Hatsu Basho 2012: Day 9

It only seems like only a little bit ago that we were standing in this position. Welcome back. By the way you do look slightly more rested this time around.  Well, don’t be so shy… come and join me.  Sit right here.  Shhhhh, shhh, shhhh…. Now, Daddy’s gotcha…. Daddy’s gotcha.

Sagatsukasa vs. Tenkaiho

I’m going to slip right in there just like Sagatsukasa slipped in and was brought to the floor by hatakikomi.  Saga was a bit out stretched and 10kaiho took that advantage for the takedown.

Chiyonokuni vs. Takanoyama

I’m not going to say I’m the most knowledgeable person in sumo at all.  However I feel this bout is a classic example of why Takanoyama has taken this long to get up here.  What he does doesn’t even look like its sumo.   They meet at tachiai and Taka get both arms in the opponents respective armpits.  He then proceeds to yank him the his right to try to off balance the guy.  This doesn’t really work, and he follows up with some half-ass tsuppari. As Chiyo is defending with his arms, Taka grabs one of Chiyo’s arms and yanks it in the other direction. Which again doesn’t do too much.  Chiyo recovers and goes to hug the guy.  Taka then puts his arm around Chiyo’s shoulder and goes for a leg sweep. But, Chiyo tries to force Taka in the opposite direction (to use Taka’s leg sweep against him) and succeeds.  Taka plops over.

Gagamaru vs. Aoiyama

I feel the need to report this bout because these two are definitely in the running for the booby prize.  I mean two massively overweight foreigner facing off against each other.  I honestly thought it was going to be more exciting… but alas.  They both met at tachiai relatively low.  The Lady just seems to slight over power Aoi which causes him to fall back and fuel Gaga’s momentum.  Gaga got him to the edge and out.

Aran vs. Tokitenku

Pretty classic sumo start.  They met at tachiai and both not really get the grip they want and proceed to wait for the opportune moment.  AKA classic bear hug.  Toki seemed to start something and Aran subsequently locked both Toki’s arms and pulled upwards.  Now Aran tries to carried Toki out both doesn’t even move an inch. It just looks like he is humping Toki’s stomach.  They continue to bear hug for a while with the occasional back and forth trying to carry the other out. Finally enough of this happens so that Toki and land Aran out of the ring.

Yoshikaze vs. Shohozan

Interesting bout. Yoshi at the beginning seems poised to pounce the guy but at tachiai Shohoz rushes in.  Yoshi with his arms goes for his head then quickly gets a grip of the mawashi and drives Shohoz out yorikiri style.

Myogiryu vs. Tochiozan

The bout starts Myogiryu is amped up and goes in.  He ends up fighting Tochi for some grip while pushing forward.  Tochi doesn’t really seem to be able to get anything going because Myogiryu is stay low.  What Tochi does is place his free arm above Myo’s head and pushes in down.  Tochi wins.

Tochinowaka vs. Goeido

They rush in at tachiai, and Goeido gets an outside belt grip straight out.  Tochi then tries to free one of his arms while circling around.  Goeido keeps low while Tochi tries to overpower him to the edge.  Goeido is forced back to the edge where he straightens up and performs a side take down. He fails but maintains his grip of the mawashi.  Tochi now tries to lift Goeido by his arms to force either a release from grip or just lift out win, but fails at both.  Goeido leads Tochi to the side and Tochi tries to lift him yet again.  As Tochi tries this Goeido executes a takedown which causes Tochi to give out.  Nice win by Goeido.

I feel I should mention that the Okinoumi and Aminishiki bout had a monoii but the bout not all that impressive.  They both just desperately tried something and plopped down. Oki picks his first win.

Kakuryu vs. Takekaze

Not much to say about the old guy from Akita.  He went gunho at the beginning and utter failed to what seemed like tsuppari.  But, Kak locked up one of Kaze’s arms, swung him around, and finally pushed his head down.  Easy win for the Kak.

Baruto vs. Takayasu

After the bout was over it seemed that Baruto hurt his shoulder a bit.  At least he won, haha.  Baruto went in and Taka tsuppari’ed.  This made Baruto defend against it and while defending got his arm around Taka’s head and tried to pull Taka down.  This off-puts Taka however doesn’t stop his arms to Baruto’s neck.  Baruto unphased just tsupparis/pushes Taka back and out.

Homasho vs. Kisenosato

Tachiai… straight to yorikiri win for Kise. Hommy made it look too easy.

Kotooshu vs. Harumafuji

Sneaky, sneaky Mongolian. Both the Zeks rush into tachiai, but maybe knowing that he couldn’t overtake Oshu.. Haruma decided to  side step and push Oshu with his own momentum.  Oshu couldn’t stop.  Haruma wins.

Hakuho vs. Toyonoshima

At tachiai I think Toyo was trying to pull a side take down but can’t do anything.  Hakuho forces the guy forward and just kinda pushes him out.

Well, thanks for coming.  I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.  If you sit and wait right there, Bertrum will be here in a few for sloppy seconds.

5 responses to “Hatsu Basho 2012: Day 9

  1. This basho is getting ridiculous as far as kisenosato is concerned. Homasho making it look too easy is right. If you are going to throw a match, at least do it less blatantly.

    I like Kisenosato, I really do. But matches like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF5JOT0_RAs are making it hard.

  2. Orchestrating a Yusho. Sumo headline in today’s Asahi Shimbun was “Kise: Perfect Victory” (translation). Nothing else made headlines.

  3. Samuél de Gama

    Completely agree with you Montana. Though I can’t really say whether people will continue this trend – what I mean by this is that maybe they just want to give the guy a decent Shinozeki basho then game on. I mean look at the Geeku. I really liked Kise as a Sekiwake, but gaining my respect as an Ozeki is looking grim at this point.

    @Valentine if you got that link I’d sure like a gander

  4. No link. I saw a guy reading the newspaper in the train this morning.

  5. perhaps I spoke too soon when I said “The JSA is gonna throw him a yusho, just not this one.” Boy, are they eager to get another Japanese portrait up in the home of sumo in Tokyo.

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