Hatsu 2012 Day 6

Creswell here with your Day 6 results.  Let’s put on our juryo spectacles and take a glance.  With the way Russian Amuru is fighting, one must wonder why it took him almost 10 years to get here… then again that may say more about his current opponents than himself.  Chiyotairyu (the artist formerly known as Meigetsuin) continues domination of the lower ranks, giving a hand pull to Oiwato (former Kanbayashi) after absorbing an decent tachiai and some vigorous tsuppari.  This cat came in at tsukedashi (meaning he started sumo at Ms15) and within 3 basho was in juryo.  He doesn’t even have enough hair for a proper mage.  Even better, he’s growing out the takamiyama style sideburns that I yearn for.  I’m beginning to like him, and not just for the solid content of his sumo. Takamisakari picked up an easy win today over Kotoyuki, and Wakanosato has been struggling, but picked up one today with a uwatenage over Ikioi.  Current Juryo leader is Chiyotairyu with 6-0 who will fight Hokutokuni (2-4) tomorrow.  Makuuchi Time!

Kyokushuho v Sagatsukasa  – pretty handily won by Kyokushuho with good deashi, despite inferrior position. 2-4, 3-3

Nionoumi v Tenkaiho – tachiai was as all Nio, but his momentum was not enough to buge Tenkaiho.  all it took was a step back and a slapdown from Kaiho.  In every Nionoumi bout I want to make some joke about “the Lake House”, but I’m afraid that our audience won’t get it, or that they’ll think less of me for getting it.  2-4, 5-1.

Yoshiazuma v Kaisei – Yoshi henka-ed, but didn’t follow through.  He still managed a deep left hand outside grip and worked the Brazilian back.  Kaisei went for a sukuinage, then for a shitatenage, both of which failed.  Finally Kaisei started moving forward and took yoshi over the bales, but needs to do better than that to stay in Makuuchi. 1-5, 2-4.

Asasekiryu v  Tosayutaka – both ended up with migi yotsu at the tachiai, Tosa looking to be slightly at an advantage.  Asa dragged Tosa around, trying for a shitetenage, but Tosa resisted.  Asa moved slightly backward and to his right then went for the shitate again, Tosa tried to counter throw with the uwatenage, it looked like tosa hit the ground first, gumbai went to asa. but there was a monoi that lasted more than 3x the length of the bout.  The judges rightly pointed out that asa’s left hand touched the dohyo first,  I completely missed that.  4-2, 2-4

Takanoyama v Sadanofuji – Takanoyama pulled every trick he could out of the book to conteract the weight advantage Sada had.  Spinning around and going for the back of the mawashi, kotenage, ipponzeoi, and what looked like an example from the ministry of silly walks.  But the weight won today. 2-4, 4-2

Chiyonokuni v Gagamaru – Chiyonokuni went in with a tsuppari attack, but, unsurprisingly couldn’t move Gaga, who saw his chance and pushed back, and went for the win.  Nokuni learned his lesson quick and dodged to the side giving Gaga a slap on the ass to escort him out. Both men are doing ok at 5-1, 4-2.

Tochinoshin v Fujiazuma – Noshin seemed to be caught a bit off-guard by Fuji’s tsuppari, getting pushed back a bit before he could clamp down with a hidari yotsu grip, Fuji getting the same.  Fuji pushed forward tenuously, backing Noshin up against the bales, Noshin pivoting to the left and going for the tsuridashi unsuccessfully. They decided to take a bit of a breather for a few seconds.  Fuji’s gip on the mawashi had turned to shit after that fold pulled up and over the rest of the belt making Noshin’s belt was dangerously loose, but his position in the bout better.  Noshin nullified an advance by Fuji, then mounted an assult and won by gabburi. 4-2, 3-3

Shohozan v Tokitenku – Shohozan choked a bitch, and that’s all she wrote. 4-2, 3-3

Daido v Tochiozan – daido’s only chance vanished in a second or two, when he allowed his left hand inside to be shoved aside, letting Ozan in with morozashi.  A desperation slapdown at the bales was to no avail, and Ozan triumphed. 1-5, 4-2

Myogiryu v Aran – Kimurayama might as well have been on the dohyo in Aran’s place.  Tacky looking backward moving slapdown win. 3-3, 4-2

Aoiyama v Toyohibiki – Aoiyama’s right paw went right for Beeker’s left pit, driving him back.  The same right paw to Beeker’s throat finished him off.  Aoiyama picks up his first win of 2012. 1-5, 4-2

Homasho v Kyokutenho – Homey started with a left hand inside, and a classic armblock on Kyoku’s left arm, which he upgraded to morozashi. Kyoku tried for some kind of twist down, maybe a kotehineri, or a kimetoashi from both sides, but Homey’s position would not allow it. Both gents at 3-3.

Yoshikaze v Tochinowaka – henka from Yoshi.  Tochi remained calm and kept up forward motion looking for a grip.  But a resounding slap from Yoshi to the chest seemed to light a rage-fueled fire somewhere in his mind, and a quick and vicious tsukiotoshi followed. 2-4,  3-3

Okinoumi v Takayasu – Taka’s tsuppari drove Oki back, but Casanova regained, and tried to get back in the fight.  With that Taka changed up strategy and grabbed a quick hidari yotsu grip and driving Oki back over the bales.  Oki looked pretty sloppy today and has yet to pick up a win.  Conversely Taka looked pretty good. 0-6, 4-2

Miyabiyama v Kitataiki – Many of you probably think this was a henka on Taiki’s part, well it wasn’t.  At the tachiai, both feet were in front of the shikirisen.  When he got a deep outside grip on Yabber’s belt, both feet were straight with the shikirisen.  Then, after initial contact, Taiki slipped to the left, executed the uwatedashinage on the former ozeki.  Neither of them looking great at 0-6, 1-5.

Takekaze v Kisenosato – Pretty damn big crowd on the first floor for a Thursday.  I am stuck watching the feed, so I have no idea what attendence is really like, but from here it looks, and sounds, like Kise is pulling a decent crowd, so good on ‘em.  Kise didn’t really win the bout, he just followed Take with some light contact, until Kaze inadvertently stepped out while moving backwards.  If I were in the crowd to see Kise win, I’d be dissapointed, although it did kind of look like he scared him out of the ring… what would that be…  Osoredashi. 1-5, 5-1

Kakuryu v Harumafuji – man, Haruma, while struggling to find a grip, allowed the Kak to get morozashi, which took Harry all the way back to the bales.  Kak then pulled one of the most convincing tsuridashis I’ve seen in a long time. 5-1 a piece.

Kotooshu v Wakakoyu – not good stuff from Oshu today.  He was getting moved around by Waka’s pushing attack and did a backwards jump while slapping down the overstretched Wakakoyu, hoping that waka would hit the ground before he landed outside the dohyo.  The gamble paid off, but barely.  Oshu surprisingly standing tall at 6-0, while Waka is at 0-6.

Toyonoshima v Kotoshogiku – Pretty textbook armlock-gabburi yori win (although the kimarite was kimedashi) for the Geeku. Both are at 3-3, and the Geek needs to focus.

Baruto v Aminishiki – I can’t think of the nlast time I saw the Sneak go for a shoving attack, perhaps that’s why they call him the Sneak.  In any event, Bart got over top of him and picked up the win via slapdown. 6-0, 2-4.

Hakuho v Goeido – No contest, it didn’t even look likie Eido put out a tachiai.  Hak leads the pack with 6-0, and Goeido looks like a hack at 1-5.

Current Makuuchi leaders:

  • 6-0: Y1e Hakuho, O1e Baruto, O2e Kotooshu.
  • 5-1:  O2w Harumafuji, O3w Kisenosato, M13e Chiyonokuni, M13w Tenkaiho

Roses are Red, Violets are blue, tomorrow you got Valentine, I’ve had too much Scotch to bother to rhyme.



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