Rikishi On The Rise: Tatsu Ryoya & Sakumayama Takayuki move to 6-1, Eight-Way Makushita Yusho Playoff Pending!

Rikishi Name Size Based On Banzuke Rank

It appears Sumo & Stogies Rikishi On The Rise Tatsu & Sakumayama have found their way into an eight-man Makushita Yusho Playoff on Senshuraku with the following rikishi:

Ms1 Chiyootori; Ms11 Hakiai; Ms15 Sakumayama; Ms22 Terashita; Ms30 Kotoyutaka; Ms40 Tatsu; Ms43 Shoho; Ms60 Akinokawa

Seeing as Makuuchi is all sealed up with Baruto Eur-Ozeki winning his first Yusho, be prepared for a Makushita Yusho Playoff Senshuraku Report forthcoming: Where Rikishi Win Glory and we either look like geniuses of staggering intellect, rabbling idiots, or somewhere in between a de Gama & a Briton-Meyer . See you again after Senshuraku!

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