Aki Basho 2011: Day 12

I was hoping that this second day would be a bit better than my coverage for the previous day, however the feed was bad/slow… so I got to work with 90 minutes of sumo condensed into 5.31 minutes.  Well, here goes.

Daido vs.  Kimurayama:  They rush at each other but Daido applies the pressure and puts Kimura on the run.  Daido wins.

Yoshiazuma vs. Hochiyama:  A very un eventful bout to say the least. They both engage in the classic bear hug session and dance around the ring.  Eventually Hochi gets Yoshi close enough to the edge to take the guy out.

Tamawashi vs. Tosayutaka:  From the video that I have it seemed like somehow Tamawashi got around Tosa and forced him to the other side of the ring.  Then Tama kept the momentum going to force Tosa out of the ring.

Takanoyama vs. Kyokutenho:  With all 4 secs of the bout I can’t say for sure but Taka goes in gets the grip, and pushes Kyoku to the edge.  As he is touching the ring Kyoku pulls a desperate attempt to force Taka down  at the last second with a body twist…. And succeeds.

Shotenro vs. Toyohibiki:   Nothing to it really. Shotenro man-handles Toyo before, during and maybe after the bout.

Kokkai vs. Tochinowada:  A really weak performance by Kokkai, especially that his score is relatively decent.  Both rikishi go in at the tachiai and Kokkai tries to apply the pressure.  However, he fails miserable and Tochi forces him to the edge and out.

Takayasu vs. Aminishiki:   Compared to yesterday the Sneek is looking a lot better.  It was a simple and quick bout.  The Sneek meets Yasu at the tachiai and capitalizes on Yasu’s weak ness and sends him to the crowd.

Kitataiki vs. Wakakoyu:   They come in a tachiai. Wakakoyu a bit higher than Kita. They prance about the ring a little bit.  But, Waka seems to have control of the bout until they prance a bit too close to his side and the ring. Kita then puts it into 5th gear for the yorikiri.

Kaisei vs. Tochinoshin:   Kaisei looking like a Japanese rikishi at first: slapping his way to victory. However Noshin quick gets a grip on the mawashi and puts him out.

Wakanosato vs. Okinoumi:   At first it seemed like Waka had it making Oki lose ground at the bear hug. But somehow Oki turns in around by switching positions. Which subsequently leads to another dose of bear hugging. Eventually Oki tries to throw him down but fails. So he just forces him out.  Oki wins.

Toyonoshima vs. Yoshikaze:   After dance around the ring for a little bit they both get a grip.  Yoshi is trying almost too hard to get the guy down and completely fails. I think it was on his third attempt that Toyo just tosses him to the floor.  Its at this point where I would make a semi-homoerotic joke about not being able to get it up at Yoshi’s performance or later tonight this guy will by sleeping in the Englishman’s tent, but I really can’t be bothered.

Takekaze vs. Aran:   Not surprising that Takekaze almost attempts a henka, however Aran had the guys number.  Aran gives the guy a little hikiotoshi.

Kotoshogiku vs. Gagamaru:  Probably the bout I was most looking forward to. But it was very anti-climatic.  GaGa goes in and hit the wall that is the Geek. Then the Geek pushes the lady out.

Kakuryu vs. Baruto:   Wow… Baruto goes in fast while Kakuryu henkas and pushes Bart down.

Hakuho vs. Kisenosato:   Probably the match of the day here guys.  I really don’t do the explanation justice but here goes.  They both come in at the tachiai trying to take some grip.  Trying to prevent the other from getting one, they squirm about the ring.  I think at this point Hakuho tries to pull something however Kise locks Haks arm up.  Hak tries to evacuate and Kise throws him down.  Nice one Kise.

Anyways, sorry about the concise report… but like I said I only had 5 minutes of feed and am a bit hungover.  Time to buy a paella and some olives.

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