Kyushu 2011: Day 12

Well to those of you who pledge allegiance to the good ole Stars and Stripes, Happy Thanksgiving! I can only hope that you all are smelling some type of meaty aromas right now.   Damn I miss the taste of turkey… speaking of birds… Here in the Land of the Rising Sun as the birds start heading south, I find myself asking who is going to keep this guy warm in the coming months.  Winter is coming… or has it already started.  Anyways I guess for tonight I’ll settle for some fat sausages in diapers and a whisky.  So lets strap ourselves in for some sumo … or not. The choice is yours.

Kimurayama vs. Yoshiazuma:

I feel as Kimmy boy’s record plummeted Briton-Meyer’s discussion/evolution of this crux&pocket theory took the backburner.  Side note: If you want to see someone’s hopes and dreams crushed either click here, or reread my introduction… again the choice is yours.  Anyway, the bout starts with some pushing from both sides… pretty weak stuff here.  Yoshi takes initiative and goes in for a grip on the mawashi.  This pushes Kimmy backwards and well short story even shorter he’s out.  As Briton-Meyer pointed out correctly in the Bizarro Olympics, Kimura would have won; however sadly it is not.

Kaisei vs. Sadonofuji:

Actually, I’m pretty surprised about his one.  I always had a little respect for Kaisei.  What can I say I like the kid, but he is looking weak.  Sado completely manhandles him.  When I say manhandles, Kaisei put up a fight I just don’t think he had a good position/grip.  Sado had a lower position, a grip on the mawashi, and seemed to push upward on Kaisei’s body.  The match consisted of them bearhugging in the middle with the occasional rotation until Sado just took him to the edge and out. One more point to go on Kachikosh for Sado.

Shohozan vs. Myogiryu

Myogiryu has been looking good, but it’s a shame he lost.  For the most part he seemed to have control.  He got an early grip on the mawashi and waited for a little bit.  So, his left hand is on the mawashi and his right hand is dangling.  He uses his right hand to grip Hohoz’ neck and take Hohoz down.  This fails and they go back to bearhugging.  It just so happens that Hohoz has one hand on the mawashi, and Myogiryu takes Hohoz to the edge.  Hohoz then grips Myo’s mawashi with this other hand too and performs a nice take down at the edge to flip it around.  Decent match and nice win by Hohoz.

Aoiyama vs. Takekaze:

Oh Kaze, my Kaze.  Why is it that even though my wishes are come true and you are in fact doing well…. I still feel some what cheated? Is it because you recently have been using moldy cheese sumo tactics? Probably,… but I’ll pour some whisky on something I deem necessary in your honor to preserve your integrity… most likely it’ll be my throat.  So in the bout Kaze like a losing David in the Goliath battle.  It was like he was pushing against a brick wall.  He lost his footing and Aoiyama just pushed him out. End of story.

Aminishiki vs. Daido:

They rush in at tachiai.  Sneek tries for a grip and immediately Daido locks in his arms.  The Sneek still pushed and gets Daido to the edge of the ring.  At this point the Sneek is in a yorikiri-esque position and Daido is position as if he is more or less pushing against a wall.  Sneek steps back and Daido goes forward.  Sneak then grabs the back of Daido’s mawashi and leads the poor guy to the other side of the ring and out.

Wakakoyu vs. Miyabiyama:

Miyabiyama spits out some moldy cheese from his ass as he swings to the side of Waka.  Waka apparently eats blue cheese for breakfast because it doesn’t even phase the guy one bit. Miyabiyama gets push back to the edge and has to fight to stay alive.  Waka proceeds to fail at taking Miyabs down twice by the head.  This allows Miyabs to regain some lost ground.  Waka getting a little closer to the edge tries to push Miyabi back.  Seeing that Waka was almost out stretched Miyabi eases up which causes Waka to perform a semi-split.  Its probably best if Waka checks the condition of his sac.  Involuntary splits is always a bad thing.

Miyabiyama takes the win.

Toyohibiki vs. Yoshikaze:

Damn it, Yoshikaze, damn it!  No words for the disappointment … He rushes in to meet his opponent at tachiai.  Then while bearhugging he list lazily to the left.  At this point you can clearly see that he really doesn’t have any grip and is just locking his opponent’s arms.  His opponent in clear control pushes him to the edge and at this point Yoshikaze tries something in desperation but ultimately fails.  There was a monoii but from my angle it was quite clear that Yoshi lost.

Okinoumi vs. Tochinowada:

The bout starts with them meeting at tachiai and Oki driving Wada to the edge.  Tochi fights back and Oki releases one of his hand grips for a single arm take down which fails.  Oki then rushes into Wada, but Wada also pushes back and Oki loses ground quickly.  With his feet on the bales and his body on his opponent, Oki escapes to the side.  During this escape it looks as if he got his legs tied up and crumbles down to the ground.  A Wada victory.

Kisenosato vs. Gagamaru:

I think no one is surprised that Kise won but how he almost lost was so however.  Lady GaGa had the match it looked like from the beginning.  He was playing it very match like Baruto… overpowering mass/height/strength for the win.  GaGa actually took Kise to the edge and kept him there was a while.  They shifted around the ring but GaGa was always in control……. Or so it seemed.  I honestly think that GaGa got a bit annoyed at Kise’s persistence to stay in the game and tried to change his strategy and perform a take down.  However in doing so he just for whatever reason crumbled in front of Kise.

Kotooshu vs. Kakuryu:

Oh man, this make could have been Oshu’s.  I think both of them weren’t doing their greatest.  From tachiai they were both pretty high and Oshu was putting the pressure on.  However for some reason Oshu tries a twist takedown while bearhugging and Kaks takes this opportunity to escape to the side.  Oshu kinda just runs out of the ring.

Baruto vs.  Harumafuji:

Clutch bout for Haruma.  At tachiai Haruma gets in and arm thrusts at Bart’s neck.  This props up Bart nice and high.  Quickly, Haruma then proceeds to get grip on the mawashi to send Bart tumbling down over the ring.

Hakuho vs. Kotoshogiku:

Right from the beginning you can tell that Hakuho is playing offense and the Geek is defense.  Haks goes in arms ablazin’ and the Geek assumes the position and turtles.  Haks tries to drag him to sea, but Geek puts some resistance.  The Geek pushes against Haks chest as Hakuho has got a mawashi grip.  After this there is a little bit a bearhugging.  The Geek proceeds to hip thrusts to no avail.  Hakuho then tries a takedown and after three short skips succeeds!

Hakuho wins.

Two more days till the big event!!

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