Hatsu 2012: Day 3

Schadenfreude: enjoyment at someone’s misfortune.
Although I have no idea how to pronounce that word, I did find myself on the wrong end of it today as I arrived home from work. There were, as it happened, no cameramen filming my every move, as I often wish there were, so let me help you ignite your schadenfreude.

My stove beeped indicating its thirst for kerosene. After a lapse in concentration I had kerosene all over my floor and hands. When washing I somehow squirted washing-up liquid into my eyes….

I’ve missed the first 3 fights today.

Asasekiryu beat Kaisei
Sagatsukasa beat Nionoumi
Kyokushuho beat Takanoyama

Yoshiazuma vs. Tenkaiho
This was a fight that was all about power. Both wrestlers had their preferred grips and forced each other around the ring for a nice while before Yoshiazuma’s knee gave way. Unlucky.

Tosayutaka vs. Sadanofuji
Sada packed his oshidashi this morning and used it all. Tosa was hoping to get a frontal grip, which he got, but had it broken quickly. Sada kept moving forward and got his win.

Fujiazuma vs. Chiyonokuni
This was the first meeting between these guys. Chiyonokuni came in quickly and was pushing Mt. Fuji back little by little. But a twist at the edge and Chiyo looked to be in trouble. The mountain rushed forward but gave up his belt, and when Chiyo hit the bales he launched a perfectly timed throw that gave his third straight win.

Gagamaru vs. Daido
Gaga steam rolled Daido back and out. Daido tried to slip to the side but didn’t manage it. 2nd win for Gaga.

Tochinoshin vs. Tokitenku
MASSIVE henka by Tokitenku left Tochinoshin upright and at the bales. The Mongolian used little energy finishing off Tochi. 3rd win for Tokitenku.

Tochiozan vs. Aoiyama
Wow but Aoiyama’s boobs hang nicely when he gets down for the tachi-ai! Tochiozan got a double inside grip and drove forward. Aoi tried to throw, but Tochiozan had a great grip and easily motorboated Aoiyama out.

Aran vs. Shohozan
Shohozan pushed Aran upright at the tachi-ai and went to push him out easily, but slipped and lost his advantage. Some pretty awful, yet quite interesting sumo followed, it included dodging, ducking, spinning, pushing grabbing, armbaring and finally a leg trip to drop Aran a split second before he went down himself. 3rd win for Shohozan.

Yoshikaze vs. Toyohibiki
Yoshikaze didn’t do any sumo today, as Toyohibiki drove forward and forced Yoshi out via yorikiri in about 2 seconds. 3rd win for him.

Myogiryu vs. Kyokutenho
Great speed from the Myog got hin great position in under Kyokutenho’s armpits, raised him up and easily pushed him out.

Tochinowaka vs. Takayasu
Takayasu got in fast and pushed at Tochinowaka’s face. He was pushing a lot but not really making much progress, so he gave one final push, and pulled while slipping to the side and watched Tochi fall to the dirt.

Kitataiki vs. Homasho
A low thud of heads started todays fight. As both wrestlers stayed low Homasho got his right hand on the back of Kitataiki’s head and his left under his shoulder dropping and spinning Kita to the dohyo.

Kakuryu vs. Toyonoshima
Toyonoshima was pushing forward and moving Kakuryu back when he decided to slap the Kak’s hands down while retreating. Kak was wise to it though and pounced forward and got himself an easy win. Bad move by Toyonoshima. 3rd win for Kakuryu.

Okinoumi vs. Kotoshogiku
“If I stay calm I’ll win” was Kotoshogiku’s words this morning on this fight. Well he looked calm to me, and he won! Kotoshogiku got a right handed grip on the front of Okinoumi’s belt and drove him back. Okinoumi offered little in the form of escape maneuvers. Straightforward win for Kotoshogiku.

Baruto vs. Goeido
Baruto opened with a slap to Goeido’s face but Goeigo managed to get both hands on the mawashi. Baruto had a grip under Goeido’s arm and attempted a throw. Immediately Goeido countered with a leg trip, but Baruto’s sheer strength prevailed and slammed Goeido into the dirt face first. Unlucky for Goeido, and a great show of strength from Baruto, even if his sumo wasn’t very good.

Miyabiyama vs. Kisenosato
Kisenosato has beaten Miyabiyama the last 10 times they met! After engauging Kissy slipped slightly to the side, while keeping lateral pressure Miyabiyama. Kissy then got his hand in what must be an awfully smelly armpit and forced Miyabi to hop one footed out of the ring.

Wakakoyu vs. Harumafuji
Wakakoyu had a great start against Harumafuji today both men coming in low at the tachi-ai. Wakakoyu was pushing hard, and Harry’s grip slipped off the front of Wakakoyu’s belt. At this point Waka pushed forward and I really though Harry stepped out, but on replaying it I could see that Harry was still on the tamari. Harry then recovered and got a frontal grip which he then used to force out Wakakoyu. Great stuff today from Wakakoyu, he was unlucky not to get the win today.

Kotooshu vs. Takekaze
Takekaze came in chest to chest against Kotooshu, which wasn’t the best idea. When Kotooshu got a double handed grip, Takekaze leapt up in the air, presumably trying to break the ozekis grip. It didn’t work, and Kotooshu easily threw the smaller wrestler to the dirt.

Hakuho vs. Aminishiki
Hakuho took his sweet time before getting down at the tachi-ai. When he did he came up quickly and was forcing the snake backwards. He tried a last minute escape at the end, but thankfully it was all in vain.

Today all 5 ozeki won for the 2nd time in a row which is a first since May 2009!

We’ve filed a missing persons report for young Chalmers…

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