Aki Basho 2011: Day 11

Well, its that time again for some Latino flavor into the Sumo world.  Prior to this I was fresh from playing around with the kids so they could at one point read what I say about this Japanese sport.  Unfortunately since there is currently a typhoon coming I couldn’t even do that that properly.  Regardless lets just dive right into this two day extravaganza with de Gama as your wet suit.

Yoshiazuma vs. Shotenro:

Some times I wonder why I bother reporting on some of these early bouts.  However, you got to start somewhere, right?  So at tachiai Shotenro comes out fast.  Yoshi, in what I can only say is a disgrace to the rikishi who name he semi-shares, acts like the dinosaur and gets ridden all the way out.  A win for the Mongolian.

Hochiyama vs. Asasekiryu:

True to his nature… the Mongolian henkas for the win.  Looks like the typhoons hitting Aomori a bit early.

Aminishiki vs. Kimurayama:

The Sneek is looking weak despite the almost kachikoshi score.  I feel like he wants to win, but he also being a bit cautious.  I mean if you see the amount of wrapping on his leg I don’t have to be a doctor to say it’s screwed.  Anyways,  Sneeky rushes in to Kimura.  Quickly, Kimura throws him off balance and scurries to the side and uses Sneeky’s momentum against him.  Kimura victory!

Tamawashi vs. Kokkai:

Aggressive bout between the two.  Kokkai goes in first and gets fended off pretty quickly by Tama.  This signals two both of them to start a series of E. Honda-like pushes while trancing about the ring.  Eventually, Kokkai pulls out  and as he does that pushes Kimura down.  Congrats on Kokkai’s kachikoshi.

Kitataiki vs. Tochinowada:

Kitataiki dominated this match. He went in fast and Tochi seems hell-bent on find a certain grip. So as Tochi was trying to find something, Kitataiki drove him back and out.  Simple and effective.

Kyokutenho vs. Goeido:

You’d think that Goeido would be doing a little better in the lower ranks in Makuuchi, but he isn’t. It’ll be interesting to see whether Kyoku can beat him or not.  And interesting it was! Definitely the most interesting bout of the day thus far….. not that thats saying much.  So at first Goeido quickly gets a grip on the mawashi. Kyoku does as well but is a bit higher.  Regardless he drives Goeido back, but loses the edge as Goeido lifts him while swapping positions.  So now Kyoku is at the edge of the ring with Goeido trying to hip thrust his way out.  As Goeido trys to lift Kyoku out of the ring, Kyoku leans forward putting weight on an overstretched Goeido.  This causes Goeido to lean to the side and allow Kyouku to escape what seemed near death. They crab leg all the way to the other side of the ring and Kyoku carries him out for an epic win.

Tochinoshin vs. Takayasu:

I’ve never seen a man squirm so much in my life.  In my defense I also never seen a man get ass raped but such is life.  Tochinoshin basically had the match won in the first second but with all the squirming that Takayasu pulled Noshin really couldn’t do it straight away.  Long story short…. After almost letting the fish slip away,  Noshin firmly grabs onto it and throws it out.

Takekaze vs. Tokitenku:

Oh, how my pride has fallen. It seems like the earthquake shook a little too much off of Mt. Moriyoshi.  Oh, Brother Kaze I think your pride fell off the mountain and had the wind carry it into my hands.  Take starts with a strong rush forward only to back out to the side and slap into opponent down. Some say I would be pitching my tent at this very moment…maybe for a little sit down session with Bertrum.  Sumo like that would make anyone abandon the notion.

Homasho vs. Okinoumi:

But speaking of semis that are bound to go limp, Briton-Meyer must be not too happy that his two boys are squaring off together.   Though I feel that if Okinoumi loses he went feel so terrible.  Just a hunch. …. Wow, did it not look good for Homasho.  Okinoumi did his best to put the pressure on Homasho and push him back.  He even pushed Homasho back to the rope, but Homasho while being pushed back mind you gets a chance to turn the tide. He seemed to turn his body and thrust the poor guy down.  Homasho wins.

Yoshikaze vs. Aran:

After the last Kaze disappointed I wasn’t expecting too much from this one.  But, it was reassuring to see that Yoshi was wanting the win badly.  And by wanting the win I definitely mean over and over again Yoshi tried to get in and around Aran.  All Aran could do was slap the guy away or retreat.  After many failed entries, Yoshi changed his strategy and thrusted the Russian down.  The tent is ready boys lets go camping!

Kotoshogiku vs. Tochiozan

Tochiozan rushed in for the grip and the Geek locked his arms.  But that was no matter, Ozan just kept pushing and eventually the Geek gave way. Second loss for the guy.

Gagamaru vs. Baruto

What happens when two fat foreign fuckers meet in the arena of sumo? Apparently the lower rank wins.  Both are a bit high and Baruto seems to place all his strength in pushing the Lady’s neck out.  Ga Ga goes in and tries for something lower and gets a break.  He pushes Bart around and thrusts him out of the ring … ass last.

Harumafuji vs. Kisenosato:

Much like a previous match except that it was Kisenosato doing the squirming and Haruma with the grip.  Once Kisenosato seemed to realize all the squirming doesn’t produce a solid grip, he changes up, stumbles, and realizes his face is on the ground.

Hakuho vs. Kakuryu:

Well, Kakuryu almost won the match.  He went in fast and applied that pressure.  He sent Haks back to the edge and the ring and even had one of Hak’s feet in the air.  But, Hakuho turns that around to force Kakuryu down before he falls.

Anyways, its about midnight…. Haven’t really down much of anything but work and sumo, so I’m going to head to bed and basically come back where I left off.

Day 2 of de Gama coming soon to a blog near you…

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