Kyushu Basho 2011: Day 14

Tonite was a bit lackluster.  No huge upsets, no overwhelming victories or defeats… well ther were a couple of overwhelming defeats (most notably Kimurayama…) and one over whelming victory (doesn’t take much imagination to guess who).  Although there were a few small surprises and a bit of decent sumo to be had.  In case you hadn’t heard, down in juryo Takamisakari secured his kachikoshi, and Ikioi has, without a doubt, secured the juryo yusho with a score of 12-2 so far.  As for makuuchi…

Masunoyama – Asasekiryu – Masunoyama continues to be a bit top heavy.  I’d like to think that he could be a good mid-maegashira if he could keep from injuring his ankle.  Good on him for fighting through it, but again he falls today via uwatedashinage.  7-7, 6-8

Toyohibiki – Kimurayama -Beeker, with basics, bests Briton-Meyers beloved, yet badly below-par bowel-movement of a buddy.  ALLITERATION! 9-5, 3-11

Kokkai – Tamawashi – you know you are having a bad basho when Tamawashi can beat you without the use of a thrusting attack. Kokkai has looked way off his game this basho, without a single memorable bout.  Not much better out of Tamawashi. 1-13, 4-10

Sadanofuji – Fujiazuma – This seemed to be a pretty even match, with both gents going in with similar, nodowa/tsuppari style, attacks.  Sada picked up the win. 8-6, 6-8

Kaisei – Wakakoyu – Wakakoyu got around Kaisei’s right side and used a left paw to the uder arm to push the big Brazilian up, then slap him down.  5-9, 11-3

Takarafuji – Takayasu – After a quick push pull atempt by Takayasu, Takara went for a belt grip, but was denied and pushed back by Yasu.  Takara went for a throw attempt at the bales, but Yasu slipped out and countered with a sukuinage to pick up his KK. 4-10, 8-6

Tokitenku – Tsurugidake – Tokitenku’s signature ketaguri claims another victim.  Too bad it didn’t really end up meaning much in the long run. 6-8, 4-10

Daid0 -Takekaze – Everyone has mentioned the fact that although Takekaze has a good record, we must recognize that his sumo has not been all that great, with a questionable amount of henkas. that being said, today was a clean win.  After the initial contact Kaze deflected Daido’s right arm, got a favorable position on Daido’s right side and pushed him out for the win. 7-7, 10-4

Aminishiki – Shohozan – Tsuppari battle from the tachiai, Sneaky tried to deflect Shoho to the side, Shoho recovered then was pushed back, but at the tawara spun about with just enough grace to let Aminishiki take himself out.  The gyoji-gunbai went to Sneaky, but mono-ii overturned the call giving Shoho the nod. 8-6, 9-5

Aoiyama – Miyabiyama – This battle of the boobies went down in predictable fashion.  A push-pull attempt by Miyabi was ineffective.  Aoiyama wins with a slap-down over the over extended Miyabi. 11-3, 10-4

Kitataiki – Myogiryu – Giryu read Taiki’s attack and kept his arms off the belt, moved forward, and got the inside grip.  Momentum did the rest. 7-7, 10-4

Sagatsukasa – Yoshikaze – Yoshi began with a shift left after the tachiai and a slap down attempt.  Saga grabbed Yoshi’s arm and went for, what looked like, a good armbar throw attmept.  Yoshi held on, flipped his arm underneath, and got a morozashi yorikiri.  5-9, 7-7

Tochinoshin – Aran – both men with a migi yotsu from the tachiai, and from there, all the forward motion was on Aran’s part.  Maybe the only good sumo he’s done this basho. 1-13, 3-11

Okinoumi – Kyokutenho – Morozashi from the get-go for Don-Juan, who sealed the deal in seconds… just adds more to the mystery as to why the ladies love him. 6-8, 4-10

Gagamaru – Homash0 – Homey shifted to the left after the tachiai in an attempt to neutralize Gaga’s forward momentum.  They separated, Homey got an inside position, pivoted to the left again, this time whiffing on a slapdown.  Gaga began pushing for the bales, where Homey shifted to the righ this time, slamming a palm into Gaga’s side causing the tsukitaoshi.  2-12, 4-10

Kisenosato – Tochinowaka – Kise’s thrusting attack got Tochinowka up and back fast and effectively.  There seemed to have been a chance for Waka to use an otsuke on Kise, but he chose not to, or just didn’t. 10-4, 7-7.  Kise has Giku tomorrow, and that bout decides Kise’s promotion.  My guess… undeserved promotion, and Geeku settling for a 10-5 ozeki debut.

Goeido – Kakuryu – Kakuryu was all offensive today with a thrusting attack, Goeido backing up and looking for an in.   Kool-Edio found his opening after a thrust to Kak’s side.  Win by Oshi-dashi.  7-7, 9-5

Toyonoshima -Kotoshogiku – Hidari yotsu and deashi was all the Geeku needed today.  To be fair, Toyo did gice a hint of resistance.  As far as I’m concerned the only ozeki this basho is a Geek.  9-5, 10-4

Baruto Kotooshu – Baruto slapped away Oshu’s frontal grip, but didn’t quite give it enough.  Oshi came back enough to get a migiyotsu grip, and cause a slight pause in momentum.  Baruto spun the bulgarian around and with a hand on bulgarian’s neck forced the shitatenage, he even ended the bout with a colorful little cartwheel into the first row.  10-4, 8-6

Hakuho – Harumafuji – Hakuho stepped on to the dohyo tonite looking very confident, and ready to get to business.  Harry took the Yokozuna’s cahrge the slipped to the left, to try to get a hand on the belt and win buy uwatenage.  but Hak was to fast out of the gates.  Both men flew out of the ring, Harumafuji breaking the plane of the dohyo just before Hakuho’s hand went down. It’s beginning to seem a lot like another zensho.  14-0, 8-6.

Oh Daly Boy will call the pipes on senshuraku.





2 responses to “Kyushu Basho 2011: Day 14

  1. Day 15 is looking to be a fun final day.

    Baruto and Hakuho will be exciting. I’ll always remember the bout when Baruto said his plan was to pick Hakuho up and carry him out of the ring. The bout took place and Hakuho picked up Baruto and carried him out of the ring. In July this year Baruto got a win over Hakuho, which gives me hope for this bout. I feel that these two have a rivalry and Hakuho would like nothing better to get his zensho yusho, while Baruto would like nothing better than to deny him.

    I am really glad Kotoshogiku is going up against Kisenosato. I am not Kotoshogiku’s biggest fan, and I like Kisenosato a lot better. I would like to see Kisenosato get the promotion. I think the Geek might help out his countryman tomorrow.

    I’m sorry to see that Kotooshu got his kachikoshi. I am also sorry to see that Homey and Oki didn’t get their kachikoshis, but at least their records this basho and respective rankings will likely put them close together on the next banzuke. I’m glad to see Aoiyama and Myogiryu doing well, and I am not that sad to see Kimurayama go.

  2. Good reporting, Keishikazawa. Hajinochikara makes worthy comments too, although I believe his story about Baruto is a bit mixed up. Prior to Aki 2009, in response to a question on how he planned to defeat Asashoryu (not Hakuho) Baruto stated that all he had to do was lift him up and out. Asashoryu read that and evidently took umbrage (although I’m sure Baruto said it jokingly), and in their bout he lifted up Baruto (twice) and carried him to edge (he didn’t quite manage to carry him over it and had to push him out). That bout can be viewed on YouTube. I don’t recall ever hearing Baruto say the same thing about Hakuho or seeing Hakuho lift up Baruto in the manner Asashoryu did in Aki. (And I’m quite confident Baruto would never say that again about a yokozuna after Aki ’09.) It’s just another reason Asashoryu is missed by so many of us.

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