Patton Portends Potential Penunlimate-positioned Proponent Procuring Prize

Gentlemen and Ladies, I have had a dream.  I know my previous post about Harumafuji’s chances was not so hopeful for Ama, but my confidence is now shaken.  As I drifted into sleep a few days ago, a dim visage floated toward my eyes.  I could neither see nor hear clearly.  It was as if my  glasses had been stolen and Bertrum had smacked me about the head, compromising my hearing.  Everything was blurred and muff(led), like looking at an oil painting being painted, but with earplugs in. 

I was sitting in our usual seats in the Kokugikan, facing the front of the dohyo.  Every movement was followed by a smeared shadow of color.  The fan of the yobidashi floated by like a great white scroll and the gyoji’s elaborate clothes fluttered like great wings on a crane, all in stark contrast to the spartan rikishi, cloaked in miniature blizzards of salt.

Two wrestlers are atop the dohyo, the only identifiable traits are that one is visibly larger than the other.  The snap of the tachiai.  The Gyoji yells “hakkeyoi”.  The smaller man gets inside with a nodowa and turns it into a maemitsu, then pivots to the left to avoid the left hand of the larger opponent.  The smaller man then gets the larger man’s right foot off the ground with an ashitori and moves quickly backward.  At the tawara the larger man brings down his right foot, but the smaller man uses that momentum to swing the larger man around.  The larger man grabs the mawashi in desperation with the left hand.  He pulls the smaller man to the brink of an uwatenage, but at the crucial moment, the smaller man gets into the arm pit of the larger man an pushes him over the bales.

Zabutons fly.  The crowd roars.  The larger man gives the smaller man a pat on the back.  The vision fades as if someone has thrown paint-thinner on the canvas.

I don’t usually ascribe anything to dreams, nor do I buy into foresight, clairvoyance, or any of that mumbo-jumbo.  However, after watching a recent episode of “Through the Wormhole” I learned that some scientists are beginning to link so-called “extra-sensory perceptions” to previously unknown brain function, and possibly to string theory.  So (much to Connolly and Bertrum’s delight, I am sure) I will indulge myself to read a little bit more into this than watching a few sumo videos, drinking smoky whisky, and eating a bit too much before bed.

I was pretty damn sure that Harumafuji was going to get a jun-yusho at most in Aki,  but now I’m allowing myself to be about 50-50.  I’ll wait and see if Ama comes out to play for keeps, or if its more of the ol’ Harumafuji.  Really I just wanted to have this dream be on public record so that people would believe me if it happens to come true.

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