Injury/Retirement Update

A few quick updates here for those who may not have noticed that a few guys are missing.  The injuries have mounted and, surprisingly, have not caused a lot of trouble.

Juryo: Sadanoumi has been out since day 1 with an ankle injury, Kimikaze withdrew, also with an ankle injury, on day 2 then came back on Day 5, Masuraumi is out as of day 9 with damage to the meniscus and external ligament in his left knee, Tamanoshima announced his retirement as of day 9 as well, after failing to pick up a single win in 8 days, and announced on day 10 are Chiyoarashi and Chiyozakura, Zakura has a spinal cord injury, and no word yet on Arashi’s status.  Masunoyama has been limping about on his left ankle almost the entire basho.  It was the one he injured last basho, and there is always the possibility that he’ll go kyujo, but I like seeing the guy soldier on (and pick up wins too), it shows that, if nothing else, he’s committed to finishing the basho.

Makuuchi:  Shotenro has been out all tournament with appendicitis,  Wakanosato has gone out with a torn thigh muscle as of day 6 (this will mean almost certain juryo demotion for the former sekiwake.)

So, you’re asking, how will the affect the yushos… as I see it, it won’t.  Only one of the guys in juryo were over .500 (Masuraumi), and he wasn’t a contender.  In makuuchi the upper portion of the banzuke seems to all be in decent health, and to be frank, Hakuho is fine, so no one will really win the yusho, if anything Hakuho would lose it, which he won’t.

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