Aki Basho Keiko Wind-up

With 10 days left until the banzuke announcement, and 23 days until the start of the September tournament, let’s check in on the keiko thus far.

Harumafuji : After an early toe injury, the recent yusho winner has been doing much better.  Posting a 31-2, and a perfect 28-0 against Takarafuji and Homarefuji

Geeku and Oshu : Neither of the Sadogatake boys are looking great.  Geeku posting 11-4 against the Bulgarian, who still doesn’t look too convincing, and is nursing a cold… poor baby (Huey).

Kakuryu : Not really been doing much to speak of.  Weight training mostly. he only news-worthy thing he’s done is dispel rumors that he might change his shikona if he gets promoted.

Hopefully we’ll get some more word on some other hopefuls as we get closer.

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