Kotoshogiku’s Ozeki Promotion Poll Results

Kotoshogiku has posted a 32-13 record at Sekiwake the last three bashos. Nagoya brought Hug’n-Chug his second Shukun-sho and an overall record of 11-4. With his defeat of Yokozuna Hakuho it appears our readers believe Kotoshogiku is destine for Ozeki.

I  think the whole thing smells of institutionalized yaocho and with Kaio gone it makes it seem even more so. That being said, I am just one man sitting on a folding chair asking the world (actually a small subsection of the world that cares) to tell me what they think. Why would you vote yay or nay? Let us know here, on facebook, or twitter.

2 responses to “Kotoshogiku’s Ozeki Promotion Poll Results

  1. I was one of the surprisingly few that voted nay on the hug ‘n chugger’s promotion. I share the same opinion as many others here that although little mister dry-hump has got some heart, he just doesn’t have the variety of skills that would make him a consistent threat throughout each basho. If he was able to add some more kimarite to his repertoire, then by all means they should give him the title of ozeki.

  2. I waited until after the basho to actually cast my nay vote. Although I like the little round man – I really do – I don’t see him as an Ozeki – yet. To reiterate or harp on it: he just doesn’t have all the tools. And, no matter how much of a short term “Japanese Victory” it would be to have a homelander in the ranks again – in the long term it wouldn’t help the sport at all if he turns out to be another 8-7 Nozeki.

    This is his FIFTH time making it to Sekiwake – and each time previous he has fallen back. I kind of see a “turning point” in a lot of the better rikishi careers where “something clicked” – either they added some skills, or added some muscle, or lost some weight and gained speed, or something people can actually articulate. I really haven’t seen that out of The Geek. He’s been less-dumb – which I credit him for 2 or 3 extra wins each time out – but other than that he looks like The Geek I knew before. The Geek who would crack of 10 wins then follow it up with 6 – then be back a few months later with 10 again.

    But good on him for 32 wins. And I would be as thrilled as anyone if he comes out in September – goes 13-2 – including arm-tossing Hakuho – and TAKES the title of Ozeki…

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