Aki Basho 2011: Day 4

A good evening to you good Gentleman! Day for of the Aki basho 2011. And what an interesting start. So many hopes for this basho on who may get Yokozuna, Ozeki or Sekiwake all being crushed by some pretty mediocre and in some cases surprising Sumo. Following on from the Irishman, I commemorate this basho with an Irish coffee. However, I link yesterday with tomorrow by using a Bourbon. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Tosayutaka vs. Hochiyama – Hochiyama wins by a boring Yorikiri

Kimurayama vs. Shotenro – oshidshi for Shoto to get a 1-3. Will he keep this streak? Interesting thing about Shotenro, married kyokutenho’s sister. AND because of this, he will never face him in a bout! Point worth noting perhaps? Shame because it could have been a good feud!

Kokkai vs. Tamaasuka. Kokkai yoritaoshi win. 4 – 0

Gotta say, at this point I’m not too impressed by the sumo being played. Very clean and straight wins here. Nothing worth any comment I assure you.

Aminishiki vs. Daido. Aminishiki not looking so good with that leg! He started a bit too high, and Daido quickly capitalises with a kotenage

Takayonama vs. Asasekiryu. Taka looking very slim here. Only weighing 98 kilo’s might I add. Taka looking sharp and agile, almost like a lizard. But like a lizard, he just doesn’t have the weight to pack behind his punches. Taka on 0-4 and an interesting okurihikiotoshi! A rare move, but if you are gunna see it, it’s in this bout!

Yoshiazuma vs. Gagamaru. Gaga is getting big! The weight working for him here, to take a push out oshidashi. 3-1 for the Georgian.

Tamawashi vs. Kyokutenho. Another boring Yorikiri by kyokutenho. There was a moment I thought it might swing around, but Tama failed to push on this, where despite the slight hesitation, kyokutenho could push again.

Kitataikai vs. Sagatsukasa
. Wow, after a false start. A few humping actions from Saga, but he didn’t have the strength against kita. A top heavy push from kita sees Saga pulling some ballet move, holding on with with one leg. Oshidashi putting kita 3-1.

Fujiazuma vs. Kaisei
. Yorikiri by Kaisei – pretty standard diesel power going on there.

Masunoyama vs. Tochinowaka. Masu decided to sit this one out, hurting his ankle off the tachiai – couln’t make it out, needed a wheel chair to take him away! Oshitaoshi win for tochinowaka.

Miyabiyama vs. Toyohibiki. Any mans game from the start, except miyabi manages to step aside and throw toyo off balance. 0-4 los for him.

news break came in about Microsoft – what this has to do with sumo is beyond me. Could they not wait until after the fights? Bit off putting. Apple all the way.

ok second half finally….

Tochinoshin vs. Wakakoyu. A stare down to build tension.. wow! For a second, tochi noshin looked like he was gunna go slap down style, almost touching the dohyo! However, he reovered to get a push out oshidashi! Nicely done I have to say, that’s professionalism if I ever did see – being able to turn it around!

Takayasu vs. Tokitenku. A lot of pushing and thrusting with a sneaky outside sweep by tokitenku, nicely played by thinking outside the box! Susoharai win putting him 3-1.

Goeido vs. Tochizan
. Not much to comment on, Goiedo forced out by yorikiri

Kakuryu vs. Toyonoshima. A stalemate developed here off the tachiai. High pushing resulting in a mawashi grab by both – really just for a breather. But from here, kaku had it. A long fierce bout in all. Oshitaoshi putting kaku on 2-2

Aran vs. Kisenosato
. Aran didn’t really seem like he was in the game. He was all over the place, not really landing any push. Kisenosato gets this! 4-0 tsukidashi

Kotoshogiku vs. Takekaze
. kotenage win for koto. Koto just kept trying for this, locking up take’s arm in a way that stopped him trying for the mawashi. 4-0 win, but take not not looking so good on 0-4.

Yoshikaze vs. Kotooshu. Koto just over powers yoshikaze. 1-3 for koto. He needs to do a lot more to stay in the game. And a lot more like this.

Okinoumi vs. Baruto. Baruto’s game, oshidashi. Straight up!

Harumafuji vs. Homasho. Wow! Homo got a great armlock, thwarting Harumafuji against his battle technique on the mawashi– best bout in the day, just because it went against expectation! Harumafuji on a second loss here. No yaocho going on here I feel! Homo on 3-1.

Hakuho vs. Wakanosato. Was this even a bout? Over in a blink, yorikiri. A disappointing end compared to the last bout, but fair play. Hakuho 4-0.

Well that’s the end of day 4. Not a very interesting day. I would say two bouts stand out! The one with the Czech, just because he is gutsy and tried, and of course the fal of harumafuji – which was surprising to say the least.

Creswell is gunna give you one tomorrow – You lucky bastards!

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