Kyushu 2011: Day 2

I’ll start things out today with a glance down into juryo.  Last basho’s Makushita yusho winner Asahisho lost to Ikioi leaving him at 1-1 whilst Sticky Icky advances to 2-0.  Sotairyu bounced back from yesterday and got the W over Tamanoshima.  It was ruled a hatakikomi, but looked more like a tsukiotoshi.  Takamisakari  (now at juryo 10) gave it his all against Kotoyuki looking to keep his career alive,but it was not meant to be.  6 more losses and Ringo is going to be put out to pasture… or orchard as it were.  Hokutokuni picked up a fusen win, when Kimikaze failed to show up for work.

Our other buddy from Makuuchi, Tosayutaka lost to Kyokushuho.  The gorilla just kind of lost focus, I guess.  Chiyonokuni lost to part-time makuuchi Tama-Oscar, and Takanoyama got an easy oshidashi win over Masunoyama who, limping back up the hanamichi, looks to have injured his left ankle yet again. Lastly G.W. Bushyama will have no problem putting up that “mission accomplished” banner after his bout with Tenkaiho.  I’ll get to makuuchi just as soon as I top off my whisky.

Yoshiazuma – Tsurugidake – Tsurugidake started off with what looked like a good oshi attack, but it was too high and Yoshi was able to get under the attack and that was all she wrote. 2-0, 0-2

Shohozan – Kimurayama – Right at the tachi-ai Kimura was back and to the left, back peddaling and pulling down.  0-2, 1-1.  Briton-Meyer’s pariah evens out.

Aoiyama – Sadanofuji – Aoiyama put both hands down at the tachiai, but was a bit slow to start.  It didn’t really matter though, he man handled Sada back and out without giving an inch.  2-0, 1-1

Tamawashi – Kaisei – Tama went right for the jugular, and Kaisei managed to keep Tama’s arms tied up enough to stop the attack and lead the mongol out for the win. 0-2, 2-0

Takarafuji – Asasekiryu – I had Takarafuji on the bubble right before he made it to juryo, and I was sure he’d make makuuchi, which he did.  However his first makuuchi basho was atrocious.  Today was a bit better.  Asa started with his left hand inside, but Takara’s position was a bit better and he had Asa off balance on his left leg, and out. 1-1 each.

Toyohibiki – Sagatsukasa – Beeker came in hard with a thrusting attack, and Saga was losing ground fighting for some position.  At the bales Saga slipped to the side and let Beeker’s momentum guide his slap down. 1-1 for both gentlemen.

Daido – Myogiryu – Myogiryu has been getting hype since he entered sumo, and for good reason.  Today however, Daido was able to push him down and keep him on the move enough to force him down before Daiso himself exited the building. 1-1, 1-1

Wakanosato – Fujiazuma – Fuji had a good tachiai, and got great position against the veteran nailing an easy win. 0-2, 2-0

Kokkai – Takayasu – Kokkai had a few rough basho due to his old neck injury, but has recently been making a bit of a comeback after a return to juryo.  Takayasu has been kind of stuggling to break out in makuuchi.  Today was no struggle for super savings though.  He got a strong grip on Kok’s belt and escorted the Georgian over the bales. 0-1, 1-1.

Wakakoyu – Takekaze – BIIIIIIIG henka slap down for Kaze, and a shameful half-chub for DeGama. 1-1, 2-0

Aminishiki – Tokitenku – Sneaky snuck to the side right after the tachiai and slapped down Tenku, evening the pair at 1-1 each.

Miyabiyama- Yoshikaze – Miyabiyama weathered the storm of Yoshi’s furious tsuppari and held his ground for 2 slap down attempts.  After that it was all a matter of calm forward, motion securing the wi. 1-1 each.

Tochinowaka – Kitataiki – Taiki came in with a good tachiai and good deashi, but the momentum of this bout was all Tochiniwaka.  Seemed like a pretty easy win for the big guy.  2-0, 0-2

Tochiozan – Gagamaru – Gaga had a good basho last go around, but i think he is way overranked at his current level.  That being said, Ozan just couldn’t deal with that much weight.  It is obvious that Gaga’s balance has improved, and his ability to fight through Ozan’s lateral movement was proof.  1- 1 each.

Kisenosato – Aran – the Kid kind of jumped up at the tachiai and started with a big thrust the looked to try and follow up with a belt grip, but Aran kept him at bay with some big thrusts, Kise just kept low and moved forward and Aran seemed to escort himself out…yeah, I went there.   2-0, 0-2

Kyokutenho – Kakuryu – Kakuryu went from maemitsu to morozashi right from the tachiai and Kyokutenho locked up his arms.  Tenho moved Kak back toward the bales, when Kak lifted Tenho up, spun 180 degrees and escorted Tenho out.  Where was this Kakuryu last basho?  0-2, 2-0

Baruto – Tochinoshin – Noshin went right into migiyotsu, as did Baruto, but Noshin looked to have the tachiai advantage, but after getting driven back to the bales, Bart slipped to the side and squeezed out a sukuinage over the Georgian. 1-1, 0-1

Goeido – Kotoshogiku – After a good tachiai, Geek ended up with a left hand inside and the Underachiever was at the disadvantage, but the Geek was a bit overstretched.  Just as Eido slipped to the side to get a better angle, Geeku brought the hug-n-chug, and Eido’s right leg slipped, and down he went. 0-2, 2-0

Kotooshu – Toyonoshima – Oshu was able to slap both of Toyo’s hands down denying him his favored morozashi, but the little guy didn’t give up.  Oshu was throwing out more ill-aimed slaps and thrusts than an inebriated DeGama at a coed party.  Oshu got his arms inside  and made a push for the edge, but Toyo is a flexible and quick little guy so he circled around biding time.  Toyo went for a sukuinage, which broke both rikishi’s grips.  Oshu went for the slap down, but Toyo went in for the charge to finish things off.  Both rikishi went out about the same time, but Oshu’s foot hit the dirt before Toyonishima, due to a planking maneuver.  Oshu is trash at 1-1, while Toyo looks pretty good at 2-0, both being ozeki scalps.

Homasho – Harumafuji – Harry had Homey moving back with a big nodowa that actually landed on Homey’s forehead, Harry followed it up with a slap down to get win #2.  0-2, 2-0

The newly promoted 36th Kimura Shonosuke presides over our final bout.

Hakuho – Okinoumi – Oki had a good tachiai, keeping the yokozuna’s right arm tied up and keeping the left off the belt.  Hakuho pivoted slightly, got his right hand inside, and drove forward, Oki losing ground and pivoting to the left.  A final shove on Oki’s chest form Hak’s right arm ended things in the usual style.  Oki did a good job.  He even caused the yokozuna to exit the ring due to effort.  But the win still goes to the yokozuna. 2-0, 0-2.

Once again, we can’t even have aa shonichi or Day 2 where all the ozeki win.  With the crap we’ve seen thus far, I see Oshu is headed for demotion, unless he sorts his stuff out.

I’ll be here again tomorrow.





3 responses to “Kyushu 2011: Day 2

  1. Nice reporting. As far as Kisenosato’s bout goes, he definitely did a jump (or hop) forward, I think most likely because he was concered Aran might henka. (I remember Kisenosato did the same thing against Hakuba in Natsu 2010.) I don’t find anything unusual about the way Aran gave up; he often does that because he’s a big wussy with no fight in him at the edge.

  2. Kise’s hop probably did have something to do with the rikishi he was facing. I wouldn’t, however, say Alan is a pussy at the edge exactly. I’ve seen him fight a bulldog at the on the tawara. I would just say he was moving backward with no plan and no belt grip, and he panicked.

    The reference to this basho’s foregone conclusion was more just to reference it than to point out potential yaocho in any specific bout.

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