Kyushu 2011: Day 10

Having lived in Northern Japan for the past years I forgot how absolutely fucking crazy American’s go around holiday time.  Everybody has their own sick routine.  Whether it’s 3 a.m. shopping, getting belligerently drunk and starting fights, or obsessively decorating, everyone has something.  I’ve been doing some preparations at the Creswell household for the Thanksgiving holiday.  One that falls under my sphere of control is sausage making.  Sumo is, after all, a lot like sausage making.  I know what you’re thinking… and no… I’m not going to qualify that statement.  I’ll let you come up with your own lude analogies.  Anyway… after spending all day tracking down hog gut casings (the only way to make proper sausage), I found out that Bertrum needed a sub for the daily report.  So i apologize for the late and hasty nature of this report.  Let’s dive right into Day 10.  Things started off today with Sadanofuji v Takarafuji.  I was sure that Takarafuji was due for a win, added to that he has never dropped about to Sadanofuji, and from the tachiai it looked like he had the advantage with a left hand outside.  Santa-no-fuji broke the grip and a short slap fight ensued.  When they finally locked up, Takara with the left hand inside this time, but with no belt grip, Takara looke to try and set up for some kind of push, but Santa brought his right elbow in, and his right hand up, locking up Takara’s elbow and getting a hand under the armpit driving him slightly off balance.  A final nodowa finished things off.  6-4, 3-7

Next up were Tamawashi and Shohozan.  For two guys who do almost nothing but oshi-zumo there certainly were a lot of belt grips,  Tamawashi looked really out of his element.  It appears that Sho-me-the-hoes is better on the belt.  3-7, 7-3

Both Tsurugidake and Asasekiryu are doing terrible this basho, Tsurugidake’s tsuppari was not very effective except in that it prevented Asa from doing too much.  However, Asa, in his infinite wisdom, decided to go for the back pedal/pull down combo.  It worked, but it didn’t llok good for either party.

Briton-Meyer’s little Buddy Kimurayama took on Sagatsukasa.  I actually didn’t expect a henka today, I was right.  But again, after the tachiai Lil’ Kim went immediately for the pack-pedal/pulling.  Norse Sagaknew it was coming, like anyone in their right mind would, and kindly did not over extend, and just walked Kim out. 3-7, 4-6.  1 more Briton-Meyer.

Toyohibiki – Aoiyama – This was a surprisingly easy day at the office for Beeker.  6-4, 7-3.

Tokitenku – Daido – Toki stuck a hand right inside from the get-go.  Daido seemed to not be able to get a real attack going, despite many attmepts.  But when Toki went for a tsukiotoshi, Daido capitalized via uwatenage. 3-7, 6-4

Myogiryu – Takekaze – Kaze doing his best Lil’ Kim(ura) impression.  Myogiryu had to plank in order to wait for Takekaze to exit the area first.  Which he did.  Monoii confirms.  Both rikishi at 7-3.

Aminishiki – Fujiazuma – Too bad for sneaky.  His crappy dohyo-kan (ring sense) let him down and he stepped out before driving Fuji out.  Another monoii (this one longer) confirms again.  Both at .500.

Kaisei – Miyabiyama – More push-pull sumo, and a cheap win for Miyabiyama.  I think more than a few people out there agree with me, that although this technique is not banned, whenever I see bouts that end like this I feel like I was robbed.  It’s like fennel in sausage.  Yeah people put it in there, but in the VAST majority of cases, it’s just there to mask nasty odors, preservative tastes, and sub par meat.  However, in this case Kaisei is not blameless, I mean, Miyabiyama is known for doing this pretty much all the time. 5-5, 7-3.

Kitataiki – Takayasu – Kitataiki has started looking better.  So has Takayasu.  This was a solid effort by both parties.   Hence the shared 4-6 scores.

Kokkai – Yoshikaze – Speaking of bad sausage: Kokkai.  It’s always tough to call Yoshikaze’s sumo bad, as he’s consistent in his inconsistency, and since he’s always coming from a different angle, it’s tough for rikishi to call his moves.  This time Kokkai’s head was down, and he was out too far.  Easy win for Yoshi.  Yoshi!  1-9, 5-5

Wakakoyu – Tochiozan – Someone didn’t take their Tochi-O’s this morning.  Burside gave up the ghost once he started moving back. 8-2, 5-5

Okinoumi – Goeido – I have never seen two guys hit the ground at the exact same time like this before.  Since a re-do was called we’ll just focus on the second bout, even though the first was better.  Goeido had this one from the start, with a hidari yotsu.  After a few paces, everything came up uwatenage. 4-6 each.

Toyonoshima – Aran – Shoulder blast from Toyo gave Aran the little guy’s arm, which he promptly locked up.  A lock Toyo quickly broke.  He powered forward, and sealed the deal with a yorikiri.  6-4, 1-9

Kyokutenho – Homasho – Both gentlemen got a preliminary hidari yotsu, Tenho pushing Homasho back, Homasho recovering… Homey pushed back… tawara tippey-toe…  then thrown down with  sukuinage. 4-6, 1-9.  meatgrinder is certainly living up to it’s name for old Cigar Shoppe.

Kisenosato – Tochinoshin – Kise with a nodowa, Noshin taken aback.  The Kid with some half hearted tsuppari, which allowed Noshin a morozashi of sorts, which Kise parlayed into a mutual hidari yotsu position.  Kise’s grip only on one fold of the mawashi, Noshin with a more meaty grip.  A gabburi drive by the kid worked Noshin back, although he temporarily recovered.  Kise re-gripped with his right hand and Noshin simultaneously went for a desperation kubinage, and Kise took the advantage of Noshin’s slightly sideways posture to force out the Under-practiced M2.  8-2, 1-9

Baruto – Kotoshogiku – Both were fumbling for some kind of grip at the tachiai, Peter Boyle was first to the belt with a right hand outside.  The Geek tried his patented dry hump, once, twice, Young Frankenstein’s monster got his other mit on the outside back of the belt.  Geek, thinking 3rd time’s the charm.  Finally, the Monster finally got the picture and tried the gabburi himself and got the win.  This bout was more homo-erotic than me in my kitchen smoking and making sausage while watching sumo. 7-3, 9-1

Kotooshu – Tochinowaka – Yet again Tochinowaka is proving himself a committed rikishi, who won’t give up and refuses to be intimidated.  Today’s bout looked very similar to yesterday’s bout.  Oshu’s sumo looked OK, but I see big things for this young guy, he can still finish double digits and pick up a kanto-sho.  7-3, 5-5.

Gagamaru – Harumafuji – Here is how I looked at this one:  If Gaga didn’t shut Harry down immediately Harry would wrestle circles around this guy, like speedy Gonzales around a big sombrero.  Harry’s nodowa, completely deconstructed Gaga’s advance.  Harry got his’self some hidariyotsu, spun Stay Puft around and traded up for an outside right hand grip on the fron tof the belt, kept his head buried, and the mexican hat dance began.  Gaga was totally out of his element.  Harry dropped the hips spun back and Uwatedashinage-d a guy with almost a 70kg weight advantage and hands him his first joii MK. 2-8, 6-4

Hakuho – Kakuryu – Bit of a left harite from Hak to a right hand inside, elbow in the armpit, and the clinching left hand outside.  Kak was up, off balance, and out of there in seconds with minimal resistance.

Hakuho is the only undefeated rikishi after 10 days.  Looking at his sumo, and the sumo of the top 2 contenders, I don’t see any way this yusho goes to anyone but Hakuho.  But we all know things are not so black and white.  We will find out for sure tomorrow when Kisenosato meets the Yokozuna.  Briton-Meyer will be here to do the deed… and…. what’s this?!?!  Tomorrow Kimurayama faces Myogiryu.  I think Briton-Meyer will get to report on the day his bathroom-buddy gets his juryo demotion makekoshi.  Here’s looking a’ you Sean.

One response to “Kyushu 2011: Day 10

  1. Thats why Yoshi always makes a sausage for this guy. He may not be the overall best rikishi, but since he is hard to call it always makes for an interesting bout. He also consistently tries his hardest to win.

    Case and point…. Day 9 – Connolly’s video

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