Rikishi on the Rise: Sakumayama Takayuki

You may be asking yourself, why must I read a repeat report of rising rikishi? Who is this mysterious man in a mawashi? When will this asshole stop using alliteration? The answers will come soon my friend.

This 23-year-old firecracker from the kitanoumi stable just made headlines today for breaking the record for longest streak of wins since his debut. This means that he has won every single professional sumo match he has ever fought in. So far he has fought exactly one basho in each of the lower divisions before being promoted to the next, leaving him at his current rank of Makushita 15. As of yesterday he has is at 6-0, so it’s hard to see this trend not continuing with him making a juryo debut come Osaka.The big guy himself

Until yesterday this particular record was held by former komusubi Itai, someone decidedly more well-known for going public in 2000 with claims of wide-spread yaocho than he was for his ultimately mediocre sumo career. But that’s neither here nor there.

Although the Tokyo native undoubtedly has a prosperous career ahead of him, I wish he would have gotten in the game earlier. A 23 year-old isn’t exactly a young spring chick when it comes to the world of sumo, and winning streaks have a tendency to end. And then disappoint people. (Goddamn you Kaisei…) But regardless it’s inevitable the Japanese fans (not to mention the oyaji over at the JSA) will be proclaiming him as the next Japanese hope before long.

Currently both Kotooshu and Aran hold the record for fastest rise to Makuuchi at 11 basho a piece, but seeing as this guy is smashing records like nobody’s bidniss, this could just be another achievement to put under his belt, er… Mawashi.

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