Kyushu 2011: Day 6

And as de Gama pulls himself,  let me just slip myself in with a “don’t mind if I do” for day 6.  Usually I like to stock up the pipe with baccy, and pour meself a scotch before I nestle myself in. However, just as I am a bit slow getting it up this morning – and a bit slow to wake up with this fat hangover.  The scotch is replaced by the strongest and finest Yorkshire teas and the closest thing I’, gunna get to a smoke, is smelling the grime on me clothes from the previous night. I’ve left this long enough, lets get to the Sumo!



Kimurayama vs. Takanoyama

Despite Takanoyama being slow off the Tachiai, his athletics dominate Kimurayama and he just sort of looked like he was pushing jelly. Arms up under the pits, and pelvic thrusts are enough to take Keema out.


Tsurugidake vs. Sadanofuji

A hard crunch from the get go, but fuji recovers quick and keeps the pressure on. He kept japing his hands on dake’s throught, who failed to recover. Eventually fuji gets him to the edge and over.


Kaisei vs. Aoiyama

A real good bout to watch, until the end. Aoiyama keeps his head low, but is unable to lift the big K off the ground. Being low, he was able to dig his feet in at the rope and hold his ground. The gents tire however, and then the bout just got nasty. With a grunt, Aoiyama lifts and sweeps Kaiseis legs. Not how I wanted the bout to end, but it was a stalemate til that point. And I guess a win is a win.


Shohozan vs. Asasekiryu

Nice work from Shohozan! Seems he took a page out of Aoiyamas book, went in low and kept his grip on the throat. A quick bout, and a sukuinage


Takarafuji vs. Sagatsukasa

This bout was reminiscent of David and Goliath. You assume that Taka would have this one, but Saga manages to twist Taka around and push him out.


Tamawashi vs. Fujiazuma

A scrappy bout from the start and both failing to aim for the mawashi. Tamawashi however eventually loses his footing and and fuji gives him a barge over.


Wakanosato vs. Daido

Default win for daido due to injury.


Myogiryu vs. Wakakoyu

Fast and furious. At one point Myo looked like he was gunna give wak some head, but instead he grabbed the mawashi, but the grip wasn’t firm and the bout resorts back to bitch slaps. I kinda wanted to see where this would go, but disappointingly Myo loses his footing for a hikiotoshi


Toyohibiki vs. Takayasu

A straight up win for Toyo, despite being in what looked like a headlock. After thrustin the guys arm off, he twists him and pushes him out


Kokkai vs. Takekaze

That win for Takekaze looked suspicious, Kokkai seemed to just do a commando roll out with very little effort at all.


Aminishiki vs. Miyabiyama

After the crunch, both giants rebound off each other, but the Miya managed to put one hand on his head and one on the Mawashi and just slung him out, very quick. Also looked a lil fishy


Kitataiki vs. Yoshikaze

Yoshi got in low and had a firm lefthand inside grip on the Mawashi, put the pressure on to the rope,  as Yoshi pushes tho, Kita tried to twist and use yoshis momentum to put him down. It kinda looked like he fell first. Either way the refs were calles and a long discussion took place, longer than the bout itself. For the first I’ve seen a rematch was called! I’m sure Yoshi was not impressed with that decision. (it’s at this point I notice the painted Maiko-san in the crowd – Nice!)

Anyways, the bout gets going again, Takakae

Ze basically does the same routine, low and lefthand inside. He struggled at the rope however, and the two dance around a bit, but really it was Yoshi’s bout from the start, he just had the persistant pressure on. Eventually Kita gets too dizzy and stumbles out.


Tokitenku vs. Tochiozan

Not really worth commenting on, Tochiozan just pushes him for an Oshidashi and Toki didn’t put up much of a fight.


Okinoumi vs. Tochinoshin

Oh!!! Both try for the mawashi, but get there arms locked up – Tochinoshi slowly pushes Oki to the edge, however he changes tack and tries to lift Oki and throw him down. But the problem s, Oki had Tochi under him, so Tochi hit the ground first. Shame but Tochi played that one wrong I feel. Good bout to get a close up of  the Maiko btw ;o) – Ok, I’ll settle down…


Toyonoshima vs. Homasho

Pathetic win for Toyonoshima. Homasho was trying to find the back rope with his leg so he can dig in, but as he tries to re-gather his footing, Toyo pushes him over.


Kisenosato vs. Kakuryu

Shame to see the Kak go down. Kisenosato grabs hisarm, and twists and I think it musta hurt Kakuryu, for he never recovered and kept himself on the back foot.


Baruto vs. Tochinowaka

Bart was straight in there, hand on the throat, pushing his opponent up and the grabs the mawashi and lifts him out. That’s how it’s done, and waht so many were trying to do before. Well done ozeki!


Gagamaru vs. Kotoshogiku

The geek had the reach on the gaga here, Gaga tried to get his hands on the mawashi but just couldn’t reach. And koto forces him to the edge.


Kotooshu vs. Kyokutenho

Kyokutenho goes in for an outside grip but makes the mistake of trying to change this to inside. Koto uses this to twist and throw Kyoku down. Not particularly interesting.


Goeido vs. Harumafuji

Harumafuji not looking on form. Sloppy work from the guy in my opinion, and an easy win for Goeido. Haruma gets his head pushed down, an dint look to happy about the result.


Hakuho vs. Aran

Hak in complete control of the man from Aran. And despite a slight ease up on the pressure, which Aran tried to attack rather than defend, the awkward back twist aran had going on meant he couldn’t really apply anything. Hak pushes and Aran steps out. But that wasn’t enough, Hak pushes a little more to see that Aran went off the mountain. Rough.


Well there it is, day six. A lot of twisting, throat grabbing and shoulders used. But to be honest, I think the earlier bouts were more interesting to watch. No one really seemed like they were gunning for victory, save for Yoshi.


Catch ya again o day ten,


L. Bertrum

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