Kyushu 2011: Day 7

Let’s face it, if Takamisakari wasn’t fighting in Juryo this basho, the seventeen people who are sitting in Fukuoka Kokusai Center wouldn’t be there!  J10W Takamisakari (3-3) vs. J7W Hokutokuni (4-2): Hoktoad came in chest-first at the tachiai and Ringo responded with a left on his opponent’s back, a step backwards, and that’s all she wrote as Hoktoad slipped to the sandy clay.  Under-shoulder swing-down win for Takamisakari who improves to 4-3, and is two wins away from saving his career, and another two from upward-bound in the ranks.


M14E Kaisei (3-3) vs. M17E Kimurayama (2-4): slow tachiai, with the Brazilian moving forward and Kimmy backtracking.  Kaisei pushed upwards on Kimmy’s elbows, and with an open chest drove his opponent easily out of the ring.  The Brazilian improves to 4-3 while Briton-Meyer’s itch-in-the-pants drops to 2-5.


M13E Tamawashi (1-5) vs. M16E Aoiyama (5-1): first meeting between these two started with a Robinson Crusoe coconut head-conk at the tachiai, and Aoi continued with his drive with some tsuppari.  Each got belt grips and Mawashi loosen Aoi’s grip and launched an arm-lock throw for the win.  Aoi cools down to 5-2 while Mawashi is on a roll at 2-5.


M7W Takekaze (5-1) vs. M4W Tochiozan (4-2): history says these two are 7-6 in Takekaze’s favor.  More recent history also tells us Takekaze is just coming off his longest winning streak of four matches at 32 years of age.  Tachiai was on the soft side, but Butterball moved straight forward and kept the pressure on Oh, staying right in between Oh’s nipples.  Oh had no answer as he was shoved right out of the ring.  Takekaze improves to 6-1 while Tochiozan falls to 4-3.


KW Homasho (0-6) vs. SW Kakuryu (5-1): a pair of eight wins for each of these gentlemen in the past.  Both low at today’s tachiai, and the Kak fierce with his thrusts.  Homie attempted to stay in, taking blows after blows of the Kak.  That’s right, blows after blows of the Kak.  Once they could separate for a bit, Homie charged low and the the Mongol kak-slapped him to the clay, slap-down win.  Kakuryu flying stealth towards Ozeki with a 6-1 while Shin-Komusubi Homasho is a-hurtin’ at 0-7.


SE Kisenosato (5-1) vs. M1E Okinoumi (2-4): the Accomplice has four past wins from Oki under his belt.  Tachiai was clean, unlike the blows Kissy helped the late Naruto-oyakata administer to his stablemates.  Both the Accomplice and Oki moved straight into migiyotsu grips and the Accomplice used his weight and strength to yorikiri Don Juan out of the ring.  Force-out win for Kisenosato who improves to 6-1 and is five wins shy of minimum requirements to be Ozeki.  Okinoumi falls to 2-5.


M4E Tochinowaka (4-2) vs. OW Harumafuji (3-3): first meeting between these two.  Haruma threw out a nodowa at the tachiai, but failed to follow through and Tochi climbed his way towards the belt.  Feisty Haruma didn’t make it easy and as Tochi charged into Haruma, he also charged onto Haruma as the Ozeki crumbled down below him.  Strange bout finishes with a backward force down win for the Korean-Japanese.  Two basho ago, Harumafuji yusho-ed.  This basho, at 3-4, he’ll have to pick things up to avoid makekoshi.


OE Baruto (3-3) vs. M2W Kyokutenho (1-5): head-to-head amounts to a 10-4 in Bart’s favor.  Kyoku turned to the left at today’s tachiai and got a left-hand outside.  The two paused for a breather, then Baruto launched an under-arm throw easily tossing Kyoku down.  Baruto keeps his head above water at 4-3 while Kyokutenho is giving it his best with a 1-6.


M3E Aran (0-6) vs. OW Kotoshogiku (6-0): the Geek leads head-to-head 6-1.  Today’s tachiai started with the Geek getting his gabburi going immediately, though Aran thought he had a morozashi preventing this.  Once comfortable with his grip, the Geek proceeded and an easy force-out win.  The two shall continue to share mirrored records, with Aran at 0-7, the Geek at 7-0.  In a highlight match tomorrow, the Geek will face a more formidable opponent in the Kak.


OE Kotooshu (5-1) vs. M3W Gagamaru (2-4): first timers, here to meet in the ring.  Oshu faster at the tachiai, but a good hit by Gaga nonetheless.  The two locked up with left-hand outside, right-hand inside grips, and Oshu strengthened his grip and launched an over-arm throw which took Lord Gaga off balance and easily to the clay.  The Eurozeki is at 6-1 and just two wins from shaking the kadoban monkey.  Gaga is 2-5 and should be learning a lot for his first time in joi.


YE Hakuho (6-0) vs. KE Toyonoshima (4-2): head-to-head is 18-2.  Toyo’s only Makuuchi win over Hakuho was in September 2007 (Hakuho’s first kimboshi gift).  Initial contact led Toyonoshima back a few steps, the they parted.  Hakuho only raised his hand and Toyo took another couple of steps back.  By this point Toyo was in fear, pissing in his mawashi at the rice bales and Hakuho finished off his prey with a shove out of the ring.  Push-out win for the Dai-Yokozuna who improves to 7-0.  Toyonoshima falls to 4-3, but he did collect three ozeki scalps along the way.


Need protection?  Tomorrow, Daly’s got you covered!

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