Hatsu 2012: Day 5

Happy New Year!  – to all of you Westerners out there.

And Akemashite Omedetougozaimsu! – to all you ummm Japanesers…

de Gama, shtanding by … on yet another Thursday for Day 5.  Here in my little neck of the Japanese woods it is filled with snow and the road are all iced over, but really that is no surprise.  Well with nothing else really to do for another 4 hours I might as well get situated and crack one out in the name of sumo.

Kaisei vs. Sagatsukasa:
Oh how the less than mighty have fallen.  What happened to Kaisei? A year ago he was in Juryo and now it seems like he has had enough of Makuuchi.  Anyways,  they both rush in at tachiai.  Kaisei immediately pops up and he a bit too high.  However, he still tries to overpower Saga and almost takes him down at one point.  Then Saga moves to the side and pushes Kaisei forward.  Kaisei only slightly recovers at the line just to be side-thrown  down by Saga. Better luck tomorrow buddy.

Asasekiryu vs. Tenkaiho
First Makuuchi timer Tenkaiho with an impressive 3-1 beginning.  We’ll see how he fares later in the tournament.  Today he goes against the yet to lose Asasekiryu.  The two guys pound into each other and this results in Asa gripping on what seems to be the belt and 10Kaiho struggling to do anything and ends up locking Asa’s arms. Asa moves one of his arms out of the lock and gets a crotch grip on the mawashi. 10kaiho puts his arm under and forces Asa’s arm up.  Asa lets go and moves back to try and force 10kaiho down.  This fails and both engage in the bear-hug formation.  After a long while of back and forth struggling, 10kaiho out lasts the guy and gives him a yorikiri.

Yoshiazuma vs. Takanoyama
Has someone said that they liked Takanoyama because of his tachiai?  Well it was nonexistent here.  Taka pulled a fat henka to try for a cheap win.  Yoshi fought back by pulling Taka’s arms after being reversed.  It was much too late because Yoshi was already on his way down.  After Yoshi landed on his ass, Taka tried to redeem himself by giving his hand to pull Yoshi up.  Yoshi ignored it and got up by himself.  Nice work, buddy.

Tosayutaka vs. Gagamaru:
The Lady’s strength prevailed in his one.  At the start Tosa went in and tried for a grip on GaGa’s belt.  The Lady quickly locked Tosa’s arms in pushed forward.  Tosa not being able to stop the GaGa train just seemed like a dead fish.  At the edge GaGa performed the Japanese “BONZAI!” stance.  And with his two hands in the air, Gaga made the last push out with his belly.

Shohozan vs. Tochinoshin
Shohoz starts the match by tsuppari’ing Noshin to hell.  This allows No shin to get one arm around Shohoz’s arm and one on the mawashi.  He then tries a sideway take down which fails. This leads to some awkward bear-hugging and another failed attempt to take down Shohoz. After a while of bear-hugging mixed in with some failed takedowns on both rikishi, they end up circling around and Noshin yorikiri’s him out.

Yoshikaze vs. Aoiyama
I don’t know what got me more of an erection: the fact that Yoshikaze won or the massive rack that Aoiyama has.  All I know is that this guy is ready for some winter camping.  I’m not going to lie though in the beginning of the bout it looked grim for Yoshi.  Aoi aggressively pushed the obviously smaller Yoshi but to the edge. After desperately flailing off Aoi’s hands, like the wind Yoshi blows to the side of Aoi and uses Aoi’s momentum against him.  At this point Aoi had clearly given up and had one leg out.  However, Yoshi wasn’t done with the guy.  He charged at Aoi and gave him one last powerful push out into the stands.  How Asashoryu of Yoshikaze… Year of the Dragon, eh Creswell? Bad Ass.

Homasho vs. Myogiryu
What a shameful display by Homasho.  They both go into tachi and fiddle around with each other’s faces.  Myogiryu then places his hand on the back of Homasho’s head, moves to the side, and pushes Hommy out.

Kitataiki vs. Harumafuji
They both run at each other at tachiai. Haruma gets the two hand back mawashi grip and just takes him to the edge and out.  Easy Yorikiri win for Harry.

Kotooshu vs. Okinoumi
Heres Oshu looking a little better than his recent bouts.  At tachiai the two boys smack into each other and Oshu grabs the front of Oki’s mawashi.  Oshu goes on the offensive pushing Oki back while Oki seems to try a take down. Oshu recovers and pushes Oki out.

The bout is not really worth reporting but just to let you all know Kotoshogiku loses to Goeido.

Baruto vs. Takekaze
Weird start to the bout… I think Takekaze got caught trying to do a henka.  Baruto quickly stops him and grabs the mawashi. Baruto pushes Kaze to the edge at what seems to be match over.  However, Kaze escapes and prepares to met the giant chest to chest. Baruto grabs Kaze and tries to force him down.  Kaze being a shorty pushes upward as hard as he can which makes Baruto take down fail. Baruto still having the upper hand slowly pushes forward and Kaze frantically escapes back.  With one final push Baruto gets Kaze out of the ring.

Kakuryu vs. Kisenosato
They met at tachiai, and both flail their arms preventing a grip.  Kise then starts pushing Kak back. Right when Kak gets to the edge he escapes to the side.  Kise follows quick and forces him to the other edge. Kise eases up and allows Kak some time to grab Kise’s arms. Kak locks Kise’s one arm and uses that to side throw him outside.  This causes both of them to go on one foot and hold on for dear life hoping they don’t touch the ground first.  Shockingly after some leg air waving both regain balance and land their feet on the ground.  However, Kise lands slightly faster and quickly forces Kak out.

Hakuho vs. Miyabiyama
Hak pushes Miyabi back to the edge. While their arms are still locked Miyabi moves to the side to regain some ground.  It doesn’t work and Hakuho just uses Miyabi’s motion to the side to throw him down.

That’s it for Day 5

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