstanding performance prize for taking down the Yokozuna and blowing his ozeki promotion the following day. Homasho was awarded the fighting spirit prize. Kotoshogiku didn’t get the position or grip he wanted from the tachi-ai. But Homasho tried a pull down and completely gave up a good position. As a result Homasho had to back peddle around the dohyo before Kotoshogiku questioned Homasho’s prize.

Okinoumi(7-7) vs. Kotooshu(9-5)
Okinoumi won his KK today against Kotooshu. Kotooshu got a great double grip on the front on Okinoumi’s belt today, but the belt was tied loosely and prevented him for easily winning. Oki pushed back and Kotooshu accidently stepped over the bales. The side judge spotted it and raised his hand, but the two fighters continued and Oki was thrown to the ground. Then Oki was rightly awarded the win. Fair play.

Kisenosato(9-5) vs. Harumafuji(14-0)
The big match of the day! Could Harumafuji get a zensho yusho? The last ozeki to win such yusho was Hakuho! Harumafuji got pushed back to the bales at the start of the bout today and his knees and hands all went within centimetres from the clay, but amazingly recovered and went on the offensive again. He caught Kissy and went for a throw, using his knee to try topple him. That didn’t work so he reverted to leg trips and pushing. Next Harumafuji was back up, had a good grip on the red belt that stood between a yusho and a ZENSHO yusho. And as he pushed forward, pushed forward for the victory, he overextended himself and dropped to the ground. Oh well……

Hakuho(12-2) vs. Baruto(10-4)
Baruto got a great grip from the tachi-ai today. GREAT grip. And Hakuho had a grip but not as good. Baruto didn’t waste any time and launched his attack. He went for the throw and that sent Hakuho stumbling towards the edge. It looked like Hakuho was about to recover, he tippy toed on the towari. Neither the viewers or Baruto knew at this point that he had already won, so Baruto attacked again with a shove that drove the Yokozuna into the 3rd row. An excellent win from Baruto that took advantage of a slightly tired Hakuho.

And that brings us to the end of the Nagoya basho. It was a good one! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did here.


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