Aki Basho 2011: Day 7

Let’s begin today with a midway glance down into Juryo, shall we? 5-1 Hokutokuni won a furious bout against 5-1 Kyokushuho to retain his share of the lead (now 6-1).  Takamisakari squeaked out a win over Satoyama to keep both rikishi at 4-3, so he’s till got a *chance* to make it up to makuuchi.  Aoiyama kicked the crap out of Masuraumi, to go to 4-3, but those 2 kyujo days are gonna come back to bite him in the ass, methinks.  Myogiryu had a great bout against Sotairyu, which ended with Sotairyu leaving in a wheelchair.  That’ll keep Giryu at 6-1, Tairyu at 4-3 with possible kyujo (Sotairyu heard a popping sound in his left thigh…bad news).  Lastly, Matsutani had a nice win over Tsurugidake.  So to me, the contenders look like Myogiryu, Hokutokuni, Matsutani, Kyokushuho, and possibly Aoiyama (if he can get a win against Giryu.)  Now I’ll move on to Makuuchi.

Takarafuji v Kimurayama – Shakala-fuji, we’ll all remember, had a disastrous basho in Makuuchi back in Nagoya.  And Kimurayama, we’ll all remember, is a douche-bag.  That being said, Takarafuji kept the pressure on, got the left hand inside and got the oshi win right after Kimura started panicking. Mirror image scores with Shakala at 5-2.

Kokkai v Shotenro – Kokkai has been bringing the Georgian thunder this basho and given Shotenro’s performance, one would believe there is no thunder in Mongolia.  Sloppy footwork by Kokkai got Shotenro inside, and drove Kok to the bales.  A throw and counter throw ensued.  It was unclear which dumb-ass’ hand hit the dohyo first (but it was Kokkai), So Mihogaseki-oyakata decided they get a mulligan and we had a do-over.  Shitty henka hatakikomi by Kokkai… by the look on Kokkai’s face, no one was happy with that sumo.

Hochiyama v Tamaasuka – Tama-Oscar reminds me of Grover, or any muppet with huge eyebrows.  I bring this up because this bout reminded me of muppets cheering for something… you know, how their arms just kind of flap around.  Thats what Oscar did, but Hochi deflected it and took him from behind.

Yoshiazuma v Takanoyama – Takanoyama has had a tendency to stand up too fast at the tachiai this basho.  I really hope he can fix it.  AND HE DID…kind of.  Nice well-placed tsuppari from the tachiai, trading it for a migiyotsu.  He was fighting, but Yoshi was using his bulk to move toward the bales hoping for a yorikiri.  Taka took his a chance and went for an uwatenage, topping it off with the little leg trip for the kakenage, and picked up a kancho(kensho) for his trouble.  The crowd is REALLY behind Takanoyama, the real question is can Okinoumi really compete against those chiseled features? Ladies’ Love Cool Takanoyama at 2-5, Yoshi at 3-4.

Daido v Asasekiryu – after a mata both men got migiyotsu, but Asa seemed to have the advantage, swinging Daido around to the right.  Asa went for the shitatenage, but Daido resisted.  Asa went for the throw 2 or 3 more times, Daiso resisting each attempt and trying to keep Asa’s left arm off the belt, whilst Asa tries to keep Daido off the front of his belt.  After a final attempt Daido nailed Asa with a kotenage whilst backing away. 5-2, 4-3.

Aminishiki v Tosayutaka – both men with compromised knees, Sneaky’s from age, and Tosa’s from an injury from last basho.  Aminishiki went immediately for a nodowa, then pulled down the poor little gorilla.  5-2, 3-4.

Tamawashi – Gagamaru – Gaga has been quite convincing recently.  I think he’s found his spot on the banzuke for his skill level.  Any higher and he just gets out-classed.  Tamawashi runs hot and cold, today was cold.  A lackluster tachiai gave advantage Gaga. 3-4, 6-1.

Kitataiki v Toyohibiki – Beeker still hasn’t gotten into a  good rhythm since he came back from his baseball betting punishment.  Taiki was doing well, but still needs to become a bit more solid before he attempts the meatgrinder again.  Beeker brought the speed today at the tachiai and knocked Taiki right out of the game, denying him any forward motion.  Taiki saying “fuck hinkaku, I’m visually disappointed.” 5-2,2-5

Kaisei v Kyokutenho – Tenho slipped to the side after the impact slipped into a nice belt grip and walked Kaisei out easy peasy….Mongolianeasy… Brazilianeasy… hmmmm gaijineasy.  3-4, 5-2

Fujiazuma v Sagatsukasa – the little guy went right in against Fuji avoiding as many thrusts as possible, pushing, pulling, and moving around, not letting the slower Fujiazuma lock in.  Just a few shifts and a pull down spell another win for the little guy. 1-6, 3-4.

Takayasu v Tochinowaka – Did you hear that Takayasu… Murray Johnson said “I’m a bit of a fan of this guy, and he’s let me down the first few days.”… make it one more.  Good tsuppari offense from Taka, but at the bales he got too close and was thrust down by the bigger man.  For shame Takayasu… poor little Murray Johnson…2-5, 5-2.

Miyabiyama v Goeido – Eido did his best to deflect Miyabi’s thousand hand slap, Yabbers went for the pull down and Eido slipped under, put head to chest, and drove out the ex-ozeki.  4-3, 5-2.

Wakakoyu v Tochiozan – Credit due to Wakakoyu for putting up a good fight, but it looked like Tochiozan didn’t miss a step.  Good deashi by the former ozeki candidate. 2-5, 6-1.

Wakanosato v Tokitenku – Waka in fast keeping Tenku’s hands of the front of the belt.   Moving him back, Tenku bounces of the bales, Waka goes for the arm bar, taking tenku to the bales again.  Tenku got underneath, spun the old timer around and flung him down with an uwatenage.  Good turn around at the bales by Tenku.  2-5, 4-3.

Homasho v Aran – This was looking really good for Homasho, his defensive style was keeping Aran’s attack at bay.  The only problem is that Homasho didn’t make more aggressive of an offensive move when Aran stumbled a bit.  He made a forward push, but at the edge Aran threw Homasho with a kotenage, but what’s that!? Aran’s left foot was out of the dohyo.  Win for Homasho.  The bulge in Briton-Meyer’s pants just keeps getting bigger.

Kakuryu v Kisenosato – Seems like Kakuryu’s ozeki run is officially on hiatus, but Kise seems to be building his own…again.    The tachiai certainly belonged to Kakuryu but at the bales Kise got his right hand under Kak’s armpit and with a beautiful shove knocked Kakuryu all the way across the dohyo and out, even added a bit of a dameoshi.  Nice bout from Kise, who stays undefeated. 3-4 for fishface.

Kotoshogiku v Okinoumi – that was a pretty good tachiai from Don Juan, but that was good, textbook stuff from the Geek, gabburi-yori style.  Even a little bit of confidence and bravado from the usually taciturn Geek, looking a bit more ozeki-like, than normal.  Undefeated Geek, and Don Juan is at 3-4, but a good 3-4.

Tochinoshin gets the walkover win over Kotooshu.  Oshu went kyujo with an injured career… I mean… elbow?  Another Kadoban for No-go-oshu. 4-3 for Noshin.

Dear mom,  You remember when I lost to Kaio by falling underneath him and got robbed of a win.  It happened again, except this time it was against Sloth from the goonies.  Love, Takekaze.  1-6 for Kaze, Baruto at 5*-2.

Harumafuji v Yoshikaze – the erratic movements of Yoshikaze lead to another hatakikomi loss for Harumafuji.  I appologize.. that makes it sound like Yoshikaze didn’t see that Harumafuji was WAY overstretched on that charge.  both at 3-4, and a nice big one for DeGama.

Hakuho v Toyonoshima – props to Toyo for getting th ozeki moving backwards, but equal tisk tisk to Toyo for being too far forward.  Easy won for the yokozuna

So thats Hakuho, Kotoshogiku, and Kisenosato on top with 7 wins.  Tochiozan and Gagamaru with 6 wins.  Watch your eyes and hair, you got Daly comin at you tomorrow.

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