Kyushu 2011: Day 13

Chalmers here with your day 13 action!

M16 Aoiyama vs. M17 Kimurayama – Aoiyama still looking strong and confident as he continues to earn his spot in the top division.  A quick tachiai, arms fully extended, and three shoves later, Kimurayama is stepping off the dohyo oshidashi.  10 wins in Aoiyama’s top division debut.

J1 Tenkaiho vs. M12 Sagatsukasa – Saga was out of the gates like a lightning bolt and looked strong for the first seconds of the bout.  But this time size prevails over experience as Saga over-exerts himself and loses his footing. Tenkaiho just needed to stay as still as he could for the win, ruled a kotenage.  Saga with a premature makekoshi to seal his move down the ranks.

M12 Daido vs. M13 Tamawashi – A lock up at the tachiai, BigWay gets his right hand high under King Tama’s arm.  A quick turn toward the inside arm sends King Tamap tumbling forward for an uwatenage take down.  Daido one away from his Kachi.

M16 Tsurugidake vs. M10 Fujiazuma – A slapping match ends in Fujiazuma, oshidashi win.

M10 Kokkai vs. M14 Takarafuji – Kokkai continues his descent into oblivion. Can’t say what he was trying to accomplish after he tied up with Super Delux, but he is pushed back to the bails, where he launches himself off the bails and tries to spin  his way out of trouble, only to end up on his back.  Kokkai with his 12th loss, uwatenage.

M15 Shohozan vs. M9 Wakakoyu – Rookie Shohozan stares down his opponent like he knows what he is doing.  Having his kachikoshi already, I suppose it’s ok.  After burning a hole through Wakakoyu, he makes easy work of himself, loosing his footing after the tachia and getting slapped to the sand, hikiotoshi.

M14 Kaisei vs. M8 Takayasu – Takayasu bulls on with his tsupari attack.  Kaisei can’t keep up as Yasu inches Kaisei to the bails and pummels him out.  Yasu oshidashi win puts him one away from his Kachi.

M15 Sadanofuji vs. M7 Takekaze – Home team here to shame his opponent… and himself with the henka heard round the world.  A liitle push at the end seals the deal, henka-oshidashi to 9 wins for the Home Team.

M7 Tokitenku vs. M13 Asasekiryu – Asa starts things off well with a right hand way in and his head under Toki’s chin.  After a lot of standing around, Asa makes his move with a top-knot grab and an forearm to the face (I suppose that’s ok as long as it’s one Mongolian to another.  Asa handing out a complimentary makekoshi to put both Mongols at 5-8, susoharai (rear foot sweep, but with out the foot sweep???).

M11 Toyohibiki vs. M6 Miyabiyama – The Flub with some quick thinking after a stalemate tachiai, a quick sidestep sends the Beak stumbling toward the bails.  A finishing tap puts the Flubby at 10-3.

M11 Myogiryu vs. M5 Yoshikaze – The two looking like they are going to fall asleep in front of each other, surprise the crowd with an all out boxing match.  Little yoshi is no match in size for the rookie and is pummeled out, oshidashi.  The rookie Myogiryu continues to stay strong, 9-4.

M4 Tochinowaka vs. M6 Aminishiki – The Sneak lives up to his name, sneaky henka at the tachiai, doesn’t quite seal the win, but keeps the distance between he and Waka.  The Sneak slaps his way to a slap down, hatakikomi win for his kachikoshi.

M2 Tochinoshin vs. M5 Kitataiki – Noshin continues to get chewed up in the meat grinder.  Noshin with a high tachiai against the shorter Kitataiki.  Easy walk out for Kita who sits one away from his katchi.

M2 Kyokutenho vs. M1 Goeido – Goeido representingJapanby taking the Mongol to the cleaners.  Arms in tight on the tachiai, two hands in on the grip, easy carry-out, 6-7 for Goeido.

M3 Aran vs. K Homasho – Alan tries to pull a fast one (henka), but Cigar Shop keeps his footing.  Like a linebacker, Homey keeps his but down, head down, hands out, and pushes ‘ol Alan to the bails and out, oshidashi puts Cigar Shop at 3 wins… awesome!

K Toyonoshima vs. M3 Gagamaru – Lady Gaga, struggling in the upper Maegashira ranks, is made short work of as Toyo gets two hands in and stays there.  After that it is just a matter of staying on your feet and inching Lady Gaga off the stage, yorikiri puts Toyo at 9-4.

M1 Okinoumi vs. Kakuryu – Okinoumi picks the wrong mongol for his chance at kachikoshi tshi basho.  The Kak out maneuvers and out muscles his opponent, gets a high left hand under the arm, and walks Oki out, yorikiri.  Oki with his 8th loss of the tournament.

O Kotoshogiku vs. Harumafuji – Lots of sponsors out in force for this match.  The Geek looking for his first win over fellow ozeki, will have to keep looking as Harumafuji guns for his katchkoshi.  Both jump out of the gates with lightning speed, and lock up.  Haruma gets a weak, two hands inside.  The Geek tries to turn out of it with an arm throw, only to force an even deeper grip by Haruma, who capitalizes with his own quick inside turn, belt in hand.  Shitatenage puts The Geek in the sand.  Haruma with his Kachikoshi.

O Baruto vs.S Kisenosato– Kisenosato wraps Bart up quickely, and has a solid left hand in.  Bart lucks out with a loose mawashi, and Kise can’t keep a good hold.  Bart waits Kise out, leans on him till he’s tired, and works him to the bails.  Bart walks Kise out, then shoves him in the dirt (an Estonian sendoff, perhaps).

Y Hakuho vs. O Kotooshu – The Hak looking to seal the deal today, faces his yogurt-sporting adversary, Kotooshu.  After a couple tries to get focused, the two get to it.  Kotooshu starts the match on the bails, and plays the defensive the whole match, which means certain failure.  The Hak can’t wait any more and picks up the Bulgarian, and throws him to the clay in a fashion very reminiscent of Asashoryu’s Estonian-throwing day 11, Hatsu Basho 2010.  Check it out to see for yourself.  Spectacular win puts Hakuho at 13-0, and seals the yusho.  The next two days are merely a formality.

Chalmers signing out!

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