Aki Basho 2011: Day 14

Good morrow to ye all!

I just woke up, put on the kettle for a bew and am sat here now eating some grapes. I must start with an apology I’m afraid to say. The first 3 bouts don’t appear to be on the feed. So I can only write the results. However, there are a lot of hopes and dreams in todays part of the basho, particularly with kotoshogiku’s prospects for Ozeki promotion. Without further adieus, let me help prolong that morning glory with the reports of Day 14.


Tosayutaja vs. Sadonofuji
Sado gets it Oshidashi

Tsurugidake vs. Tamaasuka
Tamasuka wins Tsukiotoshi

Aminishiki vs. Asasekiryu
Aminishiki gets a Hatakikomi win

Tamawashi vs. Kimurayama
thought this was meant to be Sumo? Instead it looked more like a bull fight!  Tamawashi charged from the Tachiai, but didn’t seem to have no breaks – and ran out the ring. Okuridashi

Yoshiazuma vs. Kyokutenho
Well, all bets were on Kyokutenho. Yoshiazuma however, came off the Tachiai and got a good inside grip on Kyokutenho. Despite the excitement, the veteran still manages to get his yorikiri by greater strength.

Daido vs. Sagatsukasa
Great work there by Saga, and it was over in a blink of an eye. The two warriors charge off the tachiai, but Saga (slightly henka-ing) manages to aim successfully daido’s arm and grap it to slam him down with a tottari.

Fujiazuma vs. Takanoyama
Well, wasn’t too impressed with Taka’s bout today! He tried going chest to chest from the start. Not really the best thing considering the size of the opponenent. Fuji managed to keep just slapping and pushing him back – and out sadly. Takanoyama may possibly head back to Jusho.

Shotenro vs. Tochinowaka

Shotenro went straight for the neck, which though failed, Shotenro kept pretty sharp, and the pressure on. He switched his hands to press the chest for a nice oshidashi.


Takayasu vs. Hochiyama

Hochi hits harder off the Tachiai, but Taka went in lower. He Manages to slap and push Hochi to the edge… but not over. Hochi recovers and gains some ground, but Taka changes tactic (something tochinowaka shoulda done earlier) and grabs the mawashi. With clear signs ofアンビリーバボー on the face of Hochiyama, Taka throws him down with a Shitadashinage. Nice one son! Both now on 5-9.
Kitataiki vs. Goeido
Interesting bout. Kita has never beaten Goeido before, and to stay in the Yusho race, this is exactly what he has to do. But, though I’m not a big fan of Goeido, he is going alright this basho. Goeido went in high, and kitataiki  had a mawashi grip, but an awkward outside left hand. He tried to get the right hand to grip. Goeido twice tried to flip him, and after the second attempt looses his grip altogether. Kitataiki should have done something here to capitalise, but as Kita pushes, Goedio pushes him down to his knees with a hatakikomi. You could see the disappointment and tears on kita’s face. Shame.

Toyohibiki vs. Tokitenku
Toki hits too high, and Toyohibiki just drives him out oshidashi.

Wakanosato vs. Kaisei
A high henka by Kaisei, and waka went in low and up under the arms. Yorikiri.

Kokkai vs. Yoshikaze
Gosh! After a false start, Yoshikaze tried to play Kokkai at his game, with some arm thrusts. The bigger man manages to reach over the top and grab the back of the mawashi. He tries to throw yoshikaze round the side, but yoshikaze sneakily gets a gip on kokkai’s thigh which results in him landing on his back by watashikomi.

Homasho vs. Gagamaru
Gaga slow to get his engine going in this bout. He managed to keep Homasho at arms length, but really needed to pump with his legs to have Homasho on the back foot. Eventually he does this and tries for a throw down, but Homasho recovers and gets in low to drive gaga to the edge, and out. With a yoritaoshi.

Takekaze vs. Okinoumi
A long, tense battle of wits before the bout even began. But Okinoumi, gave a heavy drive forward and Takekaze was off balance, and couldn’t recover. Take not looking good at all, and oki wins with an Oshidashi.

Toyonoshima vs. Wakakoyu
Came in with a good thrust and grip around the throat of Toyo. Lingered here a little too long, but remembers not to kill him. Toyonoshima gets in low and drives waka back, up and under. Another Oshidashi.

Miyabiyama vs. Aran
A weak Tachiai from Miyabiyama and Aran puts his hands on his head, and forces him down between his legs. Hatakikomi.

Kakuryu vs, Tochinoshin
Kaku ryu gets in low and had a good grip on the mawashi. Deep and hard drives forces tochinoshin out of the ring… and slams right on top of kotoshogiku!!! Kotoshogiku gets up looking in a little pain.. Hope this doesn’t hamper his chances against haruma!
Yoriotaoshi win by kakuryu
Tochiozan vs. Kisenosato
Kisenosato’s bout from the start. He was in control with the thrusts, grabs the belt. Shakes Tochi around like a rag doll to keep him off balance. And then oshidashi’s him.


Harumafuji vs. Kotoshogiku
Haruma looked terrible! He went in to high, almost jumped in the air (granted assistance there by kotoshogiku pulling up on the belt), and Kotoshogiku just dominates him! A yorikiri and a new Ozeki!?  Koto takes Baruto tomorrow.

Hakuho vs. Baruto
Baruto got the better tachiai, bu faled to secure a grip. Eventually worked a left hand inside, and tries to lift the yokozuna. But fails, Hakuho digs his toes into the dirt and holds. A slight stalemate, and Hakuho manages to steal the inside grip with his right hand (forcing baruto to not have two outside grips). Then it was hakuho’s turn to lift the ozeki… but he fais! Another stalemate, and a makikai attempt by baruto to secure a a better grip. He succeeds but its not the best of grips. Baruto drives, but achieves little. Baruto drives and lifts up the Yokozuna clear off the ground.  But as he lands, he swings Baruto around. Another rest break here. Then in a blink of an eye, Baruto goes down by Uwatedashinage. I couldn’t quite see on the camera angle how this was achieved (it looked like he just crunched Bart in the nuts if I’m honest) but there you go. A rare long bout with Hakuho that at several moments could have been any mans! Great Sumo!


So there we have it! A lot of Oshidashi’s today, but all in all some very interesting bouts been played! Looking forward to the result tomorrow – of course in particular reference to Kotoshogiku! Have a good one friends, and the good ol’ cheeky Valentine will see you through tomorrow!

L. Bertrum

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