Sumo & Stogies San-Sho

Every basho we here at Sumo & Stogies take these special prizes VERY seriously.  The deliberation council sequesters themselves in an appropriate izakaya or snack bar, following the day 14 bouts and…well just kind of get drunk.  Then we scramble together the results in a rushed mass email once we get around to it.  Well, without further ado, here are the winners.

  • Best Bout:  Day 9.  Takayasu v Yoshikaze   (just watch and you’ll see)
  • Most Improved:  Aoiyama
  • Keppare-sho:  Myogiryu
  • Booby Prize:  Aoiyama (by unanimous decision)

I am having a really hard time deciding what joke to use for the Takayasu v Yoshikaze bout.  Black Friday, Jerry Sandusky, Herman Cain, Connolly and a hairy, half-Filipina hostess… that’s it… that’s the one.

Aoiyama does double duty this month, posting 11-4 with a fighting spirit prize in his freshman basho.  His first Juryo basho was so-so.  He started Aki losing two days to an injury, but still finished 10-3-2.  All through Kyushu his tachi-ais looked good, he dealt well with sneaky customers, and well… looked a lot better than last basho.  Hence the award.

Myogiryu gets the keppare this time.  In case we didn’t say it enough during the basho.  Good.   Forward.   Moving.   Sumo.  He’s been hyped like crazy, and to be fair, this cat has been on fire since recovering from his injury.  Look for him next basho.

As for the booby prize.  We straight-up dare you to find another person with a rack like Aoiyama.  Miyabiyama comes close.  But we have to take shape and firmness into account.

That’s all for the Kyushu basho, and for 2011 in sumo.  Make sure to check back daily for updates, news, reviews, and more.

Think we made a mistake?  Well, we didn’t, but feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.


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