Naruto oyakata (former Yokozuna Takanosato) has been called into the kyokai for questioning after a report came out that he beat 2 rikishi and forcefully injected another with insulin.

The allegations include beating Wakanosato with a shovel (causing a wound that required 5 stitches), whacking Terunosato (Jonidan) with a wooden plank, and injecting Takanoyama with insulin. (Naruto himself is diabetic and the insulin was presumably his.)

Naruto is known for being super strict (making his rikishi do keiko in the dark following the earthquake and tsunami last march), strictly monitoring the quality of chanko, and for the Spartan (there’s the reference you were looking for) conditions in the heya.

In the wake of Kasugano-oyakata beating rikishi with the handle of a golf club we must ask ourselves…Is this madness?  Or is this just one of the things that we need to accept from the sumo world?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

One response to “THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

  1. I’m all for strictness in training and stuff, but what has been brought to the surface in the recent times clearly crosses the line. Anything that borders on assault etc. must be investigated in my opinion. The big problem is, that most of the times the rikishi themselves won’t admit to being abused in fear of being thrown out of the heya..

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