Kyushu 2011: Day 4

Kimurayama vs. Tsurugidake
Today started off with the least favourite rikishi here at S&S… well depending on who you talk to I guess, but I had my Tsurugidake flag on when this fight began! Kimurayama unsurprisingly henkad at the tachi-ai. But with incredibly slow footwork failed to capatalise and allowed Tsurugidate to recover. Tsuru then drove forward and pushed Kimura out via oshidashi.

Masunoyama vs. Sadanofuji
Masanoyama happily came up from the Juryo rank to fight against the less happy Sadanofuji. Masa pulled of a beautiful sukinage (beltless arm throw) to keep Sada… well Sad.

Shohozan vs. Takarafuji
Fukuoka against Aomori, brown against white. Shohoza came in fast and was working faster, but when Takarafuji got him wrapped up with a double belt grip it looked like it was game over for Shoho. But he pulled off an unexpected sukinage and saved himself at the edge! Nice work.

Aoiyama vs. Asasekiryu
Aoiyama started strong and kept moving forward to easily defeat Asasekiryu. He is bubbling discretely up the ranks!

Daido vs. Kaisei
20kgs were in favour of the Brazilian at the tachi-ai, and it showed! Daido henkad to get a right hand grip on the back of Kaisei‘s belt but the weight, and more importantly skill, allowed Kaisei to recover and pull off the third sukinage of the day.

Tamawashi vs. Myogiryu
Both head crashed had at the tachi-ai, some space the opened up, as did the skin above Myogiryu‘s eye. A few swipes for Myogi put Tama off ball-ance and he moved in for the kill. Adding insult along the way be spreading his blood allover the chest of Tamawashi. Nice :p

Kokkai vs. Toyohibiki
Kokkai was was being driven back from the get go today, but employed a nice belt throw and the edge to sneak in his first win.

Sagatsukasa vs. Fujiazuma
Saga got the better tachi-ai, but with not enough power behind it, he failed to move Fujizuma at all. Fuji broke out his inner Chiyotaikai tsuppari and worked Saga over. While being pushed back, Saga tried a pull down, but when that failed, he fould himself flying backwards out of the ring.

Wakakoyu vs. Takayasu
Waka came in with a plan today. That plan was to forcefully push tsuppari followed by a slap down. It didn‘t work the first time around, or the second, or the third. But at this stage Takayasu was disoriented, and I imagine really pissed off, and Waka drove him out with a forward fush under his armpitp.

Wakanosato vs. Takekaze
Well, the smaller rikishi sidestepped (henkad) and got immediately under Wakanosato‘s armpit while continuing his lateral movement. And easily pushed him over the bales. Takekaze is currently the only rikishi at the lower end of the table with no losses!

Kitataiki vs. Tokitenku
Tokitenku came in looking for a leg sweep on Kitataiki but missed, and with his balance completely off, Kita pushed back and Toki‘s foot stepped out and he was trying to regain his footing. Oh well.

Tochinowaka vs. Miyabiyama
Tochinowaka tried to keep in close to Miyabiyama to avoid a pull down, while at the same time not allowing himself to be pushed over. \he looked to be succeeding, but as it happens it wasn‘t Miyabiyama‘s first time to try the push-me-pull-me move, and with a simple looking backstep combined with a nice slap, Tochi went down like a bag of spuds.

Aminishiki vs. Tochiozan

Yoshikaze vs. Gagamaru
Gaga has a 64kg advantage on Yoshikaze! But Yoshi has the speed. Gaga also has huge strength and threw Yoshi back almost to the edge at the tachi-ai. They engauged and Gaga pushed again, Yoshi was fighting for his life at the edge. But with a beautifully timed pull on the pushing arms of the giant Yoshi sent him tumbling

Kisenosato vs. Homasho
A false start by Homasho let Kissy know that he was here for a real fight. A second false start, just to piss him off. And the third false start pissed off the judge. When they got in time, Kissy planted a nice slap to Homasho‘sface. Kissy they drove forward, and after some resistance got his 4th straight win.

Toyonoshima vs. Kakuryu
Toyo came is very low at the tachi-ai, and drove the Kak back. But Kak just needed to wait a second or so before he could get his right hand on the belt in front of him, and as soon as he did, it was game over for Toyonoshima. Great work from Kakuryu, he‘s looking good at 4-0.

Kotooshu vs. Okinoumi
Okinoumi started really well today, he kept Kotooshu away from his belt, and making him work hard. When things settled and both men got a right hand inside grip it still looked like Oki had a chance. But Kotoo got the double grip and forced Oki out. 3-1 for the kadoban ozeki

Aran vs. Harumafuji
Aran was looking for his first win of the tournament.
Harumafuji came in at a crazy speed and caught the legs of Aran and easily upending him. The kimarite was judged a watashikomi, a tigh grabbing push down. First time I‘ve seen it. Pretty sweet!!

Baruto vs. Goeido
Goeido went in for a push up followed by a pull down and Baruto let himself be completely manhandled in this fight. After the fist pull down attempt Baruto was completely off balance and after two pushes stepped out. Awful stuff from the ozeki who needs a major refocus if he doesn‘t want to be kadoban in January.

Kyokutenho vs. Kotoshogiku
Kotoshogiku looking to continue his undefeated record as ozeki against the M2 Kyokutenho. But it was all to play for for Kyokutenho who has a winning record of Kotoshogiku. The ozeki has resolved to change that record however, and came in demanding a right hand grip, defending a throw attempt and capatialising with gaining a right hand grip, and things gabburi-ed on from there.

Hakuho vs. Tochinoshin
3-0 vs. 0-3. But more importantly a rikishi who lost the last 3 days to 3 ozeki, facing Hakuho. He can’t have realistically been very optimistic about his chances in this fight. And Hakuho‘s slight wobble yesterday surly would have him more focused for today.
Hakuho was definitely more careful today. He forced a right hand grip from the tachi-ai, but took quite a while to a right grip. In fact he went maki-kae to get the grip, and in the process broke Tochinoshin‘s grip. And it was game over at that point when Hakuho easily forced Tochinoshin out for his 4th loss.

De Gama will be filling the salt buckets tomorrow.

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