Aki Basho 2011: Day 5

Let me just ask, who the hell was the English side commentator for Day 4.  He was terrible.  He miscalled a bunch of stuff, was misnaming body parts, and kept saying “it looks serious, it looks really serious” whenever someone went down.  I could do a better job than that.  (hint hint NHK, I am currently a free agent.)  Anyway, on to day 5.

Daido v Hochiyama – There was a false start, afterward both ended up with a decent enough grip on the belt, but Dumbo had the momentum.  Hochi broke Dumbo’s grip, but it changed nothing.  Oshidashi for Ears McGhee.  3-2, 2-3

Tosayutaka v Shotenro – I am not sure what Tosayutaka was thinking here.  He moved to the side after the tachiai, which Tenro saw coming.  Low position, and momentum mean a lot in a sumo bout as proven here by Tenro.  2-3 a piece.

Takanoyama v Tamaasuka – Taka ALMOST had this one.  The smaller man was able to keep low and inside on the tachiai, and push Oscar to the bales.  Taka swung Oscar around and attempted an armbar throw followed by a leg sweep, which looked good, but Oscar rallied and drove Taka to the bales.  Taka tried an inside leg trip, but Oscar blocked it with his knee, and closed the deal.  0-5, 2-3

Yoshiazuma v Kokkai – Kokkai was too cocky going into this one and over-stretched a bit.  Yoshi had one of the quickest uwatenages I’ve ever seen. 2-3, 4-1

Kimurayama v Asasekiryu – One of these guys was going to go for the henka slapdown… and today it wasw Asa.  2-3, 4-1

Kitataiki v Aminishiki – after a pair of matas, Sneaky came in with a strong charge, with Taiki locking up Sneaky’s arm at the bales, almost getting a thrust down at the process.  Taiki regained some ground, and made a drive, breaking Ami’s grip, and his own.  Taiki then drove Ami back on his bad knee for the win.  Both guys hanging in 4-1, 3-2.

Gagamaru v Kyokutenho – Tenho fought valiantly, but this one was all Gaga all the time, in the expected style.  Both looking good at 4-1.

Masunoyama is out due to ligament damage in his bout yesterday (one of the commentator’s mistakes, as it was clearly his left ankle not his right) so Tamawashi got the fusen victory.  2-3 each.

Kaisei v Toyohibiki – Beeker swung left after the tachiai going for the slap-down, which only served to anger Bruce Banner.  Easy push out for the Hulk.  As Kaisei stepped off the dohyo and down the hana michi all i could think of was this.  3-2,0-5

Sagatsukasa v Tochinowaka – henka-ish behavior from tiny Saga at the tachiai, which kind of fizzled.  The little guy kept the pressure up, not allowing a grip by the larger man and trying to lock up his arms.  Saga saw his chance and pulled a nice ipponzeoi (one armed shoulder throw) for the win.   2-3 3-2.  For video go here and skip to 2:30

Miyabiyama v Fujiazuma – Pretty equal tachiai, Yabbers slipped to the side and pulled down, in the normal style.  3-2, 1-4.

Wakakoyu v Tokitenku – Wakakoyu took a page out of the book of Miyabiyama, only this bout was ruled hatakikomi.  Neither bout was ruled interesting 2-3, 3-2.

Tochinoshin v Goeido -Kool-eid(o) had the upper hand from the tachiai with a hand firmly wedged in Noshin’s pit.  Noshin grabbed a migiyotsu grip, but Oh YEAH!’s position was better, he went for the tsuridashi, but it was ruled yorikiri for Children’s beverage.  3-2 each.

Takayasu v Tochiozan – Takayasu opened up with some decent tsuppari, which was repelled.  He went back in, hoping for a grip, which Ozan ended up with.  Yasu went for a desperation kubinage, but Ozan’s head slipped out.  Embarrassing okuritaoshi loss for Super Savings.  2-3, 4-1.

Kotoshogiku v Homasho – Homey set up way far back from the shikiri, and Geek right on the line.  Homey shifted slightly to the right at the tachiai, which (because he was so far back) was spotted by the Geeku.  All it took was a slight course correction from the Geek to get a side impact on Homey, sending him to the ground. Oshitaoshi brings the Geek to 5-0, Cigar Shop at a respectable 3-2 (those 3 are all ozeki.)

Kakuryu v Aran – Aran tried for an otsuke (arm block), but gave up at the first whiff of a belt grip.  This allowed migiyotsu for both wrestlers.  Kak went makikae for morozaahi, but Aran did not capitalize, so Kak got it, but didn’t capitalize, so Aran broke it, and didn’t capitalize, so Kak got morozashi again, Aran broke it again, due to lack of capitalization.  In the end, Kakuryu muscled Aran out at the bales with a hidariyotsu yorikiri (but it looked like a tsuridashi.)  3-2, 0-5.

Okinoumi v Kisenosato – Kissy had better position at the start and turned into a nice hidari yotsu, Oki managed his own hidariyotsu, with both fighting desperately for the right hand on the outside of the belt.  The first to the belt with the right was Kissy, and that sealed the deal.  2-3, 5-0.  That’s Kise’s best start in over a year, ending up with a 9-6 that time, and landing a 13-2 with the same start 2 years ago.

Harumafuji v Takekaze – What does everyone expect from Takekaze?  Push, push, pull, or a henka slapdown.It was the prior today, and Harry looked very un-ozeki-like today.  2-3, 1-4.  Harumafuji is not happy, having thoroughly ruined his chances at tsunatori in just 5 days, and all against rank and filers.

Wakanosato v Kotooshu – The old timer took everything Oshu had at the tachiai and looked hungry for more.  The ol’ barometer refused to let Oshu get any kind of grip and kept him moving and overstretched, then closed it out with a sukuinage.  Oshu looks like T-R-A-S-H. 2-3, 1-4.

Toyonoshima v Baruto – Toyo got a left hand inside from the get-go, and caused Baby Huey to stretch his huge right limb over the top to get the back of the mawashi.  Baby Huey began the march to the bales.  Toyo spun around under the bulk, and pulled a sukuinage.  To me it looked like Bart’s arm hit the ground first.  But the Gyoji went to Bart.  Monoii was called.  They said Toyonoshima’s left foot was out first.  In reviewing the tape, I thought a torinaoshi(re-do) should have been called.  From my angle it was impossible to see Toyo’s hell going down first.  So Bart got the win… well… Toyo got the loss.  Like Murray Johnson said “you wouldn’t put it in the DVD of how to win a bout.”  1-4, 3-2.  Only Ozeki to win today.

Hakuho y Yõshikaze – Well, I wanted to tell DeGama that both Kaze bros won today, if nothing else, so that something would make Bertrum’s seating arrangement a little more pointy.  But, even though Yoshi had a good tachiai and decent follow up.  “Good” and “decent” aren’t up to snuff.  Hak’s right hand slap was all it took. 5-0, 1-4.

Again, Murray Johnson might be right… we might need Kotoshogiku to save this tournament, who knows, maybe even Kisenosato will come out of nowhere.  If he gets 15 that will be 33.

Valentine’s new album “Day 6” drops tomorrow.

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