New Sekitori For Hatsu 2012

We have 4 new promotions this time around, and one returner to juryo.  No real youngsters in the group, and one guy who had the 2nd slowest rise to juryo by a gaijin.  That being said it looks like an interesting group, with some potential ass kickers, there will also be a couple of visitors who will inevitably head right back to makushita.  Here they are in no particular order.Newbies

Kitaharima – (Ms2E 4-3) Kitanoumi beya, Hyogo-ken.  184cm 116kg.  25yrs.  Harima had 5 forays into makushita before finally making the jump to sekitori status.  No outstanding basho to speak of really.  In Kyushu he did rack up two wins against juryo rikishi, but they were Satoyama and Shironoryu.  Prefersa thrusting attack, but doesn’t quite have the weight to back it up sometimes.


Chiyotairyu – (Ms3E 4-3) Kokonoe beya, Tokyo-to.  180cm 166kg.  23yrs.  You probably know him better as Meigetsuin.  Won the national youth Yokozuna title back in 2010.  After graduating from the Nippon Sports Science University he was tsukedashied into Ms15 and immediately went kyujo then posted back to back 6-1 performances.  Prefers thrusting attacks, but can work from the belt in a pinch.  Kyshu was only his 4th basho in professional sumo, not even long enough to grow a proper mage.  Here we see him looking dapper as fuck.

Amuru – (Ms2W 6-1D) Onomatsu beya, Russia.  191cm 121kg.  28yrs.  Natsu 2012 will mark his 10th year in sumo.  He’s bounced back an forth between makushita and sandanme 6 times, picking up a sandanme yusho with a perfect score back in Nagoya.  He’s an intense cat, and works mostly on the belt, but can also use pushing.  Although he’s not overly heavy, he’s pretty damn strong and mostly uses muscle and technique to win.  Like I said 2nd slowest foreigner to reach the division (just behind Takanoyama) with 57 basho.  In Kyushu he was involved in that 8-man playoff.  Here we see his impressive mean-mug.

Homarefuji – (Ms3W 4-3) Isegahama beya, Aomori-ken.  179cm 149kg.  26yrs, Kinki University.  Yet another pusher thruster.  He had a near-breakout basho back in Nagoya, going 6-1 but has cooled slightly since then, posting dual 4-3 records in Sept. and Nov.  His record in Kyushu is not all that promising, only managing wins over makekoshi rikishi, one of which was former komusubi Kakizoe.  That being said he does have 2 yusho under his belt, but they were jonidan and sandanme, and they were about 3.5 years ago.  Here he is on his way to a very fucking serious picnic lunch in the park.


Tokushinho – (Ms1E 4-3) Kitanoumi beya, Mie-ken.  191cm 190kg.  27yrs Asahi University.  Made it up to juryo for Aki 2009, but finished with a 6-9 record.  Won the makushita yusho back in Osaka 2009 with a 6-1 score.  He actually beat Sensho (Kyushu Makushita yusho) in regulation on day 13.  Big boy does work on the belt and thrusting, but his belt work is better, as he can be a bit slow sometimes.  Here we see him winning the Ms. Japan bathing suit competition yusho.

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