Aki Basho 2011: Day 3

Kokkai vs. Kimurayama
The first makuuchi fight of the day was between two M16 fighters with a perfect score after two days. Kimmy stepped slightly to his right at the tachi-ai looking for an advantage. It worked and Kokkai was off balance and Kimura was facing the side of Kokkai but somehow didn’t capitalise on the situation. Horrible sumo followed, Kokkai should have lost at least 3 times, but then he managed to pull Kimura to the ground, with little objection. Not a great start to the day.

Hochiyama vs. Takanoyama
I like Takanoyama. He has some good skill and technique. Unfortunately he has no reason to have the work “yama” in his shikona because he has no weight. He weighs in at only 98kgs.
After a slapping exchange at the tachi-ai the Hooch just shoved forwards and drove Taka NO yamas back and out.

Yoshiazuma vs. Daido
Yoshiazuma side stepped at the tachi-ai and got his arm under Daido’s armpit and swung him around and down. Yoshiazuma’s first ever makuuchi win, via henka. Is that a good way to start? No. No, it is not.

Shotenro vs. Asasekiryu
Shotenro started well, keeping Asa far away from his belt. He kept pushing but after a slight slip he gave his belt to Asa, who pulled of a great twisting overarm throw.

Aminishiki vs. Tamaasuka
Aminishiki and his bandy leg find themselves down at M12 this basho. A bit high in my opinion, I’d be happier with him down around J12.
Ami-chan started strong today though, and Tamaa had aabsolutely no answer bar putting his hands on the lady’s shoulders and backing out.

Tosayutaka vs. Gagamaru
Tosayutaka took a logical step to the side as the Gaga train was heading for hin at the tachi-ai. Gaga recovered, barely, and used one foreceful push to throw Tosa half way backwards across the dohyo. When they enguaged again, Gaga drove forward to the bales. Tosa tried an escape manoeuvre that didn’t work. Both men now on 2-1.

Masanoyama vs. Kitataiki
Kitataiki worked fast today. After an initial head-butt Kita found himself over Masa with a great grip on the back of his belt. And an easy pull down ensued.

Kyokutenho vs. Toyohibiki
Kyokutenho’s was looking for his 37 birthday win today. And his wasn’t disappointed as after a hard impact from Hibi he got a good right hand outside grip, slipped to the side and pulled Hibi down.

Kaisei vs. Sagatsukasa
Today was the first fight between these two rikishi today. So far the hairy Brazilian would really like to trim… things up. Not so much saga from Saga today as the Brazilian, straight back from the beauty salon, used shear force to push Sagatsukasa back and, with the romance of a rapist, spun him around and manhandled him out of the ring.

Tamawashi vs. Tochinowaka.
Tochi pushed Tama back to the straw, but with Tama’s foot firmly on the bales he was going no farther. Tochi tried to raise Tama up, he tried and tried, for about 10 seconds or so. He failed and was then very tired. Tama easily then slipped to the side slightly and very easily pushed the tired Tochinowaka to the dirt.

Takuyasu vs. Wakakoyu
Takuyasu is very hairy for a Japanese wrestler. Wakakoyu came off the tachi-ai today with two hands directed at Taku’s face. He pushed the Ibarakian up and then slipped to his left and dropped him to the dirt. An easy win for Waka.

Fujiazuma vs. Goeido
Goeido was lucky enough to get a win from the lower ranked Fujiazuma today. From the initial contact Goeido was back peddling and trying to slap down Fuji. He got lucky and Fuji slipped over the bales, but Goeido has really got to start asserting himself, and employ forward moving sumo.

Miyabiyama vs. Tokitenku
Tokitenku had a plan today. From the tach-ai he wanted to soccer kick Miyabi’s right leg from under him (a move that should be used against Aminishiki). Miyabi also had a plan, the same one he always has, fush into the face of his opponent and then slap them down. Neither plan worked! Miyabi had Tokitenku heading backwards, but at the bales Toki slipped to the side and the bigger beast fell with a flop.

Takekaze vs. Tochinoshin
Take employed an honest tachai-ai today. Tochi got a good outer left grip and Kaze instead of taking a right grip on the much taller rikishi and going chest to chest, he kept his hand on the Georgians chest. In the meantime Tochi had acquired his right grip and lifted the Autumn Rice Sprout out over the straw.

Toyonoshima vs. Kisenosato
Kissy showed us a glimpse of the strength in his left arm as he completely pushed Toyo off balance with a great left trust. From there he easily pushed back the flexible Toyo back to the rings end. Good stuff from Kissy who has been fighting well so far this basho.

Kotoshogiku vs. Aran
Aran came in to today after having his ass handed to him by both Hakuho on day 1 and Baruto on day 2. He had a nice tachi-ai and prevented Kotoshogiku from initially getting his desired grip. They traded belt grips and as Aran wound up for a belt throw attempt Kotoshogiku sensed it coming and adjusted his balance to counter as his moved in for his gaburi-yori special. Aran is still learning, and he has lots of strength. He’ll get it right at some stage.

Kakuryu vs. Tochiozan
Kak started well today, but the fight turned into handbags. After a few slaps Kak went for a pull down, but Tochi was expecting it and lunged forward and into attack mode. Both girls moved back to the center of the ring, and exchanged more slaps. But you could see Kak was either not fired up enough, or he was somehow running out of steam. Wither way Tochiozan was fired up, and had plenty in reserve to move in for the kill, and put an end to Kak’s dream of ozeki promotion.

Yoshikaze vs. Baruto
Baruto came in too high from the tachi-ai, possibly intending to just pick up the Gummy Bear and lift him out. But Yoshi was bouncing here and there, and everywhere, and Baruto found himself with his arm around his Yoshi’s neck. With about 10 more bounce, turns, and Barutos belt coming undone, Bart was on the edge and Yoshi was able to yorikiri!?!? Baruto out of the ring. That should give him confidence heading into tomorrows clash with Kotooshu.

Harumafuji vs. Wakanosato
Harumafuji did today what he should do every day. He was of his line and had his opponent moving backwards before any defensive move could be employed. He won this one in less than 2 seconds.

Homasho vs. Kotooshu
Homasho had every reason to be optimistic coming into this fight today. Kotooshu had so far lost to Okinoumi and Toyonoshima(a disastrous start!) . Homasho also had won the last 3 times these guys have met. After not getting a grip at the tachi-ai, due to Homasho neutralising his charge the two separated. Kotooshu waited for Homasho to attack, and tried a pull down. This completely failed and now Kotooshu was moving back, Homasho almost slipped, but he did enough to push Kotooshu outside the ring, and hand him his 3rd loss in as many days.

Hakuho vs. Okinoumi
Our final bout of the day had some promise. Oki came into today after beating 2 ozeki in the last 2 days (fair enough one was Kotooshu, but it’s enough to give him confidence). But Hakuho looked a lot more confident. Well before the tachi-ai he did!! The yokozuna found himself quite high and Okinoumi had a window of opportunity and pushed Hakuho back. Oki even got a double hand inside grip and just as he thought he had a real chance, Hakuho pulled off an amazing left arm overhead throw. Great winning move, after a not so great tachi-ai from the yokozuna.

Bertrum will bounce your balls tomorrow.

9 responses to “Aki Basho 2011: Day 3

  1. I am loving this basho. Tomorrow we have Homasho up against HarumaFuji and Okinoumi up against Baruto. Homasho has lost to Haruma both times they have fought in the last year and Okinoumi has lost to Baruto the only time the two have ever faced each other (back in May 2011).

    I am still rooting for Homasho, but I have to say Okinoumi has me sweating. He is looking good this basho. I still think that Homasho’s tachiai is looking better than Okinoumi’s (though after the bout Oki fought against Hak today, it’s a tough call, still, I think today was more a poor tachiai from Hak than a great one from Oki). Oki’s sumo post tachiai is looking really good. Glad these two are around to keep things interesting.

    Kotoshogiku still has to face all the Ozeki and the Yokuzuna… So I guess it’s still too early to get excited there. It’s funny… I will be more impressed if Oki or Homey beat Kotoshogiku than if they beat all the Ozeki combined. I guess that says something for Kotoshogiku promoting, but I am still unenthusiastic.

  2. Nicely put men. I am glad people are noticing Okinoumi, and I would venture to say he’ll be up for a special prize with nine or more wins at M1. Good stuff all around.

    One note on Kotoshogiku however, he won’t fight Ozeki Kotooshu (unfortunately for Giku at the moment) because they train at the same heya. You guys think Oshu is going to make it through this basho?

    • Oshu is looking pretty sloppy right now… He has always seemed a bit gangly and confused, but this time around he looks kind of pissed off…. He was a bit of a sore loser today, I thought.

  3. Agreed. As though he wasn’t ready to start until he’d already been pushed out of the ring!

    • If Kotooshu loses on Day 4, I think he will be hard pressed to avoid a Makekoshi…as things stand right now, he might pull it out… Though hopefully not during a bout… Automatic loss is not what he needs.

  4. For Oshu: Yeah something tells me we might see another kyujo, maybe even a demotion. I would love to see an ozeki promotion in tandem with a demotion. Total no-go-zeki at this point.

    As for Okinoumi. I am glad to see the guy doing well, and he is certainly the most improved rikishi in my mind. However he has had little bit of luck recently… I don’t attribute all of it to luck, but just a tiny portion.

    I couldn’t be happier for Homey. No one takes the envelopes quite like that guy. Speaking of Homasho… I need to make a run to the cigar shop for this weekend.

  5. Kotooshu always seems to just do enough to survive at the ozeki rank. Currently he is not kadaban, and has this basho to “play with” as Hajinochikara suggested…
    I think he will kadoban this time, his sumo is awful thus far, and expect him to get his pathetic 8 or 9 wins in November.

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