New Country Joins the Sumo Brotherhood

Japan, Mongolia, Korea, China, Georgia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Tonga, Brazil, Great Britain, Argentina, Hungary, Western Samoa, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, and Paraguay have all had at least one rikishi somewhere in sumo.

Japan, the US, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Brazil, Korea, Czech Republic, and Western Samoa, Argentina, China, and Taiwan have all had at least one rikishi reach sekitori-hood.  If all the recent scuttlebutt is to be believed, we can add one more country to that list.

Egypt.  19 year old Abdel Rahman Alaa Eldin Mohamed Ahmed (nicknamed “Boody”) had been making the rounds to various heyas.  He has won the bronze medal in international competitions two times and his team won the silver medal in 2008.  His keiko results in Japan were were varied, posting an amazing 27-1 at Nishikido-beya, and 4-8 against the top 2 guys at Magaki-beya (just under 40% against everyone else at Magaki).

People in the know have said that Boody has more than ample upper body strength, but lacks the lower body strength and flexability needed for the top levels.  His training in Egypt is almost completely restricted to gym work, and isolated bouts with other wrestlers, and almost no shiko or suri-ashi.  The word amongst the stable masters is that he will almost certainly reach sekitori within two years, and is probably already makushita level.

Due to the Kyokai’s newest (border-line xenophobic) regulations, only one foreign born rikishi is allowed per heya, so Boody’s choices were limited.  Luckily, Otake-beya was foreigner-free and picked up the youngster.  However, thanks to another Kyokai (over-the-line xenophobic) regulation (stating that foreign born rikishi must fore go a “year and a half, or so” probation period) he will not make his debut in maezumo until March in Osaka.  His shikona is in limbo and will be either Sunaarashi (Sandstorm) or Oosunaarashi (Big Sandstorm).  He will be the 7th and youngest rikishi in Otake-beya and will most likely have a rough go of it at first.

In the mean time, he will be studying Japanese (which he does not speak a word of), and working on flexibility and lower body strength.  I am sure I speak for all of the gentlemen of S&S when I say Praise be to Allah!  Ganbare (Oo)Sunaarshi!

One response to “New Country Joins the Sumo Brotherhood

  1. I already like the sounds of it, especially his shikona. Way cool. I hope he can make it!

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