Aki Basho 2011: Day 13

The 13th day.

Sounds like it should be a movie like; “The 13th warrior”, or “13 assassins”.  The taifun has moved on up to Hokkaido and left lazy old Akita glistening under the sun on a crisp Autumn day. Now I’ve set the scene, I’ve lit me ciggie and got a full mug of coffee, bout time I set ya up with the Sumo.

Yoshiazuma vs. Tosayutaka
Not so interesting, yorikiri win by Tosa

Kokkai vs. Kyokutenho.  An early left-hand inside grip from Kokkai seals the deal from the get go. Belly thrusting that classic yorikiri


Tamawashi vs. Hochiyama.  Pneumatic shove by Tamawashi, quick bout Tsukitaoshi.


Tamaasuka vs. Sagatsukasa.  Nice drive by Tamasuka, yorikiri.

Side note here, very quick bouts thusfar on the 13th day.  Nothing really worth commenting on. Moving on to the Czech…

Kaisei vs. Takanoyama.  Wow! Double inside grip by th Czech, and foot sweep just takes Kaisei out! Crowd went wild and loving it. I think the Czech has what it takes to be in Makuuchi, despite the 8 losses he has. Certainly got the athletics and mind to be in it. Just not the weight…

Daido vs. Tochinowaka.  Shoulder barge yorikiri against Daido, overpowering daido.

Kimurayama vs. wakakoyu.  There it is! The long struggle I have been waiting for today – and no, I aint talking about taking a dump! Both giants pushed at each other with Waka going more for the throat. He was losing though and tried to regain some territory by shoulder barging kimura. However, this shift in technique throws him off and he dances around the ring. A little too nimble he was as he loses his footing and trips. tsukite

Takayusa vs. Shotenro. A thrusting game from the tachiai. But shotenro had the momento and was slightly lower, giving him the ability to drive up. Kachikoshi well done. Oshidashi.

Asasekiryu vs. Goeido.  Nice, Asa trying to put on a uwatenage, but Goeido holds on and turns it into a shitanage. Any man could of hit the dirt first, but fortunately Goeido gets it as Asa put his hand down first.

Miyabiyama vs. Aminishiki.  Miyabiyama almost manages a slap down there. But really he was dominating in this round, Aminishiki give him his credit due, tried to stay in the game and recovers quite well. But Miyabiyama was on full throttle and oshidashi’s him out the edge.

Tochinoshin vs. Toyohibiki.  A nice mawashi battle here, with Toyo on an outside grip. Both were boucing here, trying to lift each other out, but tochinoshin turns it 180 and sneaks a yorikiri on it.

Wakanosato vs. Fujiyzuma.  E-Honda style slaps and pushes by Fuji, Oshidashi’s him. Pretty straight forward.

Tochiozan vs Okinoumi.  Tochi was too high off the tachiai, and Oki pushes him. Tochi trying to sidestep to the left, but hends up getting pushed out the ring. yorikiri

Homasho vs. Kitataiki.  Each man here, trying to get the mawashi, but held up in an arm lock. Homasho did well to resist kitataiki’s stronger attempts. Good D. No real advantages made here by aither man, but it seems to me that Homasho just got fed up and though, fuck it! Out of know where he just gives a heavy prod onto the chests. Kita really wasn’t expecting this and goes out.

Tokitenku vs. Aran.  Both guys on the same grip here, one outside, one inside. And stalemate. Toki tries to lift, but fails. Back to Stalemate. Aran manages to lift him, ad toki attempts a leg sweep but fails. Gradually, oh so gradually, Aran lifts him to the and over. Diesel power. Long bout, but not that interesting yorikiri.

Toyonoshima vs. Takekaze.  Very strong hit from Takekaze. I though he was gunna get it. But, it turns out he prematurely shoots his load, and Toyo flips into the attack, take pretty much runs backwards out the ring.

Kakuryu vs. Yoshikaze.  Kakuryu was a little high, but the height advantage keeps yoshikaze on the back foot. Yoshitaoshi win by kakuryu. In the great words of the announcer he is DONE!

Gagamaru vs. Kisenosato.  Great heavy charge by Lady Gaga, but he remains way too high and off balance. Kisenosato, struggling to push that weight backwards, but gets there in the end. Kise looking sharp on 10-3

Harumafuji vs. Baruto.  Baruto starts off high here, but with a longer reach, manages to get left, inside grip. And again with an outside right hand. Baruto goes to lift, and Haruma tries to turn this around, but Baru digs and pushes him out. Haru certainly tried, but Great manoeuvre by Baruto

Hakuho vs. Kotoshogiku.  WOW!!! Koto had his hands on Hakuho’s nuts and just kept on humping him out the ring. Just like a puppy showing his affection to his master. Finishes it off with a stare down on the Yokozuna. Both of them tied now on 11-2. Koto looking good for Ozeki Promotion. I’m rooting for him tomorrow and really excited to watch it. Which is just as well considering I’m giving it to you again!

Have a good day, a great night sleep, and I’ll see you bright and early.

L. Bertrum

One response to “Aki Basho 2011: Day 13

  1. Don’t get me wrong Bertrum, I like Takanoyama too, but I don’t think he has shown any reason that he deserves to be in Makuuchi at this point. He’s simple not big enough and several of his wins have been gimmes (Shotenro stepping out for example). If he finds a way to gain some weight maybe next time he’ll have a shot (big maybe) at Makuuchi.

    As for Hakuho, it appears he is throwing bouts to give Kotoshogiku a chance at Ozeki promotion. Too many opportunities were not taken there by the yokozuna on day 13.

    Long live Yaocho (and its denial),


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