Mid-Break Report

We are 6 days away from the release of the banzuke, and 19 fromsho-nichi.  Let’s take  look at what’s been going on in the off-season.

We have a quasi-“scandal” and a bit of news, none of which will change your worldview, but all of which is beneficial to know.  So let’s sweat the details here.

1. Shin-Ozeki Kotoshogiku has been skipping practice citing “health-related reasons”.  Most likely just due to the amount of drinking parties he is required to get smashed at… poor guy.  Hopefully he’ll have enough time to sober up before Shonichi.

2.Shinnyumaku-Matsutani has changed his shikona to Shohozan ( 松鳳山).  So make a note, as to not get confused.

3. Kisenosato has been the subject of the most focus, doing lots of keiko, going 10-7, 52-4, and most recently40-6 within his own heya.

4. Kasugano-beya has been in the news lately, after Kasugano-oyakata apparently disciplined two rikishi with the handle of a golf club, after they were spotted walking around outside the heya in casual clothing, instead of the yukata they are required to wear in public and for returning after their curfew.  Tochinoshin was the only sekitori involved, however Tochiyashiki and Tochihiryu were the other two rikishi named.  It appears that the rules were broken for some birthday celebrations as Noshin’s birthday was on the 13th and the infraction was recorded on the 14th.  All parties apologized, and it looks like this will not really be a big deal.

We will be picking up the latest keiko news as it is released, and will be posting the banzuke on the 31st.  Keep checking back for new info.

One response to “Mid-Break Report

  1. Beating people with a golf club-The best way to entice new young talent to join the sport.

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