Hatsu 2012 Day 10

How dare you! What? Thought I wasn’t going to be making an appearance this basho?  What nonsense. Didn’t think I was gunna eventually find out that you were cuddling up
to de Gama? That sneaky Spaniard! Like the Armada before, I will crush the scallywag and steal away what is due to me! Riches? Of course not, I have no need – but your attention now for day 10… why yes… a worthy trophy!

Takanoyama vs. Asesekiryu
Very quick bout, not really worth any comment. Taka was just no match against
Asasekiryu. Straight up Yorikiri. Taka sadly looks to be going down the ship.

Chiyonokuni vs. Kyokushuho
A quick tsukiotoshi from chiyonokuni! Over in a blick, and I think Kyok dint know what happened!

Yoshiazuma vs. Nionoumi
Little Nio goes off like a snapping terrier at Yoshi, and gets him to the rope. But the little guy just dint have the force to get him over the rope. Yoshi manages to counter and swing things around so Nio is at the rope, (shift manoeuvre) and give him a bloody good yorikiri!

Kaisei vs. Tosayutaka
An interesting bout for you here fans! At first I thought it was gunna be quick! Kaisei went in way too high off of the tachiai, and Tosa gets right up n under. But, Kaisei leans over to grab the Mawashi, he struggles and fails to keep this, so settles grabing tosa under the armpits (from over the top… interesting hold) using his might, he lifts and belly pushes tosa to the edge, but tosa manages to stand firm on the rope, and Kaisei loses the wind from his sails. Panting heavily for a rest (kaisei), tosa manages to get a left hand outside and spin throw Kai down for an uwatenage! Nice work from the little guy!
Fujiazuma vs. Sagatsukasa
Saga tries a henka, but the big Fuji wobbles around (how, I have no idea!) and engages securely with his arms under the smaller giant. Fuji easily gets both hands to outside grips (from what I could see) for that beloved yorikiri.

Shohozan vs. Sadanofuji
probably one of the most well pitched matches I’ve seen in a while! Both push and grunt, win ground and lose ground – really to the same tune. Stalemate. But Shoho puts a stop to this, as they both take a breather. He tries for a right hand inside manoeuvre, which fails but manages to switch this to an outside, and moving with the counter momentum from Sado’s previous defence, pushes him for yorikiri
Tenkaiho vs. Tochiozan
Tochi had the advantage and pressed with it, but to me it looked as is Tenkaiho was struggling with his right leg – he certainly didn’t seem confortable pushing off it! Tsukiotoshi win.

Aran vs. Gagamaru
Gaga’s got momentum off the tachiai, and with his weight just bulldozed Aran out, who couldn’t seem to stop him, and just bounced off when trying!

Tokitenku vs. Aoiyama
Best Rikishi wins here. Aoiyama just had the strength, and as Toki slipes back on his feet (though holding out a bit on the rope) Aoiyama forces him out!

Myogiryu vs. Tochinoshin
At first Myogiryu henka’d but Tochi was having none of it! He tried to push him down from above, but in avoiding the henka was a little too far away to apply the Force!  Myogiru gets toshi to the edge, and almost has him, but with those great thighs tochi holds on and pushes him back from the rope. Unfortunately tho, Myogiryu is pushing up underneath his armpits, and pshes tochi again to the ropes. A slip, and tochi goes down for sukinage. (if you slow reply this, you can actually hear the wind being punded from his lungs as he slams down!)

Daido vs. Toyohibiki
hatakikomi with for Dido. Very quick win.

Homasho vs. Yoshikaze
Another quick bout of shoulder barges from both men, Yoshi trying a henka half way through. Can’t say I was so impressed, and it didn’t pay off as Homasaho grabs the mawashi (on the belt just above the groin) and pushes yosh out with is his arms – oshidashi

Kyokutenho vs. Tochinowaka
A henka from Kyo, and Tochi just gave up the fight with it. Kyoku grabs the mawashi and escorts him over.

Okinoumi vs. Goeido
Goeido straight up tries for the left outside grip. Oki thwarts this for a bit, but Goeido gets there eventually and purues an uwatenage, but fails. He puts right hand inside, but Okinoumi maches the same grip. Oki being a bit bigger, manages to secure a shitatenage

Miyabiyama vs. Takekaze
Litlle Take was definitely the better one here. He had a plan, had the tactic and tried. I think he deserved it, but his size was no match, and couldn’t seem to budge the mountain, whichever side he pressed from. For his part, Miyabiyama kept holding take’s head back with every attempt. Miyabi eventually pushes for okuridashi.

Aminishiki vs. Wakakoyu
A very sloppy match, lots of slapping. Eventually, Sheek gets an oshidashi – but really it could have been anybody’s.

Takayasu vs. Harumafuji
Haruma to quick start, and in my opinion, Taka was dominating. Despite Haruma having a mawashi grip, Taka kept haruma’s arms securely gripped. But like a cornered rat, haruma just kept on snapping, biting and twisting to get his yorikiri.

Kotooshu vs. Kitataiki
Another scrappy bout. Koto really a bit too tall for all this! But that said, high right arm over hand grip on the mawashi, and left inner managdto get kitataiki out with a straight up yorikiri.

Baruto vs. Toyonoshima
Bit of a Judo throw from Baruto’s uwatenage. He had this bout from the start tho, and was no contest. Looking healthy on 10-0

Kisenosato vs. Kotoshogiku
Well this reminded me of a move Mister Valentine pulled upon me one day when we were grappling in the snow. Like the geek, I left off tachiai a little too low (given my rugby background, perhaps understandable) and Valentine just has to push me further down with a tsukiotoshi! However, unlike the geek, I’m not a professional Ozeki! Silly mistake there, and he aint looking good on 5-5. Kisenosato however, is on 9-1

Hakuho vs. Kakuryu
I’m gunna admit, despite the win for Baruto, I was a little disappointed from the last bout and thought… wow what a lousy end to the day! I spoke too soon. Wow! Hak loses his balances, and Kak gets this weird grip on the mawashi, with an arm over Haks head. He swinga hakuho in circles a couple of times and hakuho just couldn’t recover from his slip. After swinging him, kak pushes him to the rope, and hak just struggles in disbelief at his misfortune. Well played kak!

So after the tenth day, only Baruto remains with 0 losses, can he hold it out for
tomorrow?? Why don’t you pop on by and see what Connolly has to say about it!

L. Bertrum

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