Former Ozeki Penalized Over Public Pooping & Hakuho Puts Hands On Giant Pole, As Crowd Watches

Never a dull moment in the Ozumo off-season.  Stable master approved beatings, bout fixing, gambling, assault, association with certain organized crime syndicates, and general shenanigans have been on the tips of everyone’s tongues in recent months.  As scandal after scandal rocks the sumo world and continues to jeopardize it’s fanbase and social standing, and the Japan Sumo Association continues to make unpopular decisions and alienate it’s shrinking herd of ticket-buyers and die hard fans, it’s nice to get some lighthearted news such as these little tidbits. 

As reported in the Japan Times (article), Former Ozeki Konishiki is in a bit of hot water after a tiff with the son of an owner of a condo facility.  Apparently Konishiki and his wife were walking their two dogs at around 10a.m. on November 12th in Tokyo’s Sumida ward.  The son of the owner of a condo complex then came over to the couple and began yelling at them for constantly letting their dogs drop a mess of hot deuces on the property and not cleaning it up.

  Konishiki’s wife, Chie, tried to explain to the man that it was not her dogs that had honked out the dirt-snakes, but some other culprit.  Things got heated and Konishiki shoved the man away in, what he claimed was, an attempt to protect his wife.  Straight after the couple just jogged on towards home, leaving the man fuming in mid-sentence.  The unnamed man filed charges which went through on Dec.8.  On his blog Konishiki said he regretted getting physical with the man on his blog.

Many people have made comments about how if Konishiki was a Japanese man this wouldn’t be a big deal, giving this story a racial tone that I don’t wish to enter into.  I prefer to just speculate on the hilarity of dogs shitting on someone’s lawn.  I’ll tell you one thing though, if Konishiki’s dog’s weren’t blasting dookies on that lawn before, I’d be willing to bet you that the former Ozeki and his wife will make sure that the condo property in question will be fully stocked with brown trout from here on out.

Next, On December 3rd in Usa city, Oita prefecture over 1,000 people watched as Yokozuna Hakuho was honored with a monument to commemorate his 63 consecutive wins.  Hakuho’s side of the octagonal stone pole (at 2.7 meters, with his handprint, and details of his record) stands proudly erect next to the monuments of Futuabyama (69 wins, 1936-9 ) and Tanikaze (63 wins 1778-82) at the national monument to rikishi who have surpassed 60 wins in the birthplace of Futabayama.

Hakuho does not outwardly appear to be ready to give up on beating the record of 69 wins.  He has stated on numerous occasions that he intends to try and break the record held by Futabayama, noting that Hakuho, himself, is the 69th Yokozuna and the record is 69 wins.  Spooky coincidence?  You decide.

One response to “Former Ozeki Penalized Over Public Pooping & Hakuho Puts Hands On Giant Pole, As Crowd Watches

  1. Hakuho will never approach the record of 69 wins again. He’s young enough and good enough, but both of those are beside the point. The amount of concentration, desire, and luck (yes, luck) required for such a streak has never happened twice to any athlete chasing such a record. Joe DiMaggio holds the consecutive game hit streak record with 56. DiMaggio never had another streak of at least 30 games again. How many of the players in the top five had more than one streak of at least 30 hits in a row? None. Hakuho’s likely to break the all time yusho record, and is clearly in a league of his own at the moment. He will never approach 69 wins again though.

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